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General Car Chat / Thanks Big Griffin
« on: Yesterday at 17:08:46 »
My second trip to HOOF land in 4 days... love a Sunday drive... to pick up bumper for replacement grill. Grill is in perfect condition and if i wasn't so tired I'd have gone straight to work to swap it over 😂

Anyway back big thanks BG and really nice to meet you and see the top secret location 😀😀😀👍👍👍

That grills been bugging me for 5 years 😬😬😬😬

General Car Chat / TFR
« on: 16 November 2017, 21:02:47 »
So I get my car washed in the supermarket car park. I've been informed they use TFR and this proper does your headlights, plastic trims etc. in.

Is that right? Bar the headlights fogging I've never noticed any trim going light?

Your thoughts much appreciated

General Car Chat / Thank you Serek
« on: 16 November 2017, 17:12:31 »
Popped down to Huntingdon to see the main man and buy myself some lovely new returned headlights.

As I was so chuffed at the clear lenses I omitted to see the HID ballast box attached to it.

Got back to NOOF land, leccy at work wired them in for me, so now I have awesome fog free HIDs.

Cheers mate  :y :y :y

Had this knocking coming from the rear for a few weeks now. I've had it up in the air a couple of times looking for wrongness. Couldn't find anything "hanging off" even though it sounds bad in the car during driving.

It wasn't every bump that it made the noise which is why I wasn't surprised when I struggled to recreate the noise. This prompted me post up in the help section and thanks for that help.

I put some new rear shockers on and though this has actually made it a lot smoother over the bumps there's still been this knocking.

At my wits end I sent it up in the air on my lunch today and had young 'un 6ft up in the air with it. He's only little lol but even with him bouncing the rear up and down still couldn't make the noise  :(

One of our lads comes along, grabs the exhaust, moves it up and down.....noise manifests immediately. And loudly........middle exhaust rubbers destroyed. 2.14 later and the car is smooth as silk.

Anyway. Moral to this story. Don't overlook the obvious and don't throw parts at cars hoping they'll fix themselves without any actual evidence that your repair will work. I've done that and am now 45 lighter when the actual repair should have been a couple of squid!

Not all bad though. On the old shockers they had some sideways movement which I didn't like. And I've caught a small rust hole in the shock tower in time before it spreads so will weld that Sunday  :y

You know the black plastic grill that spans the length of the bumper and houses the fog lights.

Mines mangled 😥😥😥

Tia 😀😀😀

Omega General Help / Rear ARB bushes and rear ARB links
« on: 11 November 2017, 21:00:11 »
Fitted some new rear shocks today (KYBs). There is a real improvement just replacing these. It's definitely tighter and smoother at the rear. But I'm aiming to do a full suspension overhaul as per another thread.

Anyways money constraints leaves me just doing a little bit each month.

Has anyone had any issues with the rear ARB setup I.e. The links or bushes? If so what sort of symptoms did you get?

And has anyone got a link to these items at reasonable cost? I see on eBay there are some dirt cheap options but I wonder about heir longevity.

Omega General Help / Front bumper question
« on: 08 November 2017, 20:36:15 »
Evening chaps.

The black plastic grill (the lower one that the fog lights attach into)... can this be replaced separately from the bumper. Mines got broken and bent bits and it's time to change it.

Or do I need to replace the whole bumper which has a decent grill thingy.

Tia  :y

Omega General Help / Where do you guys...
« on: 22 October 2017, 20:31:58 » your suspension components?

Even on trade the parts are astronomical

Omega General Help / Mintex
« on: 04 October 2017, 19:21:54 »
Just put a set of Mintex front discs and pads on the Omega.

They're noisy! I've bedded them in over 200 miles and I'm gentle on my brakes anyway. Anyone else gritted these? I'm going to get them to do me a set of Brembos under warranty!!!

Omega General Help / Crashy Omega suspension
« on: 24 September 2017, 17:41:55 »
I don't know what it's like where the rest of you live but in my town there are shed loads of pot holes.

Every time I drive the Omega it seems very much like I'm crashing in to them as opposed to gliding over them! I like the comfort / glide factor as opposed to a stiff suspension set up and I want my comfort back!

I've had car up in the air... wishbones are pretty new, new donut bushes last year, no broken coil springs, no leaking shockers, no play in ARB links, no odd tyre wear, front toe and camber adjusted by me close to the wim spec and I am getting new rear track rods next month.

However... front shocks and springs are ancient. I've had the car 8 or 9 years now (and still love it) and I've never replaced them. Would it be worth replacing them based on this?

My rear springs are old-ish at 5 years and my rear shocks are about the same but cheapies  :-[

Wondering if I just do the whole lot to get me some smoothness again.

Your thoughts welcome  :y

Omega General Help / Headlight restore
« on: 24 September 2017, 15:10:10 »
Hi guys. Apologies in advance for volume 2000 of the headlight restore topic.

I polished my headlights with the kit from Autoglym and Quixx. The near side is perfect. The offside is really irritating me...

It's completely smooth and has no discolouration or anything of the sort. It's just hazy. Today I went down to 800 grit followed by the Quixx kit 2000, 3000, 5000, polish compound, then finally lens sealer.

No difference at all  ;D

Do I need to go down another grade until they become clear once again or has this headlight gone as far as it'll go?

Omega General Help / Replacing ignition barrel
« on: 22 September 2017, 19:26:45 »
Hi guys, hope you're all well  :y

Jumped in my Omega and key didn't turn at all. The key turning has never been a problem before and it suddenly wouldn't turn.

Anyway after some gentle "fiddling" and a bit of oil on the key I got it to turn. I am now in a position where if I putt the key in, turn it slightly, pull it back and then turn it all the at it works. However I don't want to continue like this.

My ma has my spare key and is dropping it over in the morning so if that works nice and easy then I can reasonably assume it's the key; my usual key does look quite worn.

However if it's the barrel I'll replace it next week. Spoke to Vaux and as I have my Vauxhall pass card they can do me a barrel that will work with my key for 45 plus vat.

I've actually never replaced an ignition barrel so aside from the expense it'll be something new to do. My question though is this....

Haynes wants me to remove the steering wheel. This isn't a problem but our guide makes no mention of having to do that so do you need to do this or can I get just enough access by removing upper and lower plastic cowling?

Cheers.  :y

General Discussion Area / Photo bucket and the like...
« on: 01 July 2017, 17:40:31 »
So. It appears Photobucket has been taken over. And to allow me to publish photos on 3rd party sites (such as OOF) they want 400  ;D

So I've heard of another site called Anyone use it? Other recommendations?

TIA  :y

Hi guys.

Passenger front door. Opening door and I get large cracking sound. I've had this before and I swapped out the bushings and still no difference. It's definitely coming from the other end of the strap (i.e. Inside the door).

Does one replace the strap and all good? Is it a door card off job? Any info you could give me would be great as I've never removed one before  :y

So I've been trying to get my Omega to a really nice standard from a detailing point of view.

I'm not in to cleaning cars but I've been doing my best.

I really want to go and take him to the Vauxhall show which I believe has moved to Market Harborough for this year. Is anyone going?

Re the miscellaneous bits the interior has been cleaned and looks good. I've decluttered also which makes a big difference. But I want a nice shine on the interior and don't want to go spending shed loads on cleaning products. So will Mr Sheen work? I've also heard it's good to use in the engine bay?
Also my indicator repeaters are amber lenses. Was this how it was from factory as all others I've seen are clear with amber bulb. If so anyone got a part number for the clear lenses?
I'm borrowing a Karcher pressure washer to get the rust marks off the boot carpet (hopefully that will work).

Finally I contacted local Vauxhall about some door strap bushes as my front doors are making that awful cracking noise. "No mate, we only sell the whole door strap at 1 billion pounds". I said that's 'dangle berries'. I got the part number from the guide (from here...thanks TB). and called "no mate that doesn't come up"  ???
So rang a Vauxhall the next town on. Yeah no probs mate. 5 in stock. I'll send you two tomorrow. 81p each.
My local Vauxhall I also called for price on cam covers inc. gaskets and are charging a lot more than other Vauxhall dealers. I think they may just not like me  :-\

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