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General Car Chat / headlights
« on: 21 October 2017, 12:49:25 »

Can anybody help please Iam trying to find a replacement lense (dome Glass).

On the linked picture its the middle lense that i need. mine are cloudy and all though i have put the high out put osrams in its still not that bright.
Any help or links would be helpful as i have spent all morning trying to find them.

P.s these are not xenon.

General Car Chat / couple of questions
« on: 17 October 2017, 20:38:39 »
Audi 1.8 turbo petrol. I bought this back in april and the guy said it drinks a bit of oil. Since may i have been in somerset and my daily commute is 48 miles round trip  over 2 a roads. Over the summer i think i topped the oil up once but over the last several weeks the warning light has come on saying min oil. The first time i put about 3/4 of a litre in which had it half way up the dipstick. Today the light came on again so i topped it up to max on the dipstick.

question 1. How far could i safely travel when the light comes on.
question 2. It is standard for a petrol turbo to burn this much oil.

I couldnt see any oil leaks also isnt smokey when you hit the loud peddle.

General Discussion Area / Gamers
« on: 12 August 2017, 14:18:59 »
Any gamers on here. Just been to butlins with the family and my 9 year old who is mad about jurrasic park found a jurassic park shooting arcade game. I spent a bloody fortune on it. My question is. Is they a console first shooter game out they that he will get as much fun out of it. I have seen the lego one but he doesnt like that one. As its his birthday soon i thought i would try and find him something the same. Any help would be a help as i havnt a clue.

General Discussion Area / brick hole saw
« on: 17 June 2017, 20:03:37 »
I need to drill a couple of 125mm holes thru the outside wall. I can see a load of different ones on ebay etc but no idea what is the best. Anybody used one or recommend one. Cheers

General Car Chat / audi a4 3ltr tdi
« on: 11 June 2017, 21:06:13 »
Looking at buying one anything i should look out for ..are the 3ltr engines anygood. Does the quatro system cause issues.


General Car Chat / weird noise
« on: 21 May 2017, 17:06:48 »
On my 2004 audi 1.8t. It drives and runs great no oil usage but when i turn it off it sounds like a jet turbine powering down. I have had a look on the internet i cant find anything. I have read a few threads on start up being noisy but none on shut down. Any ideas please before i bend over at the local audi dealers.

General Car Chat / Audi a4 1.8 sline
« on: 15 May 2017, 17:02:05 »
Iam now running around in the audi now and it needs new discs and pads. Local dealer isnt that helpful so i was wondering if somebody could help on whats the best discs and pads for both front and back.

General Car Chat / rear parking sensors
« on: 29 March 2017, 18:19:11 »
I dont know if this is just a coincidence but yesturday i touched up the paint on my parking sensors and today now they are not working  :(.
 I just get a constant tone, i tried the quick omega test turning the ign on then car in reverse and checking each sensor for a clicking feel. I got nothing but if i tap each sensor the tone changes to  tapping tone.
 Can you put to much paint on..

They where all working in the terms of put car into reverse and it blipped once the bleep gets faster when you got closer to something

General Discussion Area / changing xenon bulbs
« on: 27 March 2017, 17:48:20 »
Is they anything special i need to do. Or can i just whip out the headlight unplug the old bulb replace with new one.

General Car Chat / xenon bulbs
« on: 20 March 2017, 19:17:48 »
Can you test if these are working correctly. Also anybody got a link for replacing the bulbs as mine dont seem as strong as the elite i just sold

General Car Chat / Winscreen glass
« on: 19 March 2017, 10:43:17 »
Can you polish out mild scratches like the ones created from dry wipers

General Discussion Area / Omega less
« on: 15 March 2017, 09:00:16 »
For the first time since 2004 i do not own a omega.

I would just like to say a very big thank you to all oof members that over the years have helped in supplying and fitting and repairing my cars to  keep me on the road. I know that if not for the help my omega ownership would have been a lot shorter.
 Due to moving down to somerset and being several hundred miles away from oof help I decided it was time for a change.

Once again Thank you

cheers Paul :y :y

Cars for Sale & wanted / for sale 3.2 irmscher
« on: 12 March 2017, 19:07:04 »

I have decided its time to sell my omega. I cant get my head around posting up pictures so i have added a link to my old ones.
Nothing has really changed except that i have removed the light grey leather seats for cloth mv6 seats.

car is a silver 3.2 elite with irmscher front bumper and chrome surround grill with irmscher badge.
Irmscher side skirts
elite rear bumper with working orginal parking sensors
irmscher 18" sport stars ..front tyres dunlop rt2 plenty of tread left. Rears are brand new michelin ps4
it has new 3ltr cats, vauxhall middleboxes and magnaflow rear exhaust.
interior has fully working colour sat nav with 2013 bose system
It has a parrott phone thing that works through the speakers
suspension is police spec spring and b4s wishbones are poly,d also rear doughnuts are poly,d
front brakes are pontiac 2004 gto twin piston which helps with overall braking and brakefade.

car has been well maintained thanks to several oof members. It has just had an oil change.
Mileage is just over 121k.

At present it hass two small issues first is the camcovers are weeping through the top bolts. New gaskets orings and sealant will be surplied with the car.
second i think hbv has a small leak as i found coolant on hoses. New hbv has been ordered so will come with the car.
I also have a lot of new and used spares that will come with the car if i get near price wanted or agreed with buyer.

I think i have covered everything please ask for anything else. I can email any new pictures needed.

cheers Paul.

Asking 1295.00 or make me a offer

Omega General Help / another issue
« on: 11 March 2017, 13:13:38 »
God i hate this car >:( >:(

Anyway over the past few days i have noticed a wet patch on the drive. I checked the coolant and yes it had lost a bit. Owell need a hbv another job.
Just had it to the list >:(
Went to work this morning and as it was dry i thought i would try and see if it was the hbv leaking it wasnt it looks like the 2 pipes that go into the cabin behind the dash are both wet with coolant also its directly above the wet patch on the floor.
The hbv felt dry so i dont think its that.
Any ideas please also if i turn the heating off will it stop leaking until i can get it fixed.

General Car Chat / hbv
« on: 10 March 2017, 23:24:39 »
Best place to get these from please :y

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