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Newbie Welcome Area / Re: Hey Folks
« on: 24 November 2012, 14:30:52 »
  Welcome mate
keith B

General Discussion Area / Re: Prisoners and the Vote??
« on: 22 November 2012, 18:57:23 »
   No way at all. They have commited a crime against humanity, so, they no longer have any human rights.
keith B

General Car Chat / Re: new law..
« on: 22 November 2012, 18:55:19 »
  I used to holiday in Fethiye every year in Mugla province. we had been asked several times to go out there for Christmas. i know some times if we went early enough that Babbedag mountain would still have snow on the top.
Keith B

General Car Chat / Re: car add ons
« on: 22 November 2012, 18:51:11 »
  The other half calls my, mig the green godess, my Monza she calls "hers" as she has taken quite a shine to it!!
Keith B

General Car Chat / Re: How Many Cars....
« on: 22 November 2012, 18:46:53 »
  Posted mine up on another thread, 42 that I can remember. driving for 31 and1/2 years. Not counted anything that I had for breaking or banger racing
Keith B

General Car Chat / Re: How do you defrost your car?
« on: 22 November 2012, 18:43:11 »
   i always scrape with one of them that has soft rubber one side and a hard plactic edge on the other. De-icer wrecks the wiper blades.
keith B

  I had thta problem when I first got my estate. No one would belive me until they were in the car and asked if I was going to turn the headlights on. They were amazed at how bad they were. They would strike up as normal, go through the light up and colour sequence but then would dim right off. It almost reminded me of when we used to get the dim-dipped system on headlamps in the 80,s. Bought a set of 8500k lamps from a company doing a deal with ABS members and the only prob I have now is they dont like striking up in the cold. Have to"bump" start them some times by switching on and off a few times before they both strike together.
Keith B

General Discussion Area / Re: Road Safety 1965
« on: 20 November 2012, 14:25:30 »
   I can remember most of that lot as well. Greenshield went bust and Argos sprung up in its place. The earliest recollection of petrol I have is in ,72 at 32p per gallon for 4 star. My dad was In the process of geting rid of his Mk3 Zepher 4 for a 1965 but 1970 registerd Mercedes 230 S.
Keith B

General Discussion Area / Re: plywood which way up?
« on: 20 November 2012, 14:19:16 »
   Dont matter with the ply as you have to then use a primer to make sure the flexable adhesive takes to it.
Keith B

  Who cares, football is s*$&!
Keith B

General Car Chat / Re: Bl**dy tyre mechanic...
« on: 20 November 2012, 14:15:11 »
  had this happen years ago on Mk2 Cav. Broke wheel brace, socket t-bar and ratchet after it got two off. stuck on side of road so wouldnt normaly have used the ratchet. got the AA out in the end. he had four foot long torque wrench that clicked as soon as he tried to remove the bolts. he swore and said they were at over 250lb as he hadnt reset the wrench after his last job of lose hub nut.I took the car back to the tyre centre and got then to take the wheels off and refit them with a torque wrench correctly. while I watched. Got reimbursment from them for the broken tools and my time.
Keith B

General Car Chat / Photobucket
« on: 19 November 2012, 15:41:31 »
   Well I managed to get pics of my ,mig to upload to photobucketbut, I cant get the link to this site for inclusion in the gallery. I messaged them but no reply as yet. you will get to see my car one day chaps!!
keith B

Omega Gallery / Re: My new purchase
« on: 19 November 2012, 07:59:32 »
  Nice one mate :y
Keith B

General Car Chat / Re: car transporter/trailer in the midlands
« on: 19 November 2012, 07:48:58 »
  I have done the same from a trailer centre in Essex. Best bit is you know all brakes and lights will be working correctly. I used to be involved with banger racing years ago. My own trailer was always maintained correctly but many other racers didnt bother. they would lend them out at the drop of a hat, but then the risk is to the driver of the tow vehicle to check it will stop and has working lights. Unless you know the lender well, be aware, its your licence.
Keith B

General Car Chat / Re: Nice Classic Standard
« on: 19 November 2012, 07:41:36 »
  That Diplomat is a cracker.
keith B

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