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General Discussion Area / Re: Brexit negotiations
« on: Today at 18:35:05 »
I'm guessing there is suddenly more uncertainty that we won't back out of the whole leaving shebang, as I notice over the last 4 or 5 days, the BBC have been highlighting immigration again, and misreporting some of the Polish Independence celebrations....

More like this:
I bet the 35mph 'tard in front still wont take any notice...

Not a Dixie? It will match the vehicle ;D

General Discussion Area / Re: Brexit negotiations
« on: Today at 17:26:53 »
So the reason we are paying 39 billion to leave the EU is what, exactly? ::)

I suspect because some of our provinces, particularly the taffs and the sweatys have had recent, significant EU grants, and that needs paying back.

Symantec have a unique way of buggering up a good, bought in product.  McAfee just buggered it from the start.

But the fact still remains, if a desktop, rebuild. Not worth wasting energy on.

And crosstalk, not contention,as both BT and OR try to run with plenty of capacity

I'm guessing more local take-up has gradually increased either contention or crosstalk between the lines.
^^^^ This ^^^^

Its also very noticeable how good the Jag pads are, very high ceramic content so minimal disc wear and virtually no dust (clean alloys!)
I wouldn't know, the dickweeds at Lancaster were quoting silly prices, and insisted that was with the discount.

All 4 still work in TBE as well. As did all 4 on the superior Silver Bullet's sports leather at the point it was scrapped.

If its leather, the heater elements are stitched into the leather, as under leather pads don't work too well.  Superior cloth uses pads.

The heaters themselves are the same betweem PFL and FL, but the FL has a heating controller in the seat base.

That's how they normally go.

Given the number being scrapped, a working replacement seat is probably easiest, but chrisgixer and I did once (actually, might have been twice ;D) stripped the seats and repaired them.  But its a bitch of a job.

Omega General Help / Re: Oil sump
« on: Yesterday at 18:16:00 »
Iíve seen a few chemical metal repairs on oil pans. Seems to work absolutely fine.

*note this is not my recommendation, just saying 👍
My tractor sump had chemical metal to rebuild the sump plug area (which was also helicoiled by that DTM chap), due to BMW specifying monkey metal...

We almost had a bonus boxing match after the race finished. Cant ask for more than that.  ;D ;D
Probably the most exciting bit....

Played with Amba's stereo to sort that mute issue, then repaired my jump leads and put them back in the Jag.  The Omega is never here for me to put a set back in there ;D

Replace back board to solve?
Indeed. We've both seen that fault before.

Only downside is its been a few years since I last stripped one that far, so I had to think about it ;D

Replaced the rear pads on the X260, probably the easiest brake pads I have ever done, a dream of a job.
Same caliper as mine?  Mine was a breeze once I'd rstocked my tools with the right size allen socket, ignoring the fact the seal was slpit and had to be replaced.  They did wind in awfully easily.

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