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Please play nicely.  No one wants to listen/read a keyboard warriors rants....

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 on: Today at 14:56:21 
Started by Essex Big Al - Last post by TheBoy
Anyone achieving greater than 25mpg (petrol) or 35mpg (diesel) from a 3l engine needs to try harder, and stop holding up the traffic ;D

 on: Today at 14:55:25 
Started by Essex Big Al - Last post by TheBoy
Feels 'light' on torque though.
I suspect, following our current cars, most things seem light on torque ;D

I think the ST220 is the same 3l engine that my mate has in his Morgan? In which case, it does need revs to get it moving properly.

 on: Today at 14:54:34 
Started by addy - Last post by terry paget
I thought that it was the tensioner pulley that failed  rather than the belt. If you are doing a cam belt change don't cut corners it could cost you a lot of money let alone the grief when the car breaks down.
Not that it matters, but I thought it was the pulley bearings that stiffened, causing the belt to come off and disaster to ensue. I have twice experienced auxiliary belt derailment, which is bad enough but does not destroy the engine.

 on: Today at 14:49:41 
Started by TheBoy - Last post by TheBoy
Your local Highways Dept have probably got too much cash floating around and need to spend it before the accounting year is up.  ::)
Shame the knob jockeys don't send some on improving the roads. Properly.

I reported some potholes (approx. 25 in a 25m stretch) about 3 weeks ago, got notification they had been repaired about a week ago.  Just travelled down that road this morning, they've all started to dig out again, due to the usual half-arsed job.  FFS, even I could fill in a pothole so it would last longer than a week...

 on: Today at 14:46:51 
Started by TheBoy - Last post by TheBoy
The main problem around these parts nowadays is the fact that every household has two cars, and the streets are becoming impassable during the evenings when everyone is at home.
And the new estate round the corner, the 2/3 bed houses have 1 parking slot allocated, and the 4 bed, 2.

So, you'd never get a fire engine through the main roads through the estates ;D

 on: Today at 14:39:29 
Started by zirk - Last post by Field Marshal Dr. Opti
At almost 111 days, you should get out more, too.
I'm going to the tip. I have a shagged plasma television surplus to requirements. :'(

 on: Today at 14:38:59 
Started by STEMO - Last post by Kevin Wood
Whole games totally over hyped by the Beeb, as usual.
Claire bloody Balding notwithstanding, if the Games hadn't been shown by UK broadcasters you would be moaning about how unpatriotic they all are...

We may not have won many medals, but at least we turned  up and tried...  ;)

Yes, and we do have 5 medals which is a tremendous achievement when you consider most of the successful teams in these games are full of individuals who are born with skis or snowboards welded to their feet.  Unlike our children who hardly see any snow and ice in any real quantity, the Scandavian, Germanic, Swiss, Americans, etc kids either have to get around on the stuff as soon as they can walk, or they have mountain ranges they can practice on.

That makes one hell of a difference. :y

Well said Lizzie.

Had to smile. The Russians are still cheating re doping. Why on earth an athlete needs drugs to participate in curling is beyond me.

Perhaps it would relieve the tedium of doing housework on ice? ;D

 on: Today at 14:36:32 
Started by Field Marshal Dr. Opti - Last post by Doctor Gollum
Look at the lease rates for an indication of the residuals...

The cheaper the rates the better the residuals are... traditional company cars being the notable exception as fleets can buy them for significantly less than retail.

 on: Today at 14:25:33 
Started by zirk - Last post by STEMO
At almost 111 days, you should get out more, too.

 on: Today at 14:24:23 
Started by zirk - Last post by STEMO
I have no idea what you sad bastards are talking about. you can all go f*ck yourselves. :)
Yep. Senility can strike at any age.  ;D

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