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 on: Today at 08:57:08 
Started by b4ndit - Last post by amba
Found the maintenance guide for cleaning the disc so will try that first ..when it warms up a tad.

Thanks though

 on: Today at 08:22:21 
Started by MW-Omega - Last post by Automaticman
Added to my list  :y

 on: Today at 07:47:47 
Started by Darth Loo-knee - Last post by STEMO
Do you get people queuing at your front door asking for a chicken vindaloo?

 on: Today at 07:27:56 
Started by STEMO - Last post by Essex Big Al
When I reached a certain age? When I stopped going to the pub? When became totally disinterested in the shite on the box?
I've just been for a mooch in the kitchen and come back with a ham and branston toastie. Don't really want it but I'm fed up looking at the fickin clock.
Roll on summer.
Ok ok , no need to rub your rock n roll lifestyle in our faces ;)

Oops ! wrong post  :-[ :-[  just ignore this  ::) ::)

 on: Today at 07:14:17 
Started by Essex Big Al - Last post by Essex Big Al
Ok guys  thanks for replies .    Fuel consumption is something to be looked at  :( :(    I have first refusal on this when it comes up for sale at end of March, so have time to dig a bit deeper & have a search around on the Ford forums.  :y :y

 on: Today at 03:16:13 
Started by Field Marshal Dr. Opti - Last post by Rods2
Yes, itíll be a race between that and the Skoda superb 280PS to see which is the biggest depreciation disaster  ;D

Is Skoda 4 wheel drive? Normally FWD platform.

Stinger stands out as itís RWD, hopefully they have tuned it to British roads and softer ride.

BMW M Sport is way, way too firm for me. Car share buddyís 235iM finds bumps on a normally silky smooth road.

Same with a friend's spine jarring Audi, great for the first 2 miles until the novelty wore off and then a pain. :(

 on: Today at 03:10:36 
Started by TheBoy - Last post by Rods2
Outside of rush hour in small town France they sensibly make traffic lights flashing amber with the give way signs prevailing. Far too sensible for the UK. :(

We all hate robotic 45mph drivers. Too fast for 30mph built up areas, much too slow for national limits. :( In the past before my eyes were flu-jab FUBERed the answer was easy, ride my 1100cc motorbike. Get yourself a new 600/1000cc bike and the problem is solved. :y :y :y

Further too that, be careful as in IME big black pussies are always nothing but trouble. :-X

 on: Today at 02:48:51 
Started by STEMO - Last post by Rods2
Should have gone shopping earlier in the day. Hit the Sweet section along with all you fellow OAPs for your treat of the week, Not a denture dentist visiting pack of toffees but a massaging pack of Werther's Original as your gums are sweetly lubricating as an easy on your dentures treat on another thrilling Saturday night. :P :P :P ;D ;D ;D

Watching the news by Boy's Buggering Club supporting the mafia Putin won't show any highlights of the ongoing murdering of 10,000+ Ukrainians (average 1 KIA and 3 WIA brave Ukrainian defenders every day) or 200k Syrian's with Assad and Russia in crimes against humanity by the bombing of hospitals and civilians 24/7. For this global disgrace you will have to register with Twitter and follow those that show what is really happening in the world. This includes Putin's asset Trump who FBI special investigator Robert Mueller III is going to take down like he did the much bigger mafia families than Russian Donnie with Teflon John Gotti or Sammy 'the bull' going down for life with no remission.

Yesterday saw the unsealing of Robert Mueller's latest round of indictments against Trump's campaign fixer Paul Manafort where his side kick Rick Gates has pleaded guilty. Manafort knows too much and has three choices: 1: Defend the charges and probably die in jail. 2: Hope for a Trump pardon.  3: Roll like Gates and drink a cup of Polonium tea with the US Russian Ambassador or suffer Putin's 'wetwork' where he 'accidentally' shoots himself 4 times in the back of the head. :o :o If you are an 'owned' Russian asset, while you are useful you are 'played', well paid and used. As soon as you aren't in Russia life is cheap and you are expendable. They will do what is necessary to 'plausibly' being linked in any involvement in anything which is against their national interest. These are the rules for over 18's and you 'play' and are 'rewarded' accordingly. :o :o :o

 on: Today at 02:08:40 
Started by Essex Big Al - Last post by JamesV6CDX
I had the 3.0 v6 in my jag. Same era. . Itís a nice engine, but more smooth than quick, and terrible on fuel even compared to omega.

Omega 3.0 steady run = 33mpg

Jag - 24mpg

Also soft valve seats and no fuel tank return so difficult to lpg

 on: Today at 00:34:28 
Started by Darth Loo-knee - Last post by Migv6
Oil supply varies from time to time. Sometimes I have more than I have room to store it. Other times I struggle to get enough for my needs.
I had a couple of weeks like that recently, so went to Aldi and bought new oil at 80p per litre, which is still a decent saving on diesel.
There are lots of different options for filtering. If you have the space its easiest to have it filtered into 200 litre drums and even have an electric pump to a pipe and nozzle just like a pump in a petrol station.
I have very little space so I have three sock filters like this,one inside the other - 10micron, 5 micron and 1 micron filters.

I have a kitchen sieve sitting on the top to cath the big bits of chips etc., then it drains through the filters into a bucket, about 15 litres at a time, then gets tipped into the car. Probably the simplest, most basic method of doing it.
For me,experience has taught me that to do this succesfully its much easier to just collect good quality oil, with little or no fat in it, or milky looking oil which may well contain water which doesnt do the injection pump any favours.
This needs a little bit of experience and trial and error tbh. but its best to let the oil sit and settle for at least a few days, so any fat or other crap will sit at the bottom of the containers. Its much easier to avoid tipping it in your filters then.
If anyone on here decides to have a go, Im not an expert, but will willingly give advice if I can.
The forum in the link above has plenty of info, but its arranged in a bit of a chaotic fashion and it can take a bit of digging to find what you need.

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