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General Discussion Area / Re: Word Association.
« on: Today at 09:28:08 »

General Discussion Area / Re: Utter madness
« on: Today at 08:53:53 »
Or as good looking  ;D

Love the comfort of Mercedes. But not an omega  :P

My only issue for mig number two is where to keep it 😩

Did you miss my earlier post? ;D

General Discussion Area / Re: UKIP
« on: Yesterday at 22:45:03 »
Might be perfect for the job. Wasn't T May on the remain side of the fence?

General Discussion Area / Defence cuts warning
« on: Yesterday at 17:42:39 »
Calling Rods2.......

Sadly I think he is right calling for a reversal of the defence cuts. We have seen their impressive weaponry used in the Syria conflict.

When the USA is involved in teaching N. Korea a lesson and distracted they won’t want to be helping NATO repulse a Russian incursion into Estonia or other Baltic State.

Quite where the money would come from would be the issue. What do you think?

General Discussion Area / Re: UKIP
« on: Yesterday at 15:36:23 »
"At the rate they are going through party leaders, someone on the forum could easily be party leader by the time 2018 is out. Might even be me , Lizzie, Ron etc"

is that better? :)

General Discussion Area / UKIP
« on: Yesterday at 13:33:54 »
Don't really see their point post referendum.

At the rate they are going through party leaders, someone on the forum could easily be party leader by the time 2018 is out. Might even be me , Lizzie or even Ron. ;D

General Discussion Area / Re: Word Association.
« on: Yesterday at 11:25:06 »

General Discussion Area / Re: Word Association.
« on: 21 January 2018, 23:49:54 »

like that. Nice colour, in Leicester but not LHD........

General Car Chat / Re: New MOT Test
« on: 21 January 2018, 13:52:35 »
I did a posting on standardising European MOT's a while back.

This is an extract:

"I cannot find a UK reference but the Spanish law is RD563/2017.

In a nutshell from may next year a number of changes will come into effect across the EU from May 2018

1. "MOT" can be put on your (say Spanish) car in any member state . By the same token a British car can have a Spanish MOT. In the past the lack of this facility has meant driving the vehicle all the way back to the home country for an MOT. Not sure how the current rule that after 90 days, you as a Spanish resident, have to have your foreign car registered onto Spanish plates will pan out.

I am guessing that as well as sharing insurance databases the MOT will be shared too.

2. Diagnostic checks. Any Spanish car bought post 2000 petrol or post 2003 diesel  has an OBD 11 port which the new MOT from May 2018 will include checking for stored codes

I wonder if this will cause scrappage of more older cars.....

Anyone heard about the UK aspect of this? "

Spanish diesel emissions were tightened up last year resulting in the hilarious situation of waiting vehicles going for an Italian tune up and then sitting in the waiting bay with their engines screaming at 4/5 000rpm.

Thread was here. 

General Discussion Area / Re: Boris Bridge
« on: 21 January 2018, 10:12:20 »
When I lived in Hinckley, a neighbour had never left Leicestershire.

There are lovely parts of France especially south of the Loire.

General Discussion Area / Re: Boris Bridge
« on: 19 January 2018, 22:51:19 »
When you see the huge bridges that the Chinese have built, it is clearly feasible.  :y

However the fact that it would cost us ten times more than what the Chinese can build stuff when you factor in the cost of labour, materials, health & safety etc makes it a non starter.  ::)

In theory it's a good idea, and I think we need to be ambitious and think big when it comes to infrastructure.  Like the Victorians did! :y

I agree with your sentiments. We have become very adept as a nation at sticking plaster solutions. New runway at Heathrow is a good example. Got a date for opening? Of course not. We are good at saying why something cannot be done. Anyway the channel bridge wont happen. Brexit will be the excuse when our European friends decide or more likely fail to decide on a trade agreement. Of course if Brexit is reversed then the EU will pay for the bridge as a sort of welcome back present and to facilitate the fast movement of migrants.  ;D

Incidentally a bridge linking Africa to Europe near Tarifa has been mooted for some time. Not quite as long as the channel bridge but that too is a “ busy “ shipping lane with heavy ships.

I voted very optimistically then.

Maybe they happen regularly in the Middle East? Maybe Pakistan/india. Korean peninsular.

Cant wait to find out it is “often”

General Discussion Area / Re: Fickin Bradford Council.
« on: 18 January 2018, 16:25:15 »
I obviously went down a bus only street. Must have missed the signs in the dark.

Church Bank (B) Towards Well Street

Buses, hackney carriages, Police

All days

All hours

Bus Only Street

More serious offence surely? Minimum of being tasered in private parts or 12 points.

I was in Scarbough last Sunday. Parked on Queen Street. 11.56  Paid for the max of one hour. £2. Traffic warden appeared at 11.58, again at 12.14 and finally just as we were leaving at 12.47. Must be one traffic warden for every street.

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