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General Discussion Area / Mr Kashoggiís last moments
« on: 17 October 2018, 20:26:07 »
Anyone been following the Saudi journalist murder in Saudi embassy in Istanbul.?

I listened with horror about the known detail. More like a film story than real. Horrible.

General Discussion Area / Royal Observer core posts
« on: 16 October 2018, 14:44:28 »
There was an item on TV about this and I was surprised by just how many posts there were during the WW2. Primarily to observe aircraft and report their positions and type once they were no longer covered by radar (which apparently only covered out to sea.

Good Wiki here

Anyway, I remember one during my youth and when cycling by you could see the guys head BUT if you dismounted and went over he disappeared inside the grassy hill. My dad said they had mains power and water. Quite feasible in this case as it was near a country road. This would be in the sixties so presumably it was part of cold war /nuclear plane/missile lookout. I idly wanted to buy it later to build a house at the time when rural telephone exchanges were being flogged off by BT.

Anyone else know of or remember the lookouts.? maybe had a relative that served in that force or a story?

General Discussion Area / Amazon Prime prog download Q
« on: 14 October 2018, 19:59:53 »
Anyone know if Amazon Prime customers can download programme content to watch later?

Devices are ipad on latest Ios or laptop Win10.

General Discussion Area / Limousine crash in USA
« on: 08 October 2018, 10:40:34 »
What a tragedy. Not looking to make comment on the actual crash but I was amazed that such a vehicle could carry 17 passengers. I had to google said vehicle. As I suspected they donít have rows of seats but more a living room with padded bench seats around the edge. How are they legal without seat belts?

General Discussion Area / Suzuka F1 might contain spoilers
« on: 06 October 2018, 20:32:48 »
Dry race tomorrow.

Is the Ferarri strategist actually on the Mercedes payroll too?  ;D Schoolboy error.

At least we get to see Ricciardo try and get through the field, ditto Vettel.

Honda engines showing promise . Looks like Red Bull have made a shrewd move.

I shant be getting up at half past just gone to bed to watch it live. Media blackout till highlighlights at a sensible hour.

General Discussion Area / Waste disposal when we were young
« on: 05 October 2018, 14:05:23 »
I watched a UK programme on waste disposal a few days ago. Quite an eye opener.

I was impressed by the modern approach for the last twenty years where in effect the waste is sealed in and landscaped. Thinking back to my youth when there wasn't rural waste collection, every hamlet had a site where stuff could be lobbed. These were often the heads of valleys - the part where you could get around and once filled in and overgrown would look as though it was clean land. later (about fifty years ago) a local quarry ceased production and was used as landflll. It was quite big and even then I wondered about the "mig" that used to flow out of it into the local beck after rain. In those days little thought was given to waste disposal.
There was another site (just north of Wykeham village) which was a designated rubbish site. I got rid of an A35 minus engine, gearbox there. It is still there somewhere under the woodland that is there now.

When I was very young my mum and dad had a small farm.  I may have recounted the story of my dad legally buying arsenic to , ostensibly poison worms, but in reality to poison foxes that were killing their fowl regularly. He bought that from Boots in Scarborough and said there was enough left over to kill everyone in Scarborough! He has no idea what he did with it-  "probably thrown out".

So I have a suspicion that the Uk is riddled with time bombs of unknown waste buried for future generations to find.  The programme on TV showed an old dump on the banks of the Thames (I think) exposed to the vagaries of the elements like high tides.

Anyone else got any waste stories or similar suspicions? 

General Discussion Area / Mrs May's speech Friday afternoon
« on: 21 September 2018, 13:33:45 »
Hasn't happened yet but after yesterdays goings on I suspect it is her resignation speech.

What next for Brexit?

 Exit with no deal which was probably realistically what both sides thought the outcome would be two years ago.


some sort of limbo, extended timescale to allow more useless negotiations until the vote somehow gets overturned.

General Discussion Area / Root and Branch rail review
« on: 20 September 2018, 13:59:17 »
It is years since I last went on a UK train. I wanted to get from an airport to Scarborough last year but gave up.

I followed the intro of the new timetable debacle with interest.  It appears today that " No-one took charge during the timetable chaos that caused severe disruption on Britain's railways in May, a regulator has said."  surely that is Grayling's fault or his predecessor?  Someone must have given the go ahead within the industry. there must have been a project manager?

Anyway the government have announced a root and branch review of the fragmented rail industry. maybe Corbyn is right that it should be taken back into public ownership (slightly different , I suspect to renationalised). Without wishing to bring in the dreaded B word, one of the criticisms levelled by expats on the Uk is the parlous state of UK public services which , despite the country being mega rich, seem to be being run into the ground. Is this general lack of investment austerity or a deliberate policy to help cronies get richer at the expense of the populace?.

I dare say that if there is a root and branch review of the trains that they could do worse than to have some OOfers as their consultants. Lizzie and The Boy spring to mind but there are plenty of others! 

General Discussion Area / Singapore F1 may contain spoilers
« on: 15 September 2018, 14:10:37 »
What a relief that CH 4 is carrying highlights on all races next year plus Silverstone will be live.  :y

It will be interesting to see where Bottas qualifies. Not a great fan of street circuits but hats off to Singapore holding a floodlit race to fit in with European viewers.

General Car Chat / Torrid Tyre Time plus tyre rotation
« on: 14 September 2018, 23:10:32 »
The front tyres on our new but secondhand car  had five to ten k miles left on them. During the periodic service I asked them to put it upon a ramp. Had a good look around underneath and was pleased with how it looks BUT spotted a two inch crack on the inner edge of front tyre tread. Didnt like the look of it and went to Euromaster over the road. Only open for another hour and Iam an hour anda half from home. They agreed crack not good and caused by none rotation of tyres front to rear.  That is a new one on me . I have usually rotated tyres myself purely because all the cars Ihave had seem to wear front tyres more. Weight, steering, tracking, wishbones.

Anyway google results suggest rotating maybe every six thousand miles! Anyone on here do that? Anyone heard of tyres developing a rotational direction  crack from not  rotating wheels?

So I came away with two new Pirelli zero nero hero 2000 gti rs 94 tyres for 200 euros. Quite happy as should last me 50 k miles. WRONG. Punctured sidewall today on a rock. Thank god  for compulsary recovery (no spare wheel and the glue kit would have hada job with a hole a golf ball would pass through)  Third time in three months. Firstwas alternator failure on othercar, then battery failed (warranty thank god) . Driver has become a good friend!

So another 100 euros gone.
Might get a spacesaver spare wheel and kit off ebay.

General Discussion Area / John Lewis ad
« on: 10 September 2018, 21:38:26 »
Isnt it just so good.?

General Discussion Area / The House of the Rising Sun
« on: 09 September 2018, 18:45:26 »
Bit of trivia.

The House of the Rising Sun was a great song by the Animals. It was recorded in one take and was unusual in that it lasted four and a half minutes. Of that time most were about two minutes apparently. I would have thought three.

Anyway when was that time i.e. when was it released? My guess was 1968 . You can listen to it and get the actual year here. I bet BigRon gets it spot on!

General Discussion Area / router reinstalling advice pls
« on: 08 September 2018, 11:21:45 »
My linksys e1200 works  fine but was setup on a now defunct PC and I need to make some changes like adding another PC.

My plan is to press the factory reset button on the router and then proceed as a new install via my new windows PC using their setup software.

This seems a great plan but will I encounter issues with routerís network name (SSID) and password ? Or do those also go when you press the factory reset button?

Meetings, gatherings, parties etc / Andalucian driving holiday
« on: 05 September 2018, 17:09:23 »
been thinking of something along these lines for quite a while for anyone who just likes driving on scenic roads. So thought I would float the idea.

So this is the outline. Our place isn't big enough , rooms wise so would have to be hotel based in our nearest town called Loja, Granada province about an hour from Malaga airport, thirty mins from Granada airport . Somewhere like the Hotel Manzanil or Hotel Almazara would be better near Rio Frio. Fly in to Malaga and have a suitable hire car (or drive down in own car?).

Each day a different circular route via scenic routes - all tarmacced. Stops for coffee, points of interest and a midday meal e.g. menu of the day. Maybe five or six hours driving each day (some of which would be A92 motorway)

Here is a typical day. Start Loja , head to Granada outskirts and up to the highest point you can drive to above the ski Station in the Sierra Nevada mountains. (about 2,700 metres), then back down to Padul and pick up very rural route for the huge drop down to the coast at Almunecar. From there it is the coast road to Velez Malaga before heading inland through the Axarquia, Zafaraya and Alahama de Granada and back to hotel for evening.  At a guess about 200 miles.

It wouldn't be driving in convoy or racing. Might need something like a whatsup group (whatever that is), perhaps own portable sat nav though postcodes are useless here.  the route above only has five key junctions.

Anyway that is an outline. Might be a non starter interest wise. Might be too many! Fire away with any questions/thoughts as it is just an idea.

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