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General Discussion Area / Goodwood Festival
« on: Yesterday at 18:36:01 »
Anyone go this year?

How did the autonomous car do!?

General Discussion Area / Blackfly- latest flying car
« on: 12 July 2018, 13:33:34 »
Paging Kevin Wood to the forum.

can you test this on behalf of the forum please?!

I cannot really see where you would use it?

General Discussion Area / MigV6
« on: 08 July 2018, 14:09:14 »
Anyone spotted him yet ?

I didnt get called as reserve so it is bbq food and watching it on tv.

General Car Chat / Newish car service TLC sundries
« on: 02 July 2018, 22:21:26 »
My Dads low usage ( in terms of mileage) Fiesta is a year old today and is going in for its service. He uses it every day.

In the Ford dealer blurb there are  three TLC treatments recommended which he is declining . I am interested in what folk think about them and the prices. They are:

Bacterial cleanse £25, recommended every year.
Is this a diy item ? If so presumably you can buy whatever they “spray” in. Anyone do this on their car.

Brake Fluid change £50 recommended every two years
Is that a reasonable time frame. Does it just degrade with time as it absorbs water or does heat and heavy braking also come into play?

Engine flush and fuel treatment  £24. Recommended every two years.

Two things here. First is added to engine to clear oilways and sump of sludge at oil change.
Is this spmething that needs to have been done regularly to avoid suddenly releasing a load of gunge on a several years old vehicle?
Second is a fuel additive. To clean the whole fuel system , lowers CO2 emissions, removes harmful contamination . Contains an octane booster to improve performance and in most cases to improve mpg. Noticeably. Seems a big claim. Presumably this is “STP” type treatment bottle just tipped in fuel tank.?

Which of those, if any,  do those forum members with newer cars do? Are they automatically included in service specs?

General Discussion Area / Humber Bridge -Tigers gonads
« on: 02 July 2018, 21:56:37 »
It is quite a few years since i went over the mighty Humber Bridge. So on my way up to Scarborough , I made a detour and went over and back just for the hell of it.

I nearly went to Hull but did not have enough time to do a visit justice. I did spend a couple of hours looking round Newark. Gosh that has changed a lot since I knew it in the 70s. There again most places have and mostly for the better.

General Car Chat / Women drivers Saudi Arabia
« on: 25 June 2018, 08:12:41 »
Good that they are now allowed to drove again after decades.

But from midnight? What a daft time - they would all be lagged up  ::)

General Discussion Area / Spain holidays- speed cameras
« on: 23 June 2018, 17:30:33 »
Just a reminder for anyone hiring a car on holiday in Spain.

There are plenty of speed cameras to spoil the fun afforded by those hire cars with their specially  beefed up suspension, engine and brakes.

Here is a list of new camera locations.‘miniradars’-installed-across-spain-locations-revealed. The A45 leading out of Malaga to inland (Cordoba/Granada/Antequera has several camera locations in each direction. They issue over 600 tickets a week in each direction. Tom Tom western Europe sat nav is pretty good with their locations.

Most are overhead on the back of gantries. They now also have mobile units which just fit under the ARMCO anywhere.

You can pretend you never got a ticket but the hire car companies can use it as a way of generating revenue as there is so much basic "rent a car" competition. I heard a case the other day of a Brit being detained by the police, leaving Spain, the following year after a holiday. "You can go when you have paid your fine with late penalties"- I think it came to 300 euros.

General Discussion Area / Hidden, one for Shackeng
« on: 20 June 2018, 14:46:47 »
Hidden. Competent enough cop drama but have you noticed it is remarkably similar to The Bridge?:

The male and female leads both have something of a personality disorder for want of a better word
There are subtitles
There is something dark and horrible going on
There is even a bridge!

General Discussion Area / You couldn't make it up- old people
« on: 15 June 2018, 16:15:30 »
So we decide to send my dad some things for fathers day. Nothing flash as he would give it away. A nice fruit cake with no nuts and some biscuits and the like courtesy of Bettys.

The order process was flawless. Got an Email last night advising parcel going out on Friday. You will get another one on Friday advising of the 60 minute delivery slot. Wow I think that is fantastic. My dad being 91 has his day planned to the minute and cannot be hanging around for hours.

The delivery time Email comes and it is 2.33 to 3.33 p.m. by a man called Dan. So advised my dad of that by Email. He read it and replied OK I will be in then.

2.40 I get an Email saying item delivered. So rang my dad. "Thanks for the biscuits and the like". and the cake? No cake but the packaging I threw out in todays recycling was heavy. Must be in there. Doh. No problem. " By the way I told the man off for being late- he should have been here 2 to 2.30". Doh

In the unlikely event that Dan is an omega forum member - sorry from me. Thanks DPD and Bettys for delivering at the correct time. :y

General Discussion Area / Trade War to Security War
« on: 14 June 2018, 13:11:49 »
This has been rumbling for quite a while and no doubt will be as usual a minor topic when the EU meets on the 28th June.

This is another area where I find myself agreeing with Trump. Most of the NATO members do not stump up enough and ride on the USA's coat tails. Maybe that is about to change too with the Trade wars escalating naturally to a Security war. To Trump the two go very much hand in hand.

Very interesting article here in the Spectator.

General Discussion Area / World Cup Thread
« on: 13 June 2018, 18:04:35 »
I am genuinely excited (again). I come out of hiding for the Euros and the World Cup and then spend two years recovering.

I think our team have a good chance. Young, full of energy, no great egos.

My Spanish friend is quite downbeat about Spain's chances but rates them higher than England. He thinks France versus Argentina for the final.

Who do you think will win?

General Discussion Area / Iphone4 battery dud?
« on: 12 June 2018, 23:36:37 »
I think I already know the answer but

I recently upgraded my emergencies and occasional call mobile from a cheap samsung to an old iphone 4 ( disguised to look like a 5). Some things are good about it , like the familiar controls, menus and so on. However my two year older ld samsung held its charge on standby for days. This Iphone is always dead. I would say it lasts half a day on 50% charge without making or answering calls. No data use, wifi etc turned off so it is just a dumb phone.

Am I right in thinking the battery is the original and shot?  Supposedly an Apple service centre item but there are how to’s on the net. As ever my problem would be sourcing the right battery for the job.

Anyone know approx  how much a uk back strret specialist would charge ?

General Discussion Area / satellite finder kit
« on: 09 June 2018, 15:21:10 »
Anyone use the cheap (about £12) devices to help you adjust your satellite dish. Which one do you recommend ?

Ours has gone slightly out of alignment yet again and the only guy I know of that is prepared to travel to our remote area is booked up for weeks.

General Car Chat / History of the future. Cars
« on: 04 June 2018, 19:59:48 »
Available on bbc I player. Phil Jupitus does a thirty minute on cars that didn't make it in the 50s and 60s especially. Interesting how then car design was blue sky whereas now it is rather conservative.

General Discussion Area / Friday Teatime Linkword Teasers
« on: 01 June 2018, 16:16:45 »
Easier ones today plus I will put them all up at once  so latecomers currently stuck in a traffic jam somewhere can have a go even if the answers are shown lower.

terbert, BazaJT and Bigron don your thinking caps!

1. REV _ _ _ LEST

2. WRIST _ _ _ _ _ WORD

3. OVER _ _ _ RIDING

4. PUSSY _ _ _ _ _ STOOL

5. TRAP _ _ _ _ WAY


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