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General Car Chat / Just a gentle reminder...
« on: 18 October 2018, 08:50:17 »
That people are basically awful and not to be trusted.

Came out to the swede this morning to find that some delightful scrote has taken the time to steal....

My headlight wiper blades!  ::) I mean come on! They are about £8.99 a pair delivered, don't form part of the MOT, clearly no second hand value. WTF is wrong with people?!

General Car Chat / Hyundai Terracan - who had one?
« on: 11 October 2018, 16:15:11 »
Its looking more and more like this self build is going to come off and I'll need something that is 4wd and can tow a good amount. Budget of around £2-3k max and I don't want to be lying under it every verse end - I'll be busy enough thanks!  ;D

So far, the pick of the pack is the terracan, followed closely by the shogun. I'd prefer 2 pedals over 3 in any event.

I seem to remember someone on here had one. Tilbo maybe? Wondered how they are to own and tow with.

TIA  :y

General Discussion Area / Student loans repaid
« on: 21 September 2018, 09:55:05 »
Today, the last Direct Debit for my student loan repayment left my bank account, meaning that this year both SWMBO and I will join the ranks of the estimated 30% of students who actually pay back their loans.

A very useful £400pcm to add back into the kitty, but in some ways a sad moment, my youth now feels a bit further away than it did before.

General Discussion Area / Selecting home network hardware
« on: 07 September 2018, 22:54:52 »
As part of the new house design, and off the back of the other network related thread, I've been thinking about network hardware and it's raised a couple of questions. Which hopefully a few members here, or indeed our esteemed leader may be able to answer.

Im planning to run in cables down to network sockets for TVs, PS4, SWMBO'S work pc and a few Sonos products. I'll also need to retain WiFi for ad hoc phone and tablet browsing.

 I'll need to run in some cable to add a secondary WiFi point and network sockets in the detached garage building (part of which will surreptitiously become my office in due course). I also may want to run a cable down to a greenhouse at the end of the patch of land for a raspberry pi project in the long term. So, questions...

1. Can someone recommend an alternative to the BT/sky homebox router that will support c 10 wired connections in the main house and do WiFi and act as my ISP box.
2. Can I run network cable alongside the ringmains without causing interference/impacting performance.
3. As per 1. But a smaller unit for the garage C5 wired connections and some WiFi.
4. Is there a max run length for network cable, if so, what is it. 5. Budget, particularly re. 1& 3, the WiFi doesn't need to be enterprise grade stuff, so neither does the price tag ;).

Thanks in advance  :y

In case anyone is looking.

Ebay Linky

General Discussion Area / Meanwhile in Milton Keynes
« on: 07 August 2018, 00:01:10 »
Probably not ideal for a children's party.  ;D

General Discussion Area / Headphone repair/modification advice
« on: 30 July 2018, 23:30:41 »
I have an old pair of B&O A8/Earset headphones knocking about, but the cord has become partially detached where it needs the headphone body and I get intermittent sound in one ear.

I'd like to get the wiring replaced and an in-line mic added for taking calls on the mobile. Anyone know of a midlands based (or alternatively mail order) company that can provide such a service?


General Discussion Area / Down to the nitty gritty
« on: 16 July 2018, 14:38:03 »
So, house has been on the market for three weeks today and we have an offer on the table.  :y

Need to press a bit more as its not enough, but its not daft either... time to get down to brass tacks as my granny used to say.  8)

General Car Chat / Say what you see...
« on: 05 July 2018, 19:43:04 »
Spotted this on the street and have no idea what it could b, thought Iíd put it out to the OOf collective wisdom. Itís badged Ghia everywhere other than a small fez horse on the umberplate. Any offers? Never seen anything like it before  :-\

General Discussion Area / One for the British Historians...
« on: 30 June 2018, 19:37:20 »
SWMBO asked me a question over coffee this morning that I couldnít answer and I couldnít charm up a ready answer from google...

When did British monarchs stop persecuting the Protestants/Catholics (delete as appropriate depending on the persuasion of the monarch)?

Clearly we donít do it now, and donít think we did in Victorian/Georgian times, but donít know other than that. So, I thought Iíd throw it out to the OOF historians/eyewitnesses and see what the answer was  ;D

I'm surprised this story hasn't got any airtime on here for various reasons (maybe it has and I missed it  :-\). But the John O'Groats to Lands End unofficial speed record has been broken with a new time of 9hrs 36m. Also without accruing a single speeding ticket, although I wouldn't be surprised if there's a conviction coming.

In these days of significant surveillance, average speed cameras and  all the other nonsense, I'm truly amazed they managed it. It also has the 50mph brigade in a state of nothing short of apoplexy.

General Discussion Area / This weekendís toy...
« on: 03 June 2018, 23:39:09 »
In an effort to get the house ready for sale, I had a stack of external painting to do and a slipped slate to slot back. So, hired this little beauty.

I should add that the handsome chap in the basket is actually my father. There was a small weight limit issue that meant I could use the machine at its fullest extension.  :-[. It was a rather close run thing, we nearly had to put one of the supporting feet in the damn hallway.

Impressive piece of kit. But then, apparently theyíre nearly £45k to buy, so they ought to be  :y

General Car Chat / What a bag of sh!te
« on: 12 May 2018, 22:55:47 »
My best mate’s wife has a Mazda 2, 60 plate, 55k, pre reg but to all intents and purposes a 1 owner from new and always been to Mazda every year for its service.

Last week it’s had new rear springs (both broken) rear shocks (both misted with oil) rear brake cylinders, shoes and drums (both weeping) and sundry rear suspension bushes.

Oh and the rear arches are changing from pearlescent white to a fetching shade of orange where they meet the cills.

What a bag of nasty sh!te. To (mis)quote Ste, Mazda, not while I have a hole in my ar$e.

General Car Chat / On she marches
« on: 20 April 2018, 12:16:48 »
My father took the desmond for its annual check today. Another 12 months with no advisories. What a machine  ;D

Looks well in the sunshine!

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