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In My Account / My Passes / Apply Voucher Codes -
For 1 Month Free Movies (Sky Cinema) use Code MOVIEFT
For 1 Month Free Entertainment Channels use Code ENTFT

On Completion of each you can Cancel each one straight away to stop you paying for next Months if you wish, this will not effect your Free Months Viewing.  ;)

Come on Tunnie, you should be doing all this.  ;D

General Car Chat / Lidl Battery Charger, this Thursday.
« on: 09 January 2018, 20:20:22 »

Lidl Car Battery chargers again 13.99, seem to come around once a year on these, quiet a good price, mine still going strong from a few years back, word of warning though, if there anything like the previous models that wont kick in and charge flat batteries that are below around 9.5 Volts, so more of a battery conditioner really, blah blah blah, boring, humbug, 2018 already....

   .....But now for the GOOD NEWS, Tea, yes Tea, once you fuffed around playing with Battery Chargers you can now enjoy a lovely cup of Hot Tea that will stay hot courtesy of your newly charged Battery, 4.99 (Tea Bag not included).

A Christmas Gift from Avira

12 Months Free VPN Phantom Pro, No Credit Card needed, no personal details, Just an email and tick the 'Im not a Robot box', email by return then it gets activated, various Apps available for PC, Mobiles etc, UK Server available.

Should help some out, or if you not using VPN here's a chance to start now.  :y

Link - Site is in German, so use Google Translate etc.

General Discussion Area / Final Reminder for Win10 Free Update.
« on: 17 December 2017, 21:30:13 »
Final Reminder for those wishing to Update to Windows 10 for Free from Win7 and 8.1 using the assistive technologies method, the offer finally ends in 14 Days time(31 Dec 2017)

General Discussion Area / Bitcoins 7 years on.
« on: 06 December 2017, 21:14:23 »
The first Bitcoin trade was back in 2010, when 10,000 Bitcoins was used to buy 2 Pizza,s from Papa Joes in the US.

Today a the value of a single Bitcoin is worth just over $13,500.00 EACH COIN.  :o

So how many have you got kicking around.?

Test Zone / test
« on: 29 November 2017, 21:11:22 »

Just had an email, Virgin Mobile will be doing a Black Friday (this Weekend Only) 12 month 4g Sim Only Deal.

Unlimited Mins, Text, and Data (reported to have a Fair Use Policy of 2048Gb, thats 2Tb per month)  :D


Other than that I know nothing, so if your interested Hit their Website tomorrow  ;)

Hope it helps someone, Virgin use EE 4g now for there Network.

French Owned Euro Tunnel has renamed it, its now called Brexlink....         no actually, the new name is Getlink, close, but the French never did have a sense of humor.

General Car Chat / Corsa Brake light in they dont work?
« on: 19 November 2017, 19:55:41 »
Corsa 2005, C I think.

Checked Bulbs ok (upper led one doesn't work either), checked volts on bulb holders, nothing, checked earth on bulb clusters, ok, checked fuse, ok, checked fuse for volts on fuse holder, nothing, did a Peddle Trick (to check the Brake peddle switch), that works fine, stops giving codes when brake peddle is released.

Any ideas? Relay somewhere? something Im missing, any weird about these Corsa's, poss still could be Brake Peddle switch if its a multi wire type?.

General Discussion Area / This sort of thing really Pisses me off.
« on: 19 November 2017, 14:41:45 »
Whats wrong with people today, surely if folk choose to sit in a Designated Disabled Seat on a Train, Bus, etc, then you should be prepared to give it up for the needed.  >:( >:( :'(

Omega General Help / Another Crank Sensor question.
« on: 13 November 2017, 16:59:07 »
Ok with reference to the later 2.6 and 3.2 Oval Plug ones, are all the Oval ones the same now?, ie, Oval plug fits all?, or are we still doing  the need to be the correct Part Number to be the same as the one that came out? Thanks.

If they are different whats the part number range for the later V6's please.

I know some of you (including myself) also run older style Opel's / Vauxhall's that never had the MID type Info Computers option, ever wondered how easy or difficult it would be to retro fit one?, normally a non starter. Well I found this, an Czech Website that does that, add on modules that will power older style TID's into Info Computers.

Maybe of use to someone?

3.5m Mini Endoscope (Inspection Camera) for PC, Laptop, Android or Tablet (OTG), Currently on Offer 3.05

Comes with USB Lead, Dim able LED Lights, 45 Degree Mirror, Magnet and Hook, currently on offer at Gearbest, Free Shipping from China.

Could be handy for the Car Tool Kit, or in the Trade drilling holes behind Panels, Brick etc, lots of uses, just dont blame me if you get stuck up your Jacksie or something.   ;D

Use CODE 1111ENDOUK on check out, Video Here -

Gearbest here -

Omega General Help / Crank Sensor Question.
« on: 03 November 2017, 23:10:44 »
Will a faulty or suspect Crank Sensor pump fuel when the engine is cranking over pre start up?, (V6, 2.6 and 3.2)

Omega General Help / Fault Code 2106
« on: 02 November 2017, 16:20:44 »
Ive the Following Codes, spanner light on.

3.2, been stood for a while, new battery, fired up first time, no issues, then after a min or 2 starts to stutter, initial thoughts was missfire, restarted, fine then stutter again, go to pull away drops revs, almost like fuel starvation.

Peddle tricked for codes, I think the 0650 may be one of the bulbs is out (airbag?), googled code 2106, comming back as generic, Throttle / Peddle Sender? Is this the case for Omega?

Car now wont start, it does but ticks over low then stalls, any effort on the throttle stalls striaght away. Going to consetrate on this fault first but where to start???, help pleasd.

Code 1612 could be a red herring as batt now low (no flashing Spanner).

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