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A fair few peeps ask on here about improving the WiFi Coverage, so thought this may help someone out for 13.

A Closing Down Sale Item. so reduced to clear, cant vouch for it personally but cheap enough price wise.

ScrewFix, Reduced from 14.99 to 4.99

Ive had these before there good quality spanner set, very good for tight areas and keeping a set in the Glove Box, I actually carry a similar 10 and 13mm in my jacket pocket for Batteries etc  :y

Havent checked TCB or Quidco, you may get some cash back as well.

General Discussion Area / Lost In Space 2018
« on: 17 April 2018, 22:01:25 »
Kind of feel like a Kid again posting this, well, if memory serves the Original Series was on a Friday, late afternoon, cant remember what year but remember I used to rush home from School to watch it. Any way managed to, er, cough, get hold of the first 10 Episodes from the 2018 version, came out last Weekend I believe.  ::)

Watched the first 2 Episodes, cant make my mind up yet, anybody else been or planning to watch it.   :-\

General Discussion Area / WD40 and that Red Tube thingy.
« on: 10 April 2018, 19:42:43 »
Its no substitute for Olive Oil and       .......its No Good for blocked Ear Wax issues.   :'( ::)

Might help someone out with a tired old Lappy, 120GB Solid State Hard Drive, Sata III 2.5" 560mb/s write speed for 25 Notes, wont be around for long though so dont hang about.

Also a Good opportunity to start again with a Fresh OS Install, also 4.2% less via TopCashBack as well

General Car Chat / Astra G - Broke Down, Power Steering Q
« on: 29 March 2018, 20:05:44 »
So picked up a Astra G Van today, coming back from London all is well, popped in BP for some Jungle Juice, come out started fine, but total Loss of Power Steering shortly followed by Batt Light, popped bonnet expecting to see no Aux Belt, nope fine thats spinning all nice and tight.

Had no tools on me, so now thinking Alternator has gone, is the Power Steering Electric Pump?, why would this go straight away if Alt has packed up or is it designed to do this?, ie heavey Current drain?, anyway drove off, using really heavy steering, thinking not going to get back Home on the Battery alone, Heavy Traffic, Coolant Fan Switching on, wipers and its starting to get dark, lights etc, so found somewhere to park and Trained it back.

going back to recover / fix tomorrow, any thoughts, can measure the volts but wont be able to fix Alternator roadside, but a few extra batteies on a quiet Good Friday might see me getting back  :-\.

Not sure if its for Me but might help Someone out.  ;)

Halfords Advanced 120 Piece Car Maintenance Tool Set

Normal Price (Yea Right)          270.00
Better than Half Price Offer      120.00
Use Code HWORKSHOP10       102.00
Via TopCashBack                     98.79

Also - a Little Cheap'ee for the Glove Box (Below)

Halfords 30 Piece Socket Set 1/4"

Normal Price                         20.00
Half Price Offer                      10.00
Use Code HWORKSHOP10    8.50
Via TopCashBack                  8.22

Test Zone / Free Host Test
« on: 03 March 2018, 03:37:16 »
Direct -

General Car Chat / LPG Availability ...or rather lack of it
« on: 02 March 2018, 18:34:44 »
Hmm, not looking good is it, the Blue Stations on the Map are the ones without LPG, assume its a Weather thing, although it didn't look much different last week before the Snow arrived.  :-\

NI stays under EU Control and then the EU Border becomes the barrier between NI and the rest of UK.

Pretty much 'In a Nutshell' is whats been proposed Today by the EU in their First Draft Brexit Agreement Release.  :D

General Discussion Area / Right,.... Thats It,..... Enough
« on: 24 February 2018, 15:03:35 »
200 Days   :o, How sad is that.  :-[

General Discussion Area / Microwaves gone Bang
« on: 20 February 2018, 21:56:23 »
Well, almost it still works but the handle is now cracked and wont open (its still got my Dinner in it), its a Tosh, big one, bought back in 1981, was expecting it to last a bit longer if Im honest.

Anyway whats worth buying, dont want cheap shite, but then dont want to be spending loads on one, whats good, with any new features, and hopefully will last, unlike the my one thats just broke.  ::)  :D


General Car Chat / Strange LPG issue - Corsa 1.2
« on: 05 February 2018, 21:17:57 »
So picked up a little Corsa Van 1.2, the car derived van type, dont laugh its quiet a nippy little thing, its a LPG Dual Fuel badged, bought from a Company so high millage but tons of Vauxhall Service History, LPG wasn't working, hadn't been for a year or so.

Anyway, took a punt and Ive managed to get the LPG working again, it was an electrical problem, it runs sweet on LPG now under all driving conditions, but heres the issue it will run on LPG fpr about 2 miles and then switch back to petrol, run for a couple of more miles on petrol before switching back to LPG and so on and on.

Looking at some of the service history looks like its had a few attempted repairs on the LPG side in the past but not resolved, one of the comments made by Vauxhalls was, it was a LPG Pressure problem but they didn't resolve it?, armed with that info I then filled the LPG Tank up to see if that made any difference, it did, it made it worse, it was then still intermittent but needed to run a lot longer on petrol before switching back to LPG, say 20% LPG then the rest on petrol before switching back again.

let it run like that and noticed it improves as the Tank becomes emptier, to the degree it almost runs perfectly all the time on LPG when the Tank is almost empty before running out.

Any thoughts? Tank or Regulator pressure?, or maybe level sender is intermittently telling the system its out of LPG or something?

I do have another theory, that its nothing to do with pressure and the system is working as it should be and its possibly a temperature problem, in as much I guessing a full tank of LPG is a lot colder than a near empty one and its switching off LPG because the temperature is too low, ie the Vaporizer is getting too cold when running on a full tank of LPG?

So far all ive done is changed the Thermostat, no difference, the coolant seems to get up to temp as it should, be it a bit slow and the Vap does get warm, should it get really hot?, Heater gets hot, Ive also unplugged the Temp Sender on the Vap and that throws a fault and shuts the system down, so that kind of tells me thats working, looking at the pluming it looks like the Vap is plumed in parallel to the Heater matrix, so maybe next stage is to do a flush, but as said heater does get hot.

Any other ideas, or stuff I may have missed?. also thinking about re pluming the Vap in series before the heater, good or bad idea.

In My Account / My Passes / Apply Voucher Codes -
For 1 Month Free Movies (Sky Cinema) use Code MOVIEFT
For 1 Month Free Entertainment Channels use Code ENTFT

On Completion of each you can Cancel each one straight away to stop you paying for next Months if you wish, this will not effect your Free Months Viewing.  ;)

Come on Tunnie, you should be doing all this.  ;D

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