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General Car Chat / Dealer Showrooms
« on: 20 January 2018, 20:12:56 »
While waiting for the 3.2 to be sorted today, I walked to a Vauxhall and Ford dealer. I wanted to compare the new Insignia vs Mondeo. (By actually sitting in them!)

Whatís odd is neither dealer had one in its show room, the Vauxhall dealer did not have a single new shape Insignia. The Ford dealer had a handful of Mondeos. But these were outside, nothing inside.  :-\

They did have lots of crappy looking SUVís like a Mokka  :(

No idea what the little Ford SUV was, but looked equally crap!

General Discussion Area / Big thanks to Serek
« on: 20 January 2018, 20:09:37 »
For sorting my 3.2ís sills, an excellent job. Really pleased with the result, should keep the old barge going for a few more MOTís.

I joined the forum in 2006 and Serek in 2008 canít believe itís taken until 2018 to actually put a face to the name  :o

Iíll be back though, worth travelling to excellent people  :y

General Car Chat / Abarth 595
« on: 16 January 2018, 13:21:37 »
Talking with my car share buddy on the way in, he must be a bad influence. (he does drive a BMW)

But I quite like the idea of an Abarth 595  :-[

160 odd BHP in something the size of a shoe, completely what I would not normally look at but good value I think....

Often hear one in the car park at work, sound fantastic. (skip to 40s)

Lord Opti should hopefully be happy, it's not diesel  ::)  ;D

General Discussion Area / NOW TV users...
« on: 15 January 2018, 11:29:02 »
I know a few on here use it, Jimbob and Zirk to name a couple.

If you want to be part of a trial, drop me a PM. Can't exactly say what the feature is, but if you have kids and travel a fair bit, you would like this feature.  :)

General Discussion Area / The most important question I have....
« on: 14 December 2017, 14:01:01 »
Will I get staff discount for Disneyland? As that would save me a fortune when the kids wife is asking me to take them  her .....

General Car Chat / Two months with the mum bus...
« on: 11 December 2017, 15:06:20 »
So had the Zafira Tourer for over 2 months now, a 2014 plate SRi spec 2.0 CDTi Auto.

The Good

It rides really well, I'd say it's a smoother ride than VW by some margin. Even though it's on 18's like the VW was, this soaks up the bumps very nicely.
There is less road/tyre noise, I always thought the VW was excessive in this department, I'd notice change in road surface more. But this is a decent cruise, with little road noise.
Seats are really good, thanks to SRi (MV6 style) extending thigh support.
It's good enough on fuel mid 30's on average runs over course of tank, mid 40's if tank full of motorways.
Boot storage is great, thought about little things like hiding luggage cover in a special slot if required.
Seats go flat at the back, giving huge load area when required.
Quite like the dash layout, clocks, all appears easy to use/find as are the steering wheel controls.
Think it looks quite nice as well, with small SRi touches, much like Elite with little rear spoiler.
Hugly practical generally with the kids in the back, plus 3 extra seats if needed.
Mid range performance is quite decent, 50mph onwards, give it a shove and it's at 90mph without any trouble.

Represents huge value for money.

The Bad

The engine, it's very tractor like. Far more so than VW, far far rougher when cold. But once warmed it's better, but does not rev as smooth/nicely as the VW did. No way nearly as refined, but can't comment on reliability, yet!

The lights, they are like other non-HID Vauxhalls rubbish, it's is a massive/huge difference compared to the VW's which were bloody brilliant. These are like going back to candles! Still as it's SRi it has fog lights, which make massive improvement.  :-X  ::)

It feels cheap, the quality of the way doors shut. How generally everything feels trim/body wise, the VW felt like it was really put together well and was solid.

Off the line performance is poor, feels sluggish/slow. But once rolling say even 30mph+ it's decent enough. Motorway 50-90 range it's actually not bad. But there is no way I could live with this power output/power band on my commuter.


A good family bus, that's practical, good value for money and does what it says on the tin. It's going to be our family transport for some considerable time to come.

General Discussion Area / NOW TV Offer
« on: 08 December 2017, 09:51:14 »
I can get:

NOW TV Smart Box and a 2 month Sky Cinema Pass for £15


NOW TV  Smart box and a 3 month Sky Entertainment Pass for £15

If you want one, drop me a PM for a discount code  :y

Omega General Help / So I took the cill covers off the 3.2.....
« on: 03 December 2017, 15:49:51 »
As part of some pre-investigations to see if it was viable for LPG, wish I had not bothered and stayed blissfully unaware!

Started to take it off the drivers side...

Visually, kinda looked ok, but pressing it felt like a sponge.  :(

Uh, Oh.

Using screwdriver, it just went straight through  :'( :'( :'(

Corrosion all along is bad, this up near the front.

Although fixable, my concern is this is the start of a never ending battle against rust.  :(


So I could put the cills back on, this would pass MOT without issue.

So the real world impact is it's not as structurally sound any more?  :-\

As I did enjoy a spirited drive home Friday night, I really started to bond with this car. I've really enjoyed my drives home in it, the power, the ride, the effortless aspect of pulling away. Quite gutted really.  :'( :'( :'(

Omega General Help / Windscreen Washer Pump
« on: 20 November 2017, 20:50:11 »
Any recommendations for a repair on screen wash pump?

Driving along suddenly all fluid to screen stopped, headlights fine. Randomly, fluid came back to all 4 jets for a while, then nothing. Inspecting the pipework the fluid pipe to screen pump just dropped off. Looked like it was corroded and recent cold snap was last nail. Would also explain the rather constant drips underneath the car in bumper area, wondered what fluid was, think it was this pipe connector leaking.

Removed the pump, the tube which sticks out (moulded to the pub), that the rubber pipe normally attaches to has snapped clean off. Been trying to look around the garage for some tube of some sort I can glue to the pump, then attach some pipework. But I've not got anything.

 :-\ :-\ :-\

Posted in parts for new pump, also order some pipework off eBay. But wondering on a repair.  :-\

Due to the output pipe snapped off, could do with a working screen wash pump. (windscreen pump)

3.2 Facelift

General Discussion Area / Budget Predictions
« on: 16 November 2017, 08:39:07 »
I'm not usually that interested in them, but this year I will watch with keen interest.

Hope they may cut/reduce stamp duty, seen few rumours. Suspect it will be for first time buyers only.  :(

General Car Chat / Zafira: LED interior lights
« on: 12 November 2017, 08:33:20 »
I would ask this on the Zaf forums, but they are rubbish!

In the Zaf, I'd like to swap the interior bulbs for LED ones which are brighter and I can see better, make things easier getting my 2 little MissT's sorted in the car at night.

Do I have to look for canbus ones? I know on the VW you had to get special kinds or it would trigger warnings.

Yes, I need to go out to the car and look at the various types I need, but sat on sofa now and just thought I'd ask if anyone has done similar.

Was thinking similar to these:

Car Parts, bits For Sale & Wanted / Upper kick foam panel - lugs
« on: 10 November 2017, 13:06:23 »
I could do with a few of those lugs, that you use to secure the foam kick panel above the pedals.

2 or 3.

Or are these standard and can be had on eBay?   :-\

Omega General Help / Fuel Filter Change
« on: 08 November 2017, 13:53:16 »
Do you need the special tool to remove the pipework? Remember fatty admin had a gadget, can I just it with basic tools? 3.2 one is rather old  :-[

General Car Chat / Vauxhall Service Plans
« on: 08 November 2017, 13:49:59 »
So I bought my Zafira from Fuse19's favourite dealer, Evans Halshaw  :)

It fitted the specs I wanted and budget, so went to a dealer up at St Albans. I did consider other dealers, but often these were "appointment only" places, or some rented industrial unit. Handing over the cash I did, wanted a dealer of some sorts. (did not have to be Vx)

Anywho, they keep calling me to flog me a service plan. I am just ignoring it and initial reaction is just trying to flog something I don't need. As when I bought it, I told them were to go with all the kinds of insurance and warranties they tried to flog. I just bought the car  :)

Any thoughts? Anyone have a Vauxhall one, STEMO?

It's '14 plate, 41k miles. I would need to keep service history up for a few more years, but was planning on just basic oil changes to keep service history stamped up.

I would change, air filter, fuel filter, pollen filters, brake pads etc.

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