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General Discussion Area / Re: Paddington 24
« on: Yesterday at 22:52:37 »
I can do my job from anywhere. And indeed have done whilst supposedly holidaying abroad.  Though the technology department at BT thinks the world ends on the Eastern coast of the Orwell...

I didn't realise you were a BT bod, great guy in my team defected back to their internal audit dept from us back in July. He home works about 60% and then spends the rest of his time in various random properties that have more or less no one in them.

General Car Chat / Re: Tilbo's Merc
« on: Yesterday at 12:46:58 »
Tilbo, that is lovely, a credit to you and its previous owner! :)

Given the state most of those seem to be in these days, that must be one of the best that's left, certainly one of the best non-AMG cars at least!

General Car Chat / Re: Just a gentle reminder...
« on: Yesterday at 11:31:56 »
And you're moving because...

I know, its a complete mystery as to why I'm drawn to a building, in a field, with no-one else around!  ;D

There is an identical car parked outside (no street lights) here. I will pinch his for you. And I will post them free of charge to you to restore your faith in human beings. ;D

That's the spirit!

General Car Chat / Just a gentle reminder...
« on: Yesterday at 08:50:17 »
That people are basically awful and not to be trusted.

Came out to the swede this morning to find that some delightful scrote has taken the time to steal....

My headlight wiper blades!  ::) I mean come on! They are about £8.99 a pair delivered, don't form part of the MOT, clearly no second hand value. WTF is wrong with people?!

General Car Chat / Re: Company car advice
« on: 17 October 2018, 23:06:16 »
Allegedly. But I suppose only time will tell  ::)

General Discussion Area / Re: Paddington 24
« on: 17 October 2018, 22:58:27 »
I worked in London for around 18m and even there, unless you were going into zone 1, driving was always the best option.

Taking the lake District example, going to coniston, from (say) Surbiton takes 6hrs 40 on public transport minimum, vs 5h30 in the car.

Now, assuming you don't live at a station, and aren't travelling to just a station, you can add 20mins either end. Plus an extra 20mins at the start because if you don't get to the station on time the rip off merchants will charge you another £120 for a different ticket  >:(

So I've got 2h 10 to sit in traffic before the train draws level. I've also got Aircon, set to my liking, a guaranteed comfy seat and I can listen to what I like on the radio rather than whatever noise pollution some inbred yob wants to put through the carriage. Oh and they want £115 plus bus/taxi fares to get you there.  ::)

Taking such a journey once a month would pay for the fuel for those journeys plus insurance, tax and maintenance on my car. I can travel close to 1000 miles on what they want to charge.

Sorry, but if you have a car you'd have to be mentally ill to want to take a train anywhere in the UK other than the London underground.

General Car Chat / Re: Did I spot TBs big black .. Jaguar?
« on: 17 October 2018, 20:39:41 »
Going up the M1 last night, around the MK area. Personal plate of some form..

.. but then I thought "Nah, can't be. It's only doing 70 and it's in the middle lane." ;) ;D
I'm sure once I get around to my 3.5hrs of being patronised, I'll be a reformed character, and drive at 50....

You can go along with SWMBO, nearly died laughing when she told me!  ;D

General Discussion Area / Re: Conservatory roof.
« on: 17 October 2018, 12:17:28 »
I have a conservatory, I insulated the walls etc l, with kingspan stuff, added proper radiator.

Problem is conservatoryís are shite, foundations tend to be crap and floor is not insulated either. Itís like trying to heat a kitchen cullender.

Iím now favouring bulldozing it and building a proper extension.

Mine has proper foundations, 100mm insulated floor, underfloor heating, and radiators, (I was site foreman), but of course still loses heat through the double glazing. There are several companies offering either internal, effectively, ceilings, or external insulated roof panels. :y

Some friends of mine looked into this for their conservatory and came to the conclusion that by the time you'd paid out on the ceiling you may as well have demolished and built an extension in its place.

I'd seriously look at that instead, particularly if the foundations are good enough to support it already.

General Car Chat / Re: Hyundai Terracan - who had one?
« on: 17 October 2018, 10:29:56 »
What more do you need from a builder's skip :y

If that's what it'll be (which, given Jimmy's project, it will be) .. why not just buy a Transit and be done with it?

I had 100% considered both the van and pickup options. Van has 2 things against it, the pickup 1.

When doing our current house the omega saved us (conservatively) £2k in skips. I need this vehicle to do the same, and vans/pickups can't be taken into household waste disposal sites.

The second thing against the van is that the project comes with c2 acres which needs  drainage, fencing, pathways etc. So the ability to take vehicle and trailer across a wet field is also high on the agenda. Hence 4x4, which is fine for the pickup, just not (many) vans

The easiest potential compromise is the 3.5T towing capacity. Something with 2-2.5T capacity would most likely do the job. But, for the sake of component longevity (I'm looking for a 3yr life minimum) I'd prefer something that isn't used close to its operating limit for a significant portion of its time.

General Car Chat / Re: Company car advice
« on: 17 October 2018, 09:36:52 »
You might be on to something there.  I didn't realise the BIK rates for LCVs are so low.  Hmmm, Merc X class, anyone?  ::)

Id buy the Navara (exactly the same car) for several grand less personally. But the ideas sound.

General Car Chat / Re: Company car advice
« on: 16 October 2018, 17:47:23 »
I'm not sure what the difference would be, you either take the hit directly on lease or indirectly in the depreciation of your asset.  :-\

General Car Chat / Re: Hyundai Terracan - who had one?
« on: 16 October 2018, 10:27:24 »
If I was ever going to venture into Shogun etc. territory, I think my only choice would be a Toyota Landcruiser. Not the cheapest, but you you wouldn't lose money on one when you sold it.

Yup, and this was the default choice, however, anything with less than 250k seems to be edging up to £5,000. Given how tight cashflow will be on the build, I can't really justify the extra spend.  :-\

General Car Chat / Re: Hyundai Terracan - who had one?
« on: 15 October 2018, 22:04:15 »
Highways would be my guess. The shogun is a favourite of the road wombles and I can see them clocking up that kinda mileage.

General Discussion Area / Re: Amazon Prime prog download Q
« on: 14 October 2018, 22:02:20 »
All of that said, I think the Apple iOS allows developers to block streaming of downloaded content Vs internet content.

The advantage of android is that you can just screen mirror and show whatevers on your device.

You may find a cheap android tablet is a good investment in this regard, but by all means give it a whirl with what you have.

Chromecast works for Netflix and YouTube... no reason why Amazon would be any different  :y

Isnt Chromecast like Amazon firestick? Just a device for streaming content via an unlimited internet connection ? I cant see where the download and stored for play later features?

Yes, but, given Chromecast is made by Google, it allows more freedom with Android devices than the fire stick does. Egg. Screen mirroring as above.

Neither firestick or Chromecast have any ability to download, store and then playback content.

General Discussion Area / Re: Amazon Prime prog download Q
« on: 14 October 2018, 20:19:36 »
This is pretty much the same across all such services. If the OS os a mobile one then typically downloads are allowed, if a desktop/laptop OS then it's a no.

Should you want to watch downloaded content on a big screen. I think you can use Chromecast stick to beam it from your mobile device to any screen with an HDMI. As yet I've not tested this but I intend to once I'm in the burger van full time.  :y

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