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General Car Chat / Re: New car
« on: Today at 16:21:09 »
There were some tweaks, yes, but I wouldn't lose any sleep over either engine as they have proven bomb proof in kit cars at 200 BHP. :y

General Discussion Area / Re: KFC crisis
« on: Today at 15:57:16 »
I want to type something but I'm lost for words. ::)

General Discussion Area / Re: KFC crisis
« on: Today at 15:21:14 »
I think pretty much all of their restaurants are franchised, so they probably aren't the ones whose @rse is on the line. meanwhile, they can collect money for having their name on the sign as normal. - an "organise" the chicken deliveries, of course. ::)

Omega General Help / Re: Starting trouble
« on: Today at 14:34:21 »
If you suspect a fuel leak, remove the panel under the carpet in the boot floor and check it's not leaking where the fuel lines enter the top of the tank.

General Car Chat / Re: New car
« on: Today at 14:31:55 »
Certainly much prettier than a Mundaneo. :y

Mrs. KW's previous MX 5 we had from 30k miles to about 175k, IIRC. The only thing it needed bar routine servicing was a coil pack. We sold it at 17 years old with its original exhaust, battery, soft top, etc all in great condition.

Mind you, its replacement has blotted its record already by needing a new radiator at 32K. >:(

I'm not convinced the rust protection is still as great as most European cars, it seems the japs are learning very slowly on that front. If it's a keeper, I think I'd invest on getting it properly treated before anything takes hold.

General Car Chat / Re: New car
« on: Today at 10:21:25 »
Itís basically a Mondeo  ;)

By that I mean running gear. I think itís a Mazda engine :y

I'm guessing it'll be the L series engine as in the Mk 3 MX 5 which is also the Ford Duratec.

Nice engine, but chain driven, so keep the oil changes regular. :y

General Discussion Area / Re: Builders Quotes
« on: Yesterday at 23:04:53 »
Guess I pressed the wrong button, eh? ;)

General Discussion Area / Re: Builders Quotes
« on: Yesterday at 23:04:08 »
Oops! What happened there? :o

General Discussion Area / Re: Everything going wrong part 2
« on: Yesterday at 22:01:08 »
Top marks to the blue light brigade for making sure you were OK! Shame the RAC took three hours (or more) to turn up, though..

Fairly typical of the RAC. Last summer my brakes failed due to the rear discs being solid and not vented. I waited 1.5 hours for a bloke to come and agree that, oh like you said, you'll be needing recovery, and another 2 hours for a recovery truck and then 2 hours to do what would have taken me one hour.

Seems standard these days. They must have so many retards call them out when they've run out of petrol that it makes sense wasting your time sending a bloke in a van out first.

Either that or they employ muppets to do no more than turn up in a van so they've met their response time, then you have to wait for hours for something of actual help. ::)

General Discussion Area / Re: Builders Quotes
« on: Yesterday at 21:58:30 »
Ours is a cheap Panachronic. Was about 70 quid IIRC. Does the job for reheating stuff and doesn't take up too much worktop.

General Car Chat / Re: Radio adverts for EVs..
« on: Yesterday at 15:06:27 »
I can honestly say hand on heart  I will never ask any questions on electric cars , I know all I need to know from watching milk floats when I was a kid, it's V8 petrol or nothing for me.

I remember walking to school one day when I was about 7 and seeing one of the old 3 wheeled electric milk floats take a corner a bit  enthusiastically. The inside rear wheel clipped the curb and the whole think tottered around on 2 wheels for a while before deciding that today was not its' day and continuing up the road.

Unfortunately, nobody told its' load of milk which deposited itself neatly at the intersection of the give way markings in the middle of the road.

Myself and my mate nearly split our sides.  ;D Fortunately, we outran the milkman as he wasn't best pleased with his handywork. ::)

General Car Chat / Re: Radio adverts for EVs..
« on: Yesterday at 15:01:22 »
I hope you have been charging it! The batteries don't like inactivity.
Yep, they needed a bit of TLC when I got hold of it because it had been unused for a couple of years and my M.I.L. had, unbeknownst to me, unplugged the charger because "there's no point in charging it if it's not being used". ::)

As for the experience. Only a well drilling rig    has a higher centre of gravity so corners at 8 m.p.h are tricky

Yep, clocked that one on the first test drive up and down the cul-de-sac. :-[

Omega Electrical and Audio Help / Re: weird charging problem
« on: Yesterday at 13:02:36 »
Yep, if you suspect the grounding strap is knackered, an easy test is to get it running with a few electrical loads on and then measure the voltage between the alternator's case and the battery negative terminal. If there's more than a few tenths of a volt, something's not right.

General Car Chat / Re: Radio adverts for EVs..
« on: Yesterday at 12:54:54 »
Better questions

Has the earth got enough Cobalt?
Has the earth got enough Copper?
Why are they so expensive when the technology has been around so long ( thinking disability scooters here)?
Will there be enough charging points?
How will all the extra electricity be generated?
can I get an aftermarket V8 noise generator fittedwithout affecting guarantee?

Yep, those are the elephants... Over there in the corner, see? ;)

That reminds me. I've got Emma's nan's mobility scooter cluttering up my garage. Must get on and sell it. I'd be tempted to try my first EV commute on it but I doubt I'd survive, TBH. ;D

General Car Chat / Re: Corsa, Engine Problems
« on: Yesterday at 10:09:31 »
Clean the bores of any residue from the honing with an oily rag before fitting the pistons, of course, and it's worth putting a rag over the crank to stop any debris ending up on the big end journals.

The other thing that can sometimes be important is to check the ring end gap. I'm not sure if it's such an issue with the tolerances these things are made to these days, but sometimes when fitting new rings into a bore, there is not enough clearance at each end of the ring and they can rattle together and break the ring.

Checking this requires removing the rings from the piston, inserting them in the bore alone and measuring the end gap with feeler gauges, which is not entirely without risk of breaking them.

I'd be inclined to say that, as the pistons went into the bores easily, you might be able to wing it on that score.

EDIT: LC got there before me on the ring gaps..

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