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Well when i spoke to VBOA they said it was affiliated clubs only. And I'm ashamed to say
my ABS membership ran out a while ago 😳

Anyone going to this?

Ive just had a load of body work done in the aim of getting my dog to a show this year. Looks like this ones the one  :y

All sorted. Can be closed. Cheers 👍

BG and Ians. Thanks very much.

BG if you have new ones that would be sweet. Ian, if bg doesnít have them Iíll pm you.

Thanks guys.

Ps, donít suppose anyone has a decent boot carpet? Still after one  :y

Have done mate but there's a surprising lack of options on there.

Oh well if anyone has one let me know cheers.

My old dog has had some bodywork done.  Very pleased with it except that he's made a right hash of removing and refitting the vauxhall lettering.

Can anyone help?

Lol no it doesn't mate. You're looking out for RBK for me. Or "reebok " 😀

Love the comfort of Mercedes. But not an omega  :P

My only issue for mig number two is where to keep it 😩


You boys are hilarious.

But seriously there will come a time as pmacca says that you'll only ever see the odd one at car shows. And that's quite sad.

As said money dictating (as it always does) I'm going to invest in another.

Starting to really feel like they're rocking horse shit on the roads.

But on eGay there's a load.

Seriously considering at least another one in case one day in the not too distant future we wake up and they're all gone.

....the reality though being Slow & Indifferent

Looks very Fast & Furious  ::)

General Car Chat / Re: First wash of 2018.
« on: 14 January 2018, 14:39:59 »
The colour's so prominent that it's turned your grass different colours   :o

If you do end up replacing the indicator stalk assembly with the airbag squib gubbins it's really not that bad though looks daunting.

Negative battery cable off for a few minutes. Take off the plastic cowl top and bottom (probably held on with a couple of torx or phillips screws. Pop the airbag off (usually a hole in the back to put a pick through to release the airbag. Disconnect electrical connectors. Steering wheel bolt out. Wheel off (don't smack yourself in the face with it). Then if memory serves there's a 10mm that secures a metal band at the back and that whole unit should slide off. There may also be a couple of other electrical connections I've forgot about.

It's been a while since I've done one so that's from memory but I remember thinking it was actually a nice job to do. Hth :y
Agree, except......if you own a Citroen Xsara, you really should let the steering wheel smack you in the face.  :)

 ;D no comment

Aaaaaaaaand thinking about it I think I MAY have one if needed. Pm if needed  :y

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