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 on: Yesterday at 06:54:15 
Started by Andy H - Last post by Andy H
I thought he'd chucked the Galaxy in the Tamar!  ;D
Don't tempt me....  ;D

I have a day of pain ahead of me fixing it  >:(

 on: Yesterday at 03:51:51 
Started by BazaJT - Last post by Rods2
Volvo were very good when I had an engine failure at 27k miles on a Volvo 960 estate due to a block casting fault. Where they had a 100k warranty the engine was free and they just charged me 25% of the labour cost, which worked out at about the same price as the 30k cambelt change. :y :y :y

 on: Yesterday at 03:46:40 
Started by Varche - Last post by Rods2
Given that a load of the media hype is still, as always, completely over the top, can we remember a few salient points....  as a fully qualified and trained pilot-in-command (PIC) (fancy name for captain of the aircraft, co-pilot is referred to as pilot-non-flying, (PNF)), she/they would have completed many hours of simulator training and testing that would certainly have covered these points ...

1. Single engine failure procedures and landings

2. Emergency decompression and emergency descents

3. Structural damage procedures and operations

4. Seriously ill/injured passenger procedures

Given the published recordings of her conversations with Air Traffic, it would appear that all that training "kicked in" and she coped with a very unpleasant situation in the manner for which she has been trained.

She is NOT (IMHO) a "hero" .. just a damned good pilot who did what hours of training had equipped her for, in a calm and methodical fashion. Given her history as a Combat Fast Jet pilot, I'm not in the least surprised.  :y :y

The girl done good, but she did what was expected of her, that is why she sits there as PIC ..... :)

BA pilot I know was certainly made to sweat, where failure meant at best additional training or at at worst grounding on his annual simulator week going through all of the standard failures with a debrief afterwards but the worst part IHO was the progressive piling on of the failures part to see how much he could cope with at once. :y :y :y

 on: Yesterday at 03:31:06 
Started by Varche - Last post by Rods2
I thought I was a gonna earlier, when sat on the potty, following eating something most disagreeable at lunchtime.

There was a big yelp, and a lot of blood.  Blotting, rather than wiping, was clearly the order of the day  :'(

Its made me feel quite delicate, and sorry for myself. Doubt there is any sympathy here though.
Lots of blood, eh? Sounds like you need your piles pushing back. I know a lad who'll help you out, pm me for details.

I've retired  ;D

I think he meant Lord Dr Opti.  :y  He probably enjoys such things!  :o  ;D

I think Lord Dr Opti only gets involved if they come from Thailand, have women's breasts and dangly bits. :o :o :o

 on: Yesterday at 00:11:55 
Started by Jan Suhr - Last post by neil74
I remember doing that with my 3.2 estate.. and was so happy not to find any rust behind the plastic cover that i failed to notice the dirty rust patch around the washer jet which to be fair was partly hidden by the spoiler...

 on: 18 April 2018, 23:43:56 
Started by Sir Tigger QC - Last post by Mister Rog
No surprise, most of what the government does (any complection of government) is a shambles: they couldn't organise a fart in a bean factory!
One thibg that did strike me. Labour crticiesed the government for taking so long before acting, yet in all of the intervening nearly 50 years, Labour had ample opportunity to do something about it themselves.
Do you think that politicians are hypocrites?


In a word  . . . . YES.

 on: 18 April 2018, 23:43:46 
Started by tunnie - Last post by zirk
"Knew him" in the Biblical sense ?  :-\ :D
He wasnt Out then, although some of us did wonder.

 on: 18 April 2018, 23:43:14 
Started by Andy H - Last post by henryd
Thanks to everyone for wishing us well.

The Galaxy has returned.

The local garage are booked up solid until next week so I suppose I am going to have to fix it  :( (and rediscover the sad truth that 50% of the bolts on a VAG TDi are B-starred-bolts >:(

When the pump failed did it shed its timing belt ?
No - engine still running fine with no loss of power

The dash lit up like a Christmas tree and I pulled over to the hard shoulder as quick as I could. There is an auxiliary coolant pump that runs on for a few minutes and I am hoping that it has allowed the engine to cool evenly and avoid permanent damage to head or head gasket :-\

The AA man confirmed my snap diagnosis by disconnecting the little hose to the top of the expansion bottle and getting me to rev the engine. He didn't get the anticipated jet of coolant

Result,genuine pump isn't a fortune from memory,probably cheaper at Ford than VW though :y
101.14 apparently. I thought that was a bit steep.

They don't have them in stock either so I went back to GSF and bought a different brand to the one that failed.

What was the one that  failed,even genuine have been known to shed impeller.

Edit  over a ton is bloody steep

 on: 18 April 2018, 23:37:47 
Started by Mister Rog - Last post by Mister Rog
Dale Winton , of supermarket sweep fame , dead at 62

I thought he was younger than that (that would have pleased him).

 on: 18 April 2018, 23:35:37 
Started by BazaJT - Last post by Kevin Wood
At least they have put their hands up and admitted it. If it were BMW, VAG, etc. it'd be "that'll be 3k for a new engine, sir".

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