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 on: Yesterday at 16:04:39 
Started by Lizzie Zoom - Last post by Rods2
It is very easy to stop the pillars from being hit, you do the same as other designs with light buoy marked safety outer walls which ships can hit without damaging the pillars. :y

If you've used the Chunnel several times too promise to never use it again because of chronic delays for both cars/freight and Eurostar trains and money grabbing customer service that make Ryanair look like generous philanthropists. Stuck on a delayed Eurostar train for hours in pleb class with all food and refreshment kiosks shut was great fun NOT. >:(  How does spending vast amounts in doubling the capacity for a despised system that many won't use help? >:( >:( >:(

Flying or ferries for me if I need to go to Europe if the only alternative is the Chunnel I will stay at home. I have very rarely been delayed on 100's of ferry crossings between UK to France and back and then normally only in exceptionally bad weather. :y

 on: Yesterday at 16:02:58 
Started by amazonian - Last post by Doctor Gollum
AreaT equals 2(3.142x250)-2(3.142x101.5)
Volume equals AreaT x 51.

Are you losing 18mm from the outside diameter or is the bore increasing by 18mm?

Your answer will depend on which... ;)

 on: Yesterday at 15:42:12 
Started by Berniemc1356 - Last post by Berniemc1356
When you say the radio needs to be on for 10-15 mins is that holding down the AS button or just leaving the radio switched on.

 on: Yesterday at 15:40:16 
Started by gstylebaby - Last post by johnnydog
Sent you a PM re the springs. Thanks.

 on: Yesterday at 15:39:35 
Started by amazonian - Last post by amazonian
Can any of you guys answer this?

A cylinder or disc (say the rough shape of a small roll of cellotape) has a diameter of 500mm.
It is 51mm long and it has a bore of 203mm.

The question is,  if the diameter of 500mm was reduced by 18mm,  what percentage of mass would be lost?

I have tried twice and been wrong both times, and cant think what I am missing (apart from numerous brain cells)

 :) ;)

 on: Yesterday at 15:10:35 
Started by Darth Loo-knee - Last post by Doctor Gollum
Fitted a set of xenon lights to it.

If you only make one change to your Omega, this should be it. Ignoring the fact that I replaced all the bulbs and fitted led sidelights, the difference is astounding.

Compared side by side, the xenons make the original halogen lights look like sidelights, it really is that marked a difference. I knew the old lights were shit, but am actually looking forward to driving it in the dark :D

I will be fitting washers to it before the MoT, but the adjusters work, so it has level control at least.

 on: Yesterday at 15:02:41 
Started by JDX - Last post by Doctor Gollum
Generally, most people who rent vans cannot drive them...

If it looks clean and tidy, chances are that it's full of filler. Buy direct from auction fleet disposals... BCA is a good place to start, as that way you can see what you're buying...

Alternatively, approach your local independent rental place and have a chat about buying one of their older fleet.

 on: Yesterday at 14:42:23 
Started by Darth Loo-knee - Last post by amba
Got wet replacing the faulty drivers door locking solenoid,for a good replacement.

Then spent 3 hours drying out whilst the contact adhesive set on the plastic section of the door card that seems to want to fall off when ever card is removed.It wont this time as has self tappers and a very large helping of araldite to hold it.

Now waiting for rain to ease up then I can refit door card.....good news is locking system works without faults now  :y

 on: Yesterday at 14:30:46 
Started by Lizzie Zoom - Last post by Lizzie Zoom
No, lightships are a completely different thing altogether... :P

Lizzie only mentions is because Ashford is already a convenient lorry park. No one else mentioned it because they neither live in Ashford, nor particularly care. ::)

Ah, but what travels past Ashford goes on to other linking motorways, like the M25 going over the Thames or under it at Dartford.  The other way it clogs up the M25 all the way around to Heathrow / Junction with M4 then Junction with M40. Now if you believe that those motorways can take a very significant rise in lorry and other vehicle traffic, just get onto those roads during the rush hours, or when something goes wrong, which frequently happens.

The Chunnel and the ferries space out the traffic due to their departure / arrival times.   With the bridge traffic it would be endless, being only held up with toll like booths checking all documents (after Brexit very strict checking in both directions) and vehicles pulled over for in-depth searches. Now how would the queues for those checks be managed with a far heavier flow of road traffic over the bridge than currently with existing methods of crossing?

As for shipping being a danger to the bridge, it is worth considering that 500-600 ships a day pass through the Dover Narrows, just where Boris is suggesting the bridge should be built. It is already narrow, and a concrete structure with pylons at regular intervals up to the point of the main suspended span would make the shipping lanes very narrow for ships that are up to 400m long, 60m wide, and with a gross tonnage of up to 200,000 tons travelling at a speed of up to 24 knots, heading towards one another.  There is then the ferry traffic that crosses these lanes. Not only of course have you got the container ships, but you have numerous huge cruise ships that are overall not much smaller than the former and carry thousands of passengers.

Now a new regime of radar control has greatly reduced the accidents, but they can still happen due to the weather (such as the high wind speeds through the Channel), loss of power, or human failings with such heavy shipping movements.  If just one of these shipping monsters were to hit one of the main bridge supports it would cause a disaster for the people on the bridge and the ship.

So the question is, why a bridge anyway?  It was decided that a rail tunnel would be built instead of a road tunnel, and we ended up with the Chunnel.  Why not now build a road tunnel?  Yes, you will still have security, customs issues and road traffic issues, but risk to shipping would be zero, as would the effects of gale force winds that often close our domestic inland suspension bridges, that are far more frequent in the Channel.

But, after all said and done with Brexit who will invest billions in either another crossing of the channel no matter what it is?  If they did, I would favour another rail tunnel, but for freight only! ;)

 on: Yesterday at 14:27:56 
Started by terry paget - Last post by Bigron
Yes, which surely means that it is drawing air from outside via the pollen filter - and that bung/flap valve at the bottom of the chamber. It may be stuck open?


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