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 on: Yesterday at 16:40:00 
Started by Field Marshal Dr. Opti - Last post by STEMO
Corbyn will be 72 at the next election, there's a good chance he could peg it without the need for 'slotting'.  ;D

 on: Yesterday at 16:34:10 
Started by terry paget - Last post by Doctor Gollum
Would it cost less than your fuel for two return trips to get them to fit a new oil pressure sensor?

If yes, that's your answer ;)

 on: Yesterday at 16:29:18 
Started by terry paget - Last post by terry paget
Lavender Hill garage, Enfield, rang 1620, man said he started it up, it, he drove it up the road and back, runs all right, no nasty noises, no lights on I asked whether he had removed the oil light warning switch and put in a pressure gauge, he said no, but the car seemed fine to him. I asked whether it would survive a 100 mile run down the motorway, he said yes.

I am tempted to go up tomorrow or Friday and collect it, and see if I can get it home. What do you think?

 on: Yesterday at 16:21:38 
Started by Varche - Last post by Doctor Gollum
How many variations of Muhammed are there? 10?, add in Smith, Jones, Collins and Murphy, 15 is probably an accurate guesstimate  ::)

 on: Yesterday at 16:19:34 
Started by Field Marshal Dr. Opti - Last post by Doctor Gollum
General concessus amongst the ex forces bods at work is that Corbyn will find himself 'slotted' should he ever find himself anywhere near becoming PM... So there is some hope ;)

 on: Yesterday at 15:47:07 
Started by sjc - Last post by sjc
You’re a gentleman sir, hope to return the favour in future.

 on: Yesterday at 15:44:52 
Started by Varche - Last post by scimmy_man
but true

 on: Yesterday at 15:31:23 
Started by pscocoa - Last post by Lizzie Zoom
Your case would be under the Consumer Rights Act 2015 which replaced, along with two others, the Sales of Goods Act 1979.

As you purchased and had fitted the new pulley in 2016, this is the Act you claim under as, your case would be, the part or installation was not of satisfactory quality and failed well beyond what can be considered as a reasonable period of time.  The "2 year guarantee / warranty" has no affect on your claim under the terms of the Consumer Rights Act.  Your small claims court action must be against the immediate original supplier, the dealer, and not against the manufacturer. They can make their own claim against VW if they so wish;)

 on: Yesterday at 15:10:10 
Started by sjc - Last post by annihilator
Hi Stephen, your inbox is full. Posted this afternoon only 79p so have it on me.  ;)

 on: Yesterday at 14:22:23 
Started by Field Marshal Dr. Opti - Last post by aaronjb
I really don't think there will be any Brexit - it's just been two years of showboating and posturing..

Probably's been worth the effort though. ::) ::) ::)

As a real world 2 year demonstration of what happens when our government has the opportunity to "Take back Control" it's certainly been... Instructive.

Like giving a vegan a steak - they didn't know what to do with it, and have thrown it away..

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