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General Discussion Area / Remember the Shellfish/EU Issue?
« on: 03 March 2021, 15:00:00 »
If you do, you'd be doing better than the guy that wrote the policy.

General Discussion Area / I feel sorry for the Italians...
« on: 15 February 2021, 13:12:36 »
... it appears Sky doesn't like them.

General Car Chat / Plug-In Hybrids
« on: 24 November 2020, 12:36:48 »
Well colour me surprised, they maybe aren't as green as originally thought.

General Car Chat / I'm sure there is a back story...
« on: 18 November 2020, 08:42:19 »

The internet seems to suggest an ex with a grudge.

General Car Chat / 6 Crashes in 1 Minute
« on: 13 November 2020, 15:21:27 »

The article suggests there was medical issues. Although I'd be proud if I could J turn like that.

General Discussion Area / Super Fuse?
« on: 29 May 2020, 13:03:42 »

No explanation of what it does, but the reviewers are very happy.

Snake oil anyone?

General Car Chat / Bought an Ex-Plod Omega...
« on: 26 February 2020, 13:55:16 »
Well I could resist, it was amazingly cheap and the condition is superb! There isn't a spot of rust on it at all, no really, no rust. There are some signs of overspray though, but this doesn't detract from the overall quality of this vehicle. Also, no oil leaks. The biggest issue are the tyres, which seem quite hard, I can only assume it's been stood for a while.

Anyway as everyone love pics...

Sorry, couldn't resist.  ;D

General Discussion Area / Stop Office Football Chat
« on: 27 January 2020, 12:38:32 »

I believe this is an obvious trolling attempt.

I have no interest in football or cricket and I'm a man. Shock. Horror. How can such a being exist? Well according to 'Ann Francke', I don't exist. (Maybe we should check her diary out?  ::))

General Car Chat / Vivaro Cambelt
« on: 22 October 2019, 13:58:41 »
Hello fine people of OOF. I'm struggling with a cambelt and could do with some help.

This is the F9Q Renault engine, 760 variant if that makes any difference.

Right on to the story...
Remove cambelt cover. I can only see one timing mark on the camshaft as the crankshaft one is behind the outer pulley and I can't turn the engine without the pulley being on.
I line up the camshaft to the mark, take the outer crankshaft pulley off and find the mark is not at the 6 o'clock position as I would expect, but is at about 25 minutes past.
At this point I do what all men do, I picked up the instructions that came with the belt kit.
I learn there is a locked hole near the flywheel to align the crank. I lock the crank with a pin. The crankshaft pulley marks are still at 25 past. I continue going through the instructions. It says that the crankshaft pulley should be at an offset, but it should be at 25 to and not 25 past.

I'm at the point were it's either the instructions that are wrong, or this engine has been timed up wrong previously.

Has anyone done one of these before? And ideally knows if it should be 25 to or 25 past.

General Car Chat / The future of diesel powered cars...
« on: 23 April 2019, 12:43:46 »
This is opinion based on minimal facts, but if you own a diesel that is worth actual money, you may want to read on.

There is a move to force large ships to run on ultra low sulphur diesel. The date is close, 2020. I think this sudden high demand for ULSD will drive up prices. Although, this article says not. I could be well off the mark, but I suspect that diesel prices will rocket over the next 2 years, even ignoring the emissions scandal side of things. As a side effect, the value of diesel cars will plummet.

If I had a diesel worth a significant amount of money, (not 500 bangers like I currently own) I would be looking into moving it on sooner rather than later. Again, I maybe well off the mark and the supplies of ULSD will be fine, in which case you can ignore these ramblings of a mad man.

General Car Chat / Stetched Omega Anyone?
« on: 07 December 2018, 12:14:12 »

Mileage is very low. But the price is a bit of a........
Stretch. (Sorry)

General Discussion Area / Guy Martin
« on: 19 November 2018, 12:50:12 »
Guy Martin uses fake driving license

I apolgise in advance for it being a DM link.

General Discussion Area / Tin Foil Hats on Standby?
« on: 13 September 2018, 13:27:59 »

I suspect it's a strange powder delivery, but it appears there is very little about it online. Almost like a media eclipse  :)

Hello, I'm looking for 2.6/3.2 exhaust manifolds and a crossover pipe to suit, IIRC, the 3.0 pipe is the best?

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