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Title: L Reg Senator
Post by: Lizzie Zoom on 03 January 2019, 15:35:48
Today spotted a white L Reg Senator coming away from Sainsbury's.

Trouble is it was NOT in mint condition; far from it. The centre covers over the bolts of the alloy wheels were missing; dents all over the place; front bumper half hanging off; rust showing all over the body, and a grill badly damaged, All together a car in a condition that I thought had been taken off the road decades ago with far more stringent MOT's!  It was a 'bomb' of the 1970's, and the driver looked no better!! :o :o ;D ;D ;D

I really thought I had entered a time warp.  One for the police to stop on sight! ;D ;D ;)

Or a keen enthusiast to pour thousands of pounds into!! :y