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Title: x20xev eml on
Post by: MonzaGSE on 05 April 2019, 23:00:25
1994 Omega 2,0 16v eml stayed on one morning, and have been on since. No coming and going just always on. Did the paperclip test and got codes 38 and 91. 38 being a faultcode for the o2 sensor, and 91 being the o2sensors heater element. Have not had much time to look at it yet but was underneath the car and checked the connector for the sensor which looked fine. Also wiring in the area from connector on gearbox to sensor looked intact. Never had this fault before but suspects an o2 sensor fault code can be caused by other things too. But im thinking that the sensor heater fault code would point to either defective wiring or defective sensor? And that the code 38 for the sensor itself is just a result of the heater not working so that the sensor fails its readings due to not reaching operating temperature? Can the heater in the sensor be checked by Ohm meter, and what readings am i looking for?