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Title: Adaptive Headlights
Post by: Sir Tigger QC on 09 September 2019, 23:01:20
So all the talk on my rain sensor thread about adaptive headlights, reminded me about the fault on the Mondeo's  headlights.  ::)

When I turn the lights on, they do 'the dance' and move left and right with the steering OK, but after the second or third corner, I get a bing! and a message Front Headlight Malfunction.  The lights then become fixed until the ignition is turned off and the system obviously resets when the car is started again.

I had a close look inside one through the glass the other day and it looks like a spider has taken up residence in there.  ::)  Could his web be enough to upset the mechanism?  :-\

TIA!  :y

PS Feel free to chat about rain sensors!  :P  :D   ;D
Title: Re: Adaptive Headlights
Post by: Marks DTM Calib on 10 September 2019, 07:45:22
A spider would not be enough to cause an issue, if the setup passes the power on test (the dance) then there is unlikely to be anything jamming the motors.

A quick code read of the system would tell the cause but, could well be the sensors on the front or rear which are showing a fault after some movement
Title: Re: Adaptive Headlights
Post by: Sir Tigger QC on 10 September 2019, 09:33:30
I had a look through the codes with my one size fits all Creader code reader, but couldn't see anything relevant.  :-\  Maybe it need a Ford specific code reader?  ???

A while ago I had a trawl through the Ford forums looking for an answer and found a couple of stories of Dealers scratching their heads over this and charging lots for diagnostics and changing parts without solving the problem.  ::)