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Title: 2.5V6 CDX Auto up for grabs
Post by: Leomas on 10 April 2009, 14:06:17
More details will be added but my miggie is now available to anyone that wants it. It was going fine but a few days back it wouldn't start, turned over fine but not firing. It has been checked locally by a mechanic who followed the diagnostics and replaced the crank sensor with no joy. He also fitted a new cam sensor and could confirm it was now sparking but still not firing. I have no tools/skils here to do any work myself and it is just not worth spending money on so is available to anyone that wants it and can fetch it.
OK, now the downside....I am in Slane, County Meath in Ireland which will cut down my target audience a tad.
Car has been LPG'd (85 Litre cylinder tank) and was running fine and other than some rust bubbles on the rear passenger doors by the window rubbers in in pretty good nick (oh yeah, there is also a lovely dent/scrape on the bonnet ). Even had the phone working with an Irish PAYG SIM card.
Am travelling back to the UK next weekend (18th April) to drive over my horrible diesel Emina bus thingy since I have to have transport and if I haven't been able to post before then I will setup a link to pictures.

Alternatively if OOF want to have a 'rescue Leomas' party then I can provide camping space for about 100 tents in the grounds of Slane Mill and will even setup a BBQ..... ;D ;D
Title: Re: 2.5V6 CDX Auto up for grabs
Post by: J_K on 14 April 2009, 15:48:42
When you say anyone that wants it can have it what exactly are you implying?  :)

I may be interested but I'd need to see if I could get room to keep it and get up to bring it down here (I'm in Wexford)

If not I can give you links to a few site's here in Ireland where you'd have no problem getting somebody for it.

Any ideas what's wrong with it at all no?

Title: Re: 2.5V6 CDX Auto up for grabs
Post by: Leomas on 14 April 2009, 22:01:30
Got no idea at all why it isn't running....may well be something simple but I have absolutely no tools with me and I am being hassled by the other half to reduce my car count (currently three).
It was running fine when I got back to my flat in the evening but in the morning it just span without firing. The local mechanic has had a go with his diagnostics and replaced the crank sensor and cam sensor (which seems logical but then what do I know). He was getting sparks after swapping out the sensors but still not firing even after putting in a little extra petrol just in case. He is trying to keep the costs down for me but it has already reached 200 euros and I don't want to spend any more.
Any OOF'er with some time/tools/expertise could probably get another few years running out of it but I don't have any of those and have to have transport hence I'm popping back home this weekend to bring over the Emina to use to get to work etc.
If someone is able to come along and collect it they can have it, simple as that (once I have my CD's etc out) and they can even keep the PAYG SIM card in the phone.