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Title: Gearbox ECU Update Experiences
Post by: Jimbob on 01 February 2010, 13:03:39
Engine: 3.0 V6
Transmission ECU Type: GS8.20
Original Software: Unknown, likely V5 given age
New software: V9

Car : 1998 3.0 MV6 Estate (wrongly running an AR25 instead of AR35 at the time)

Updated by : Local dealer (Dickens) for £35, other local dealers wanted much more, or refused to do it due to lack of knowledge.

Gearbox was updated after reading about it on here.

Immediate difference was noticeable, the car felt smoother and more powerful, seemed to get to speed a little quicker.
The 50-60 MPH jumping gear in the lanes was much reduced, the box seems to hold gears more appropriately with less changing.

Ljay had a 2.2 Omega at this time, and debated the point in an update,  until she drove the updated map, then wanted it on hers too.
Unfortuantely that one had an unusual ECU which didnt have an update available.

Other Points.
An ATF (Fuchs Titan 4000) and filter change was performed sometime later, which improved smoothness some more.
Gearbox eventually became unreliable, dropping to manual mode frequently, it was swapped and found to be incorrect for the car, the correct AR35 was then fitted, with a new thrust washer and ATF.  The car was smoother than ever at this point.
This was written from memory of events happening 2-3 years ago.
Title: AR25 Autobox software update 2.5td
Post by: Shackeng on 01 February 2010, 13:03:31
Engine: 2.5TD
Transmission ECU Type: GS8.20
Original Software: V5
New software: V9

I had my AR25 autobox software updated to V9 by TheBoy yesterday, on my way up to Kidsgrove from Wiltshire. The box is now less 'excitable' in that when an acceleration input that would have previously caused it to swiftly change down two gears, and then almost immediately back up one gear, such an input now results in changing down one gear only.  Normal auto gear changes also feel smoother. Hope that all makes sense.
Title: Re: Gearbox ECU Update Experiences
Post by: Radar on 01 February 2010, 13:54:43
Engine : 2.2ltr
Done: By The Boy approx. July 2008

Updated to V9 (original unknown)

Gearchanges are now smoother and the box doesn't "clunk" when changing into top gear. Also drops down a gear more readily when going up a hill etc.. All round better driveability.

No downsides
Title: Re: Gearbox ECU Update Experiences
Post by: Andy B on 01 February 2010, 17:06:03
It was that long ago I had mine done - pre OOF - I've forgotten how it was before! Smoother changes I think.  :y
Title: Re: Gearbox ECU Update Experiences
Post by: VXL V6 on 01 February 2010, 19:05:38
Had my first Elite updated by Marks DTM and it really did transform the driveability of the car. It removed the previous 'thump' into 4th and generally improved the smoothness of the gearchanges.

When I got the next Elite it was the first thing I got updated within a few days (along with the Climate Control) of ownership.
Title: Re: Gearbox ECU Update Experiences
Post by: Entwood on 01 February 2010, 22:15:50
Had mine done at The Lakes 2008. First major advantage was on the tow home (1600Kg caravan on the back), using the cruise control at 60mph...  much less "kickdown" on gentle inclines, and when it did "kickdown" it stayed there for a decent time .. beforehand it would cycle 4/3/4/3/4 very annoyingly.

Solo it seemed smoother on changes when driving sedately, and sharper on changes when "pressing on" .. :)

All in all well pleased... I think I went from V5 to V9 but not certain .. :)
Title: Re: Gearbox ECU Update Experiences
Post by: I_want_an_Omega on 02 February 2010, 17:51:08
'98 2.5 V6 CD Estate - 98k miles
Was updated by TB in November

Much much smooooother now and without the big thumpy change into 4th and the occasional scary one on the over-run.  :y

Is now V9, am not sure what it was before, maybe V4?

Interestingly, this was the 2nd attempt to upgrade the software. The first attempt was by Marks DTM, but this failed due to the car's chassis number (as reported by the ECU) coming up on the Tech2 as a manual !

I then swapped the ECU, keys, immobiliser from another 2.5 auto of the same age and all was ok when TB did take 2.
Title: Re: Gearbox ECU Update Experiences
Post by: Martin_1962 on 02 February 2010, 18:21:53
2.6 upgraded to latest software September 2007.

Smoother changes, uses lockup at lower speeds.

Hangs on to lower gears more after going up or down a hill and requires snow mode button double press to restore normal operation.

Title: Re: Gearbox ECU Update Experiences
Post by: Lazydocker on 04 February 2010, 22:57:15
1999 3 Litre Elite...

Updated by Kevin Wood sometime early last year (or was it longer ago than that :-/ :-/)

Anyway... Whole drive is a much more pleasant experience. Changes are far more positive and it doesn't hunt between 3/4 gear when cruising at 50ish as much.

Downside: When towing the van it will kick down more readily than before and hold 3rd (which is great) but is more reluctant to change back to 4th if on the slightest incline... Incidentally, if you turn the cruise off and use your foot on the pedal this is easy to overcome.

In summary: Would I do it again... Yes, ASAP after getting another one :y :y
Title: Re: Gearbox ECU Update Experiences
Post by: Auto Addict on 05 February 2010, 06:17:49
New gearbox ECU fitted under warranty, latest software installed.

Didn't notice any difference on gear changes, apart from it cured the fault.
Title: Re: Gearbox ECU Update Experiences
Post by: tunnie on 05 February 2010, 09:36:19
Engines: 3.0 V6 & 2.2 Petrol

Cars : 00' Facelift 3.0 Elite Estate & 01' 2.2 CD Saloon

Updated by: The Boy

Much, much smoother changes, down shifts were most noticeable on the 2.2, could not feeling it changing gear any more, only way to tell was watching the rev counter.

No more 'surges' or holding of gears around 50-60 mph, box generally seems 'smarter'

Generally a lot smoother overall
Title: Re: Gearbox ECU Update Experiences
Post by: Proz on 05 February 2010, 17:16:58
I had mine done a while back but i can honestly say i dont think i noticed any difference  :-/ .... version before and after unknown .