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General Car Chat / Re: What Do You Drive Now in 2020...?
« on: Yesterday at 12:02:06 »
Way back in the early 70's I had a Ford Consul that on a drive from Thirsk (Yorkshire) home to Wiltshire I stopped at several garages and purchased a gallon of used oil for pence..... I used 10 gallons to get home ... leaving a smoke trial like a world war two smoke laying ship !!

One of the pistons had a hole about an inch diameter in it !!

Got home, filled it with tractor gearbox oil and left it to stand in a layby near a garage I knew ....  drove it in there the next morning, whilst still cold, dipping the clutch just as I arrived to coast to a stop....  and did a "deal" on an Austin 1100 ... guy offered me 50 for the consul .... I said I wanted 100 as it was a "goer" ... he said OK as he saw it drive in, never bothered to start it or drive it .... :(   I drove the 1100 home , packed my bags and left back for Yorkshire within the hour .........


General Discussion Area / Re: Flood defences
« on: 18 February 2020, 19:17:39 »
I see the "media" are now criticising Boris for not "visiting" the flooded areas !!! 

I'm sure the last thing the rescue folks want is to have to stop the genuinely important, and amazing, jobs they are doing simply to make a photoshoot opportunity for the media to ask stupid questions....... or do they expect him to wave his arms and make all the water magically disappear ??

I really hope he stays away and actually tells them where to go.... publicly

I despair at what the so-called "news" editors think is important these days .....   :(

Omega General Help / Re: camcover leak
« on: 13 February 2020, 22:15:44 »
Whereabouts in Birmingham are you John?

I'm off to Serek's (SOS Automotive) tomorrow for a wishbone replacement, 170 mile round trip but worth it to know the jobs done properly - I'm getting far to old and lazy to lay on my back in the pouring rain and do it myself! Another option is Daz up in Stoke-on-Trent if you are the other side of Birmingham. Both highly recomended.

I thought Daz had "moved on" as they say ... no contact with him since last autumn, and I "think" he's in Poland ... although that is NOT confirmed I hasten to add....

General Car Chat / Re: What Do You Drive Now in 2020...?
« on: 13 February 2020, 20:03:58 »
Replaced the Omega 3.2 running on LPG with an Audi Allroad 3.0 Turbo V6 diesel a year ago simply as I could not get breakdown insurance on the Omega for continental touring. If the car had broken down the costs of getting it, and the caravan, home could have been around 3000 ... just not viable .. plus for personal reasons I wished/needed to stop crawling under cars every month !

The Audi is certainly a nice place to be, lots of toys, exceedingly comfortable, pulls like a train, handles well and is extremely stable as a tow car. As someone said when I bought it .. a car designed in the 21st century that was designed to tow ... versus a car designed in the 1980s where towing was not built in.

Costs wise... its only costing me 1p a mile more than running the Omega on LPG was .... I get around 38 mpg solo, 24 mpg towing .... I don't compare it to running the Omega on petrol as I never did that !

Do I regret buying the Audi ??  Not in the slightest, and I've done exactly no work on it at all .. it gets washed/vaccummed/refueled and driven ... I've literally done nothing else.... but it will be due an oil change and service soon ... the question is do I use Audi, an Independant, or try it myself ....  don't know yet ...

Do I miss the Omega ?? Certainly, it had "character" and a fabulous sound.... and very occasionally I miss "spanner twirling" ... then it starts to rain and I no longer miss it !!


General Discussion Area / Re: Free, buyer collects
« on: 12 February 2020, 23:17:24 »
Lizzie ..... quite simple .....   MONEY

The cost of maintaining, surveying, insuring these old gate guards is tremendous ... anyone who has worked on / flown aircraft for a living knows that when unpressurised (ie on the gound) they leak like sieves .. the holes "seal up" as the pressurisation acts on the cabin areas then the air conditioning dries them.... the wing/engine areas (unpressurised) rely on frequent flying to adequately vent and dry the many cavities therein...

When they sit on the ground they fill with water and basically rot from the inside. Many of the "popular" gate guards .. spitfires etc are now actually plastic replicas for that reason.

Large beasts like the vulcan/victor/valiant are simply too expensive to keep or replace with plastic. RAF Lyneham (where I spent over 30 odd years) had a beautiful Comet as a gate guard for many years ... I was one of the volunteers who used to wash it every spring .. it's gone now, simply because bits started to fall off it in high winds due to nothing else than unseen corrosion....   :(

If you think how an Omega rots inside the cills, front chassis legs etc etc then multiply that by a few hundreds ......  the only "safe" relics are those kept inside in dry exhibition halls, anything outside has little chance.

edited for smelling pistakes ...

Omega General Help / Re: Think i'm gonna need a new Auto Gearbox.
« on: 12 February 2020, 17:42:04 »
Whole purpose of the original purchase of an Elite Omega was to tow the caravan... so self levelling was a must .. absolutely no point in taking it off ... and the replacement also has self levelling .......   :)

General Discussion Area / Re: This corona virus
« on: 11 February 2020, 17:54:52 »
Did you know that you can ask for a vaccination against pneumonia over the counter in the chemists here in Spain? . It only costs 80 euros and lasts your lifetime apparently.

Free in the UK once you reach 65 ....  :)

Omega General Help / Re: Think i'm gonna need a new Auto Gearbox.
« on: 11 February 2020, 17:53:19 »
I thought that might be the effect of the different wheels/lower profile tyres ?? ... if it has been lowered thats a lot of work to take out all the self levelling !!!

Omega General Help / Re: Think i'm gonna need a new Auto Gearbox.
« on: 10 February 2020, 22:14:48 »
An AR35 with 65000 ish miles, reconditioned by Daz with a sonax thrust bearing, new filters, new fluid and new gaskets went to Northern Ireland in the back of my old 3.2 along with a shed load of other bits .. all included in the price ...... I still wonder what happened to that car  :-\
Safe in dry storage :)

Thank you .. nice to know ..   :)

Thank you .. still looking pretty a year on ... although, personally ... not too sure of those wheels ...  :)

General Discussion Area / Re: Word Association.
« on: 08 February 2020, 17:43:54 »

General Car Chat / Re: So what have you done to your car today?
« on: 08 February 2020, 13:17:46 »
Had visions of recovering it, but she managed to limp it home.  So checked it, ragged it, agree there is a fault, and sent her out for the day in it.  What could possibly go wrong?

I suspect I will have to go looking for the spare car later, but as per the great Fuse 19, I ain't got a scooby doo where I left it ;D
you should fit a tracker
such an expensive driveable commodity like a Zafira A tractor needs  keeping track of  :y
It uses enough electricity when its "lost" without a tracker :P
buy a decent BIG battery  ::)  money well spent on ANY car  :y
Ignoring the fact that its current batt is probably about as physically big as it can take, the issue is being left for long periods.  We know that partial discharge permanently damages the battery, so I try not to let it discharge too much and use or charge it every few weeks :) When I know where it is ......

FTFY   :)

General Car Chat / Re: Any opinions of the Vauxhall Insignia?
« on: 05 February 2020, 18:30:01 »
If it's a trade sale and it's cheap .. there's a reason ......  extreme care needed IMHO ... :(

General Discussion Area / Re: Wills storage/register
« on: 04 February 2020, 23:52:54 »
Even if Probate was not applied for, there is a chance that "Letters of Administration" had to be issued .. also done by the Probate Office .. these are issued when there is no will registered, but a financial organisation wants proof that they can issue monies held ....

As an example of this .. when my Dad died (over 45 years ago) it was not a surprise .. he/we knew it was happening.. he went through everything and transferred it to Mums name, bank accounts, house rental, rates (in those days), gas accounts, leccy accounts, sold the car (he couldn't drive at the end anyway) etc etc etc .. right down to pre-allocating widows pension rights .... he was VERY particular and thorough ... but deliberately left no will as he had "done" everything and there was nowt else to do .......

After he passed I set forth doing all the bits as required and following his instructions, and everything went exactly as he had said ..... until ....  his work conatcted me ... he was due "superannuation payments" he knew nothing (or had forgotton) about ... the only way of getting that money to Mum legally was to get "Letters of Administration" in lieu of Probate....  took about 6 weeks in all.... once I learned what they were and how to get them !!

I wasn't sure if copies of those letters are kept like copies of probate are .. so "google being my friend" I did some searching .....  and found this information which may be of help to you .. something I was not aware of ... there is also a bit about Scotland that may be relevant...

"The Principal Probate Registry was established on 12 January 1858 and keeps a copy of every will proved in England or Wales after 1858, as well as copies of letters of administration.

An application for administration could be made when a person died without leaving a will."

Don't know if that is of any use .. but good luck !!

General Discussion Area / Re: Wills storage/register
« on: 04 February 2020, 21:12:19 »
A copy of his will should have been sent to the Probate Office when he died and his estate was wound up, even if it was a simple will...  Wills become part of the public domain and should be "searchable" on-line

I would contact the Probate Office if this method doesn't work as they are the experts .. not me !!

All I know is the 5 wills I have dealt with have all been sent in and registered in order to obtain "Letters of Probate" to execute the estates

General Discussion Area / Re: Word Association.
« on: 04 February 2020, 17:27:49 »

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