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Omega Electrical and Audio Help / Re: Switch or wiring?
« on: 16 May 2018, 22:45:31 »
If my memory is any good, the switch actually provides the "earth" (or negative line), it is not a switched power line. Given the intermittent nature of the problem it might be worth cleaning up the area around the switch where the contact meets the bodywork, just to ensure a decent contact patch.


General Car Chat / Re: Unusual one with the Zaf this morning
« on: 15 May 2018, 15:19:00 »
res filled, pumped brake and clutch pedal a lot, engine on and off, pedal still sinks straight down?

Sounds like a pipe or seal has given way and all you are doing is pumping fluid, not building up any pressure .... :(

At least he was outside doing "something" and not sat indoors on a computer/telephone .... we all sometimes think we can do things that we actually can't .. it's called "learning" ...

General Discussion Area / Re: Picture hosting sites
« on: 11 May 2018, 19:49:44 »
So do you re-size the photos prior to uploading them or prior to posting them?I must admit when I posted pictures of my Omega[well it was my granddaughter who did the honours as it's all beyond me]the pictures turned out tiny on here.

Site does not auto-size what you put up gets shown, and is often very large. I resize all mine to 600 x 400 (pixels) using photoshop before sticking on the hosting site .. in my case I use dropbox. An example is ...

General Discussion Area / Re: Word Association.
« on: 02 May 2018, 22:31:41 »

Omega Electrical and Audio Help / Re: Bad earth?
« on: 01 May 2018, 22:01:04 »
Don't recall seeing any plugs at side of battery,at which side are they?Are they big or small?What colour are they?

Picture no 3 in this thread on ABS ECU ... shows the plugs well ...


Omega General Help / Re: Towbar and electrics?
« on: 30 April 2018, 14:03:50 »
I am certain I have seen a plug connector branching off the wiring loom hidden away in the rear panel which is a simple 'plug and play' for the towbar wiring. Whether it is for the original Vauxhall towbar electrics kit or whether the aftermarket do a suitable kit, I'm not certain, but worth checking. Would make the wiring a lot simpler if your car has the plug and you can get the correct tow bar loom to connect to it.

Plug exists but socket is virtually un-gettable. Cut off the plug and connect wires to 12N socket wires, as appropriate, by soldering/shrink wrapping. IIRC the only additional thing needed is a different flasher relay .. and all that does is make the repeater on the dash work !!

You can buy an expensive "trailer pack" set up from Vx which gives additional bulb failure warnings. I have that as I tow a "tin tent" a lot, and for quite high miles, for just an occasional use trailer I wouldn't have bothered.

General Discussion Area / Re: Windrush
« on: 29 April 2018, 22:55:37 »
I'm really surprised that no-one here has picked up on a fairly simple question ....  why now ? and why all the leaks from the Guardian ??

It wouldn't be that there will shortly be a load of local elections, many in areas with high black communities, and the left wing luvvies want the Corbynistas to do well .... would it ?? :) :)

nah never ...... the completely unbiased BBC would never allow such news manipulation would it .....   ??   :) :)

 The joy and the size of the headline on the BBC wouldn't be anything to do with it ... would it ??  :)

General Discussion Area / That takes some cojones ...
« on: 29 April 2018, 16:27:15 »
I just know I wouldn't even think of it .....

That takes some cojones !!

Omega General Help / Re: Towbar and electrics?
« on: 29 April 2018, 16:21:11 »
Towbar must be "type approved" to be legal .. so you need one designed for the Omega, not difficult to fit yourself, just "awkward" without a ramp as you need to get a fair way under the car.

If just using a trailer you only need the road lights option used to be called 12N .. very simple to do as all the wiring already exists in the boot, all you need is a couple of relays to get it all working.

Other option is to get some quotes from the fitting companies ... they can do the whole job in a couple of hours.

Trailers now have to be "plated" IIRC, with the max weight ... mine is so old and so home made it has no plate .. but is extremely solid ..  :)

General Discussion Area / Re: Bought a new hifi today....
« on: 23 April 2018, 19:47:13 »
Talking of transcribing from vinyl to digital media (e.g. DVD), does anyone know of any simple but effective transcription software, please?


I use "Goldwave" ... not usually free but offers can be found ...., very easy to use but also a very powerful audio manipulation programme...

Given that a load of the media hype is still, as always, completely over the top, can we remember a few salient points....  as a fully qualified and trained pilot-in-command (PIC) (fancy name for captain of the aircraft, co-pilot is referred to as pilot-non-flying, (PNF)), she/they would have completed many hours of simulator training and testing that would certainly have covered these points ...

1. Single engine failure procedures and landings

2. Emergency decompression and emergency descents

3. Structural damage procedures and operations

4. Seriously ill/injured passenger procedures

Given the published recordings of her conversations with Air Traffic, it would appear that all that training "kicked in" and she coped with a very unpleasant situation in the manner for which she has been trained.

She is NOT (IMHO) a "hero" .. just a damned good pilot who did what hours of training had equipped her for, in a calm and methodical fashion. Given her history as a Combat Fast Jet pilot, I'm not in the least surprised.  :y :y

The girl done good, but she did what was expected of her, that is why she sits there as PIC ..... :)

General Discussion Area / Re: 86 k fine for drink driving !
« on: 16 April 2018, 21:48:38 »
I wonder if they take his Tax in to account , got to be a wedge on that sort of money  ?

The financial assesement is quite through .. but tax is not a part of it ... all based on "weekly income"

General Car Chat / Vauxhall dealerships ...
« on: 16 April 2018, 21:37:17 »

Will we notice the difference ??

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