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Omega General Help / Re: Battery replacement
« on: 20 January 2019, 21:03:16 »
Many thanks .... ordered the LION one .. 3 year warranty and only 48 ! Whats not to like ..  :)

Omega General Help / Battery replacement
« on: 20 January 2019, 19:28:11 »
The six year old vauxhall battery in the beast (3.2 saloon) is telling me it's had enough ...  if I start the car every day it just about copes ... if I leave it 72 hours then a boost pack is needed :( ... even when "flat" - 12.1 volts offload - it thinks it is fully recharged - 12.7 volts offload - in less than 3 hours on a 4 amp charger ... which is mathematically impossible.

It was 76.00 (+ VAT) ... but reduced to 49.99 (VAT) on trade club ....  so not done too badly ..  :)

So, where is the best place, at the moment, to purchase a battery for a 2001 3.2 saloon, and why, oh why, does every battery manufacturer now use a different product code !! you can't even search google easily  as there appears to be no single reference number .. :(

Just got the car and the bonnet was already open when I looked at it last week. Picked it up and drove it home yesterday (thank heaven the battery was OK and I didn't need to jump it) but now I can't open the bonnet. I pull the lever and it feels tight so the cable can't be broken. I put a rod under the lever to hold it out, and tried to work the bonnet up and down with no luck. What next? Pull the lever even harder? It seems all the way out. Can I access the latch from under the car? Can I remove the grill with the bonnet closed to access it?

If the bonnet sticks get someone reasonably heavy to sit/push down hard on the front leading edge, then  pull the release lever and hold it out, then get the person to release the bonnet. Always works (well always has for me !!  )   :)

EDit .. crossed your second post .. glad its sorted now .. :)

General Discussion Area / Re: Silly old duffer
« on: 18 January 2019, 13:47:01 »
If you are going to "ban" a group of drivers who cause most accidents ... which group should it be .....  ?

In November 2018, there were 5.3 million over-70s with full driving licences in Britain, according to the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency.

There were 11,245 people involved in road traffic accidents where the driver was in that age group - a rate of two per 1,000 licence holders.

For Britain's 2.8 million drivers aged 17 to 24, the rate was more than four times as high, at nine per 1,000.

The DVLA did not provide figures on whether this simply reflected that the older age group were on the road less than the younger age group. However, a separate study from the National Travel Survey suggests that over-70 drive an average of 1,000 miles a year more than under-20s.

probably not the elderly ???  :)  :)

General Discussion Area / Re: Silly old duffer
« on: 17 January 2019, 20:02:04 »
What the hell is Phil the Greek, aka Duke of Edinburgh, doing driving at 97. Seems he pulled out in front of a car in his tank of a Range Rover and it got pushed onto it,s side. Must have been some hit to do that. Sorry, can,t do linkys.

Glad to know you were there, have all the information, and are able to declare him guilty without any investigation.

Never let the truth get in the way of a good rant ??

"And there will now be an investigation into the circumstances of the accident."

[BTW I have no idea what happened .. but to knock a RR onto its side the car striking it must be doing a fair amount of speed to have sufficient energy to achieve it !!  Just my opinion of course  :)]

(Edited for smelling pistakes)

General Discussion Area / Re: Big vote tomorrow.
« on: 17 January 2019, 19:59:43 »
It's all down to the farcical "reporting" by the media ... who are so keen on "making" the  news they no longer "report" it.... 

Why, oh WHY, does a so-called political "expert" not actualy tell the simple truth .... would only take 4 statements and a few "proper" questions

1) EU demand to know what UK want in order to get the deal passed, this is actually a smokescreen ... they know already

2) For clarity... UK to EU .. the UK want all reference to the "backstop" removed, the UK will not cede control of it's borders to you

3) EU to UK ... UK piss off .. we have promised Ireland they can have a veto, so they have the backstop, we will not renegotiate

4) UK to EU ... ok we leave with no deal so Ireland don't get the backstop anyway and you get a load more trouble that you say you don't want.

Dear Mr Corbyn .. How will you negotiate new terms with the EU when they refuse to reopen negotiations ?

Dear Tory Rebels .. same question as put to Mr Corbyn

General Discussion Area / Re: No Hot Water!
« on: 09 January 2019, 17:38:55 »
Having recently changed the head on my 3-way valve it is a fairly simple thing to check ..(mine is a Myson) ..

With the head removed the backplate shows where to position the D shaped spindle for either DHW (Domestic Hot Water) - D Vertical in my case, CH (Central Heating) - D horizontal - or both - D at 45 degrees .. so the total maximum movement of the valve spindle is 90 degrees.

Still with the head removed, but with the system powered, playing with the heating controls and the tank thermostat you should be able to get the motor to drive between the required positions  (the Myson has 2 neon lights which helps).

In my case the head was not moving the D shaped socket despite the motor whirring and the neon lights changing ... so my guess was the drive had either sheared or the gears had stripped. A new head unit solved the problem easily, and heating / hot water works as they should.

Nice thing about the manual selection indications was we could still have a manually selectable system, using no more than a pair of pliers, to give us what we needed whilst awaiting the new head units arrival and me fitting it ...... :)


General Discussion Area / Re: What goes around comes around!
« on: 08 January 2019, 20:41:37 »
Coward's way out.

Interesting point .... admittedly one I agree with ... however many folks say it takes incredible guts to deliberately kill yourself, especially by driving a car at speed towards a stationery object that you are looking at ...... the chances of not dying and being seriously injured being only one of the possible outcomes.. :(

General Discussion Area / Re: What goes around comes around!
« on: 08 January 2019, 17:22:35 »
Michael "Kit" Carson due to face child sexual abuse charges killed in car crash , oh dear.

Given there was no-one else in the car, and there is no reason known for the car to leave the road at speed and hit a lone tree....

I wonder if it really was an "accident" ......

 :-X :-X

General Discussion Area / Almost beyond belief ...
« on: 08 January 2019, 17:19:39 »
.....  But I guess there is no accounting for total stupidity ... near the top of TB's cull list ?? 



General Car Chat / Re: Dead Beemer!
« on: 03 January 2019, 17:37:21 »
Well prize of the day goes to Mr Kevin Wood and Uncle STEMO for questioning whether it's a gearbox fault.  :y

I had a look under whilst it was in gear, both forward and reverse, and the prop is spinning both ways.

But what does that mean?  ???  It's lost a connection at the diff?  :-\

Probably best to jack up the rear so that the wheels are hanging in the air. You may be able to see/influence movement on the halfshaft drive flange while it's hanging at its extreme to see if it has 'popped out'. I have heard of bmw halfshafts popping out on e38's so it may well have been an issue on e39's as well.

When I did this to check the Omega diff I found it best to also jack the rear wheels up a bit by a bottle jack under each shock absorber so that the drive shafts were in a more"normal" alignement. It was then very easy to confirm that it was the diff that was noisy and not overstressed UJs on the half shafts  :)

Omega General Help / Re: Immboilizer
« on: 27 December 2018, 19:19:31 »
I do love the blind optimism that Charlie boy has a Car Pass ;D

'Tis the season of goodwill to all .....  ;D ;D

Might be able to arrange borrowing a company vehicle and leave the battery on charge here overnight. would still have to drive it home in the dark tomorrow night though. I should have two charged up batteries by then, so much better chance of success.
Might give the guvnor a call and see if I can do that.

Now that is a bloody good idea !!!  :y :y :y

Ok, got two hours to put some charge in my spare but flat battery. Will do that and hope for the best.

Average car battery is 60 - 80 amp/hours, yours is 70% depleted at 11.7 volts .. so contains about 20 - 25 amp/hours

Average car charger will charge at 10 amps .. so 2 hours = 20 amp/hours

in two hours your battery will be at 40-45 amp hours capacity ... about 60% charged ...

methinks it will not last very long, and you will probably damage the battery as well ....   :(

If the battery is at 11.0 volts its flat already !! I doubt it would start the car let alone drive it 30 minutes !!

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