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Omega Electrical and Audio Help / Ncdc2013 screen
« on: 26 November 2018, 10:58:16 »
02 2.6 Elite. I think that it is NCDC2013!
Display is dying, lots of flashing, stripes etc. Have had it out and when I press the bottom left of the screen it is ok, loose connection? I cannot get it apart without unsoldering three spring earth clips? Is trying to source a replacement screen the best way forward?
These units are a pain! CD player stopped reading discs, now the disc cartridge will not eject, sat nav has packed in so no way to play a CD, I have put in a 3mm jack to connect an iPod. Now the display!!

Omega General Help / Dash display
« on: 16 May 2018, 07:28:53 »
The computer display on my 2.6 Elite has gone nuts! Randomly will start flashing, lots of colourful strips appear, sometimes it just goes grey. If I give the dash a thump it will sometimes return to normal - loose connection?
Strangely enough the display in my 55 plate Sorento does the same!

Any ideas / suggestions?

Omega General Help / Noise from rear. Diff? CV joints?
« on: 06 April 2017, 22:26:49 »
02 2.6 Elite with 83k on the clock.
Set off on a dry, flat road and heard a thump from rear near side wheel, thought that the wheel had maybe slipped on some leaves under the tyre. When I now take my foot off the gas there is a constant noise from the rear (I think). Sounds like a quiet pneumatic drill! Obviously related to road speed as it slows down as the car slows. Apply a small amount of throttle and the noise stops so I suspect drive train. Noise still there when I put it in neutral and blip the throttle.
Have had a quick look underneath, nothing obvious, the near side abs ring looks a little oily but no drips from an obvious oil leak.
Will investigate further tomorrow but if anyone has any bright ideas I would be grateful.

Omega General Help / Re: Dead battery
« on: 08 December 2016, 07:02:12 »
No and no, I don't recall hearing any. Have read up about the dreaded powersounder and will look into it. Thanks for the help. :)

Omega General Help / Dead battery
« on: 06 December 2016, 19:10:59 »
Used the car on Thursday and apart from a misfire on pot 5 it was fine. Have not used it as I was going to sort misfire before using it again. The only other issue I have had is that the wire for the reversing lamps snapped where it is connected to the boot hinge.
This morning it was as dead as a dodo, wouldn't even open. Got it open tonight and yes, the battery was totally flat! Why? Nothing was left on and the battery is less than a year old, alternator is also new 3/4 years ago.🤔

Omega General Help / Replace NCDC 2013?
« on: 09 September 2016, 08:25:51 »
So the NCDC 2013 on my 02 Elite appears to have given up. The sat nav packed in a while ago, probably the laser, now the 4 disc cartridge won't eject or play a cd.
I realise that getting a working replacement will be very unlikely so what are my options?
I don't want to change the look of the car by ripping out the unit and putting in a modern replacement but I do want to be able to play cd's. I can live without the sat nav.
Any suggestions? 🤔

Omega General Help / Re: Water leak
« on: 25 November 2015, 22:08:37 »
Recently cured a long term, and very annoying, water leak on my 2.6 It wasn't the HBV or the transfer pipe O-ring although I did replace these to rule them out. It did turn out to be the oil cooler cover plate sealant. Finally found it by stripping it down, thoroughly cleaning the suspect area and pressuring the system when cold, looked in the dark with a powerful torch and you could just see it slowly weeping. Before this I thought it was the power steering pump as the coolant ended up just under the AC compressor and evaporated leaving a slimy pink fluid just like ATF!
Decided to replace the oil cooler even though it looked in good condition (due to good maintenance i.e. keeping the coolant topped up and regularly replaced). Not too bad a job although getting to the bottom of the oil cooler pipes with a 19mm crows foot spanner was a pig! I also had to buy a full set just to get the 19mm I needed!
Happy days.  ;)

Omega General Help / Re: Coolant leak
« on: 15 October 2015, 00:18:37 »
Now fixed! New oil cooler, grey sealant (which was the original problem), bridge washers etc... Cost a bit but I am happy to be back driving her and it is great not to see a little puddle every time I move the car!
Thanks for all of the help and advice.  :) :) :)

Omega General Help / Re: Coolant leak
« on: 11 September 2015, 10:40:22 »
VX dealers wants 193.20 for the cooler radiator and plate!!! This doesn't include the sealant or any of the other smaller parts.  :o

Omega General Help / Re: Coolant leak
« on: 10 September 2015, 23:00:56 »

Having stripped the top end down so that I can see the top of the oil cooler and the thermostat I put some pressure into the coolant system using a tool kindly loaned by the garage I use for MOTs etc. There looked to be moisture appearing between the edge of the oil cooler and the head gasket. After cleaning and drying the area several time and watching very closely it seems that the near side edge of the oil cooler is leaking under pressure.

So my next job is going to be to remove and reseal the cover. I suppose it would be foolish not to replace the cooler at the same time even though it is not leaking?  :-\

The fact that my pride and joy is off the road again and in need of attention is not doing anything to convince SWMBO that it is a quality motor, especially when her S80 never misses a beat!  >:(

Omega General Help / Coolant leak
« on: 31 August 2015, 11:36:23 »
The leak appears from the near side of the car and drips off the underneath near where the crank shaft sensor is located. It is not a significant leak but is getting worse and is doing my head in!

I have replaced the HBV with a new genuine VX one, I have replaces the washers on the coolant bridge, again with VX, I have also replaced the o ring on the coolant transfer pipe - such a lovely job to do!

When Darth replaced the cambelt recently he noticed a bit of steam coming from the thermostat area.

So the plan now is to strip off the plenum, injector rail etc so that I can see the top of the oil cooler and other bits in the V, I am going to put pressure into the system (my local garage has offered to loan me a tool to do this) and hopefully I will be able see where the leak is.

The purpose of the post... If anyone has any advice I will happily listen.


Omega General Help / Leaking PAS pump?
« on: 15 June 2015, 22:55:23 »
The symptoms are a patch of light oil, pink in colour, on the drive when the car has been sat. Looking underneath it is coming through the passenger side hole in the plastic under tray, just below the AC compressor. Inside the engine bay I can see a small pool of the same pink fluid collecting in the gap between the sump and the AC compressor. As this is directly below the PAS pump and it appears to be ATF I have assumed that either the pump or the pipework are leaking. After trying to tighten the jubilee clips of the hose which goes from the reservoir to the pump, this didn't sort the leak, I have removed the pump and replaced the hose. The area was give a good clean and the new hose securely fitted to the pump before the pump was refitted. Everything put back, tightened up and checked, looks good and appears to be working fine. I go back out to the car a couple of hours later and I have yet another puddle of ATF!
Any idea where I should be looking next?  >:(

Correct. As far as I can remember it didn't need much bending, just a lot of time, patience and scraping of knuckles. :y

No need to remove the ABS unit or the manifold, it is a fiddle but can be done.

Had the same problem on mine. As far as I remember I cut it to get it out but it is impossible to get the replacement into the same place. I ran it beside the ABS unit and protected it with pieces of rubber sleeve in the places where it might rub against the bulkhead etc.

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