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General Car Chat / Re: Quite a rarity now
« on: 12 August 2019, 16:20:36 »
I had a May 1982 HL as a company car from new and it was a good car - replaced by a Rover 2300s in Aug 1983 after 20000 miles or so. Bags of room for family and dog.

Diesel but it seems to be precautionary unless the emissions lights is on or other tell tale signs. Phaeton and Insignia were also recalled early doors.

Well I went to Wakefield twice and lived to tell the tale. It seems a nice place. Last went there in the 60s as a bellringer at the Cathedral.

 Acquired the Volvo which will take some getting used to with all the technology and it drives itself after a fashion with lane control and adaptive cruise control. Just fitted sim card and enabled all gadgets. Quieter than Phaeton probably age of Phaeton has a bearing on this. So far so good.

I once got a single bed into my Vauxhall Carlton B reg 2. 2

Decided to go for V90 then  :y

Was this same one you mentioned before?

No that was an S90 at Guildford but was not really what I wanted. As I mentioned night have more road travel in France although we have now positioned a passat estate there - from a friend 2008 estate with 40000 miles. If i drive down then not fancying trying to get Phaeton fixed in middle of nowhere

I have gone for the environmentally friendly D5 diesel Powerpulse AWD Auto!!! Lots of bits on it. Sorry to see Phaeton go but can see more bills on horizon and price offered by Volvo for it was good. Just about to set off for the north but not scheduled to pick car up till Saturday but might bring it forward. 

V90...very nice. Wish I was rich. :(

You are rich in many ways

General Car Chat / Barnsley Road Wakefield - security issues?
« on: 17 July 2019, 19:09:10 »
I have decided to trade in Phaeton for a Volvo v90. Only issue is collecting it from Wakefield this weekend and whether it is safe to venture into this area?

Any precautions needed - whippet attacks etc?

I've got a Flymo battery operated, but the cord keeps jamming every couple of feet.

Looking to replace it, petrol powered are too heavy for me to handle.

I have the WORX 20volt Lithium - great little unit - depends on size of job of course but very happy with it

General Car Chat / Re: Traffic Message Channel/SAT NAV etc
« on: 10 July 2019, 12:16:26 »
But you never venture out of your estate!!

General Car Chat / Traffic Message Channel/SAT NAV etc
« on: 10 July 2019, 08:24:59 »
I have tried to research how the Dynamic Route Guidance stuff works but struggling to find who is responsible if you want to raise an issue.

Basic problem is uncleared traffic messages which create unnecessary route alterations. Example - travelling from Sandhurst To Manchester last week I start to get route switch messages from the Phaeton wanting me to leave M42 at Shirley!!! as M6 and M6 toll have 4 mile queues. This is probably a left over from overnight work or something. Anyhow I ignored it and all fine as there were no other motorway signs showing a problem.

Any pointers would be helpful - an organisation called INRIS maybe responsible but they seem to support car manufacturers and corporate customers. Just need to understand why these messages are not cleared - is it a car problem or a TMC problem?

General Car Chat / Re: dot 4 brake fluid
« on: 04 July 2019, 21:13:37 »
Blind ole git. ;D

less of the "blind" please!!

General Car Chat / Re: dot 4 brake fluid
« on: 04 July 2019, 21:12:58 »
It's possible that those pipes aren't visible normally, but it's only once every thing is stripped away to access the rack that they become apparent  ;)

I asked him whether it was worth having the underneath treated by one of those specialist companies - he did not think wire brushing would be a good idea at some of the unions. not sure whether to at least get some protection on the dodgy areas using a specialist company.

General Car Chat / Re: dot 4 brake fluid
« on: 04 July 2019, 19:06:11 »
sorry - it is my eyesight - just went out and removed cap rather than just look from outside and it is on max when you prod the reservoir. looks to be on minimum at first sight.

General Car Chat / Re: dot 4 brake fluid
« on: 04 July 2019, 19:00:08 »
Why does it need topping up would be a fairer question...

No point putting half a litre in only to find you need to remove it again in a months time when the pads wear out completely  ::)

it seems to be under the level just a tad - the guy who fixed the steering rack said there was corrosion on the brake pipes but no obvious leaks. VW have never mentioned corrosion over the years and whatever is there now must have been there at last MOT a few months ago I would have thought.

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