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General Car Chat / Re: MOT pass for the Tata.
« on: Today at 22:02:28 »
Wife's astra went into Vx for a service yesterday, £249.

Couldn't you have done it for her with 20% family discount ?  ;D

General Discussion Area / Re: Isis
« on: Today at 22:00:24 »
If she carries on like that she will be Labour leader before she is 25.  ;D

General Discussion Area / Re: Poor Labour
« on: Today at 21:59:01 »
No reason really, apart from the fact that they say they have done what they did as a matter of honour and principle - which I suppose makes them even worse than your average waste of skin found on the green benches.  ;D

General Discussion Area / Re: Isis
« on: Today at 14:31:17 »
Apparently Sajid Javid has already started to back pedal, saying it was never his intention to leave someone stateless.
He is like a short bald Theresa May.  Incompetence personified.  ::)

General Car Chat / Re: I think my life’s just got busier...
« on: Yesterday at 21:34:28 »
Oh, is it a 24 valve ?  8)……………..if it isn't as rotten as a pear, then you've just got yourself a cracking car young bear.  :y

General Discussion Area / Re: Isis
« on: Yesterday at 21:32:13 »
If she does come back, it will be in a rubber dinghy  on a private jet.;D

Ftfy.  ;)

General Discussion Area / Re: Isis
« on: Yesterday at 19:58:24 »
Bangladesh has said she isn't one of their citizens and she wont be allowed to enter their country. I guess she will be coming back to Londinium then.  ::)

Wont matter to Sajid though, he will still say he tried his best etc..... ::)

General Discussion Area / Re: Poor Labour
« on: Yesterday at 15:20:47 »
What she referred to as Blukip (official name is Bluewave) is mostly people who were previously Tory supporters / members/ voters who defected to UKIP. Now that UKIP has imploded, they have gone back to the Tory party to influence things in order to protect the referendum result and try to prevent it from being overturned or ignored.
I joined the Tory party 6 months ago in order to have a vote in getting rid of May, but that turned out to be a waste of time.
Many others have joined in Constituencies where MP,s such as Soubry are persuing their own agenda in defiance of their own Constituencie voters and the overall result of the referendum.
Several of them were facing deselection and votes of no confidence so, have jumped ship to save their own skins, and persue their agenda which is the opposite of the manifesto they stood for election on.
They cannot possibly justify this without standing down and calling a by election, but they are filled with self interest, so wont do the right thing.

General Car Chat / Re: new (to me) car time soon
« on: Yesterday at 13:13:19 »
Wind ? Solar ?  :-\ ;D

General Car Chat / Re: new (to me) car time soon
« on: Yesterday at 12:31:59 »
Looks like Im in a minority of one then.  ;D
To be fair, I cant think of any modern car that I like the look of.  ::)

General Discussion Area / Re: Poor Labour
« on: Yesterday at 12:30:15 »
If they had a shred of honour (extremely doubtful) they would resign their seats and stand for re election. *
Apparently swivel eyed Soubry,s constituency are desperately trying to find a way to get rid of her, which is probably why she has taken this route.

* A peoples vote. A second chance for people to have their say, now that they are more informed, and now know that they weren't in full possession of the facts when they voted for them last time.  :)

General Car Chat / Re: new (to me) car time soon
« on: 19 February 2019, 19:04:21 »
No offence Andy, but that is proper fugly.

General Discussion Area / Re: Isis
« on: 19 February 2019, 18:59:08 »
She will almost certainly win her appeal, but Sajid will be able to claim that he tried, thus earn some macho points and cast himself in a good light to the Tory faithful when Theresa the appeaser stands down in the near future.
He is a shameless little shit.

General Discussion Area / Re: Poor Labour
« on: 19 February 2019, 15:28:40 »
Agreed.  :y...……..and I speak as someone has been on benefits for a time just over ten years ago.

General Discussion Area / Re: Poor Labour
« on: 19 February 2019, 00:25:10 »
Completely agree. This has highlighted what a bunch of self serving, dishionest, loathsome turds most of them are.
The "crisis" has been created by the fact that most of them represent leave constituencies, but they want the result to be ignored / overturned, while still claiming to be respecting and implementing it.
I would have shred of respect for them if they stood up and stated their true intentions.

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