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General Discussion Area / Re: Racism
« on: Today at 01:42:53 »
Just makes me think.. what the hell are these people celebrating? They are not normal we the majority are, but we donít hold celebrations because we are. Just cluck off and leave us alone or keep it to their clucking  selves. FFS.

General Discussion Area / Re: Election interference
« on: Yesterday at 16:20:48 »
My bet is heíll never stop hating Marxist Corbyn though :y

General Discussion Area / Re: Health updates.
« on: Yesterday at 09:37:03 »
Good luck Ron, and  one of my grandchildren has had type 1 since he was about four, but heís 11 now and heís got used to the needles etc and living a normal life. But as said it demands good monitoring and management.

General Discussion Area / Re: Prorogation Of Parliament.....
« on: 14 September 2019, 22:13:15 »
I would put extra funding into the railways. Then scrap all passenger carrying trains and replace them with freight trains. Then increase VED for trucks massively, freeing up the roads for cars and bikes to have fun on once again.
No-one allowed on motorways unless they pass a test to prove they can safely handle a vehicle at well over 100mph. Then abolish the 70mph limit.
People aren't allowed to vote unless they have paid at least basic rate tax for five consecutive years prior to the vote taking place.
They would also have to pass an exam to demonstrate a reasonably high level of understanding of political issues.
Crime of treason to be restored, retrospective to 1997.
Death penalty restored for very serious crimes, including treason.
BBC to become pay per view.
Media outlet will be banned if they are found to be biased or lack objectivity.
Defence spending to be massively increased. Planned invasion of continental Europe to be kept secret until the increases have filtered through.
Non British residents employed in menial jobs to lose rights of residence.
UK citizens who live off the state to be given vouchers for food, clothing, rent, electricity etc. but no cash. Cash can be earned via the recently vacated menial jobs. The exception being obviously seriously disabled people and war veterans.
Public sector spending to be slashed in most areas. Public sector jobs to be cut savagely. The state to be shrunk to levels of a century ago. The exception being pensions for service personnel.
Taxes cut across the board, as the state no longer needs to confiscate half of everyones earnings.
Is it wrong that Im feeling quite excited now ?

                   HOLY SHIT, sounds like the word of God to me. I will back you to the hilt my friend  :y :y

General Discussion Area / Re: Racism
« on: 13 September 2019, 22:11:29 »
Ze master race
The mum used to be a man ,dad used to be a woman and the child was adopted and "whited up" for the add  :-\
it's a good job the BBC don't do adverts ,they would try and get every "type" in the add

just waiting for the gay (happy  ::)) milky-bar kid dark chocolate edition  :-X

The Black and White minstrel show was big when I was a kid. I wonder if it will come back? :)
.    Fk me! What a hope, thereís mandatory all sort of freaks turning up on everything on mainstream TV these days, the propaganda is forced down our virgin throats.

General Discussion Area / Re: Bloody houses .. and builders!
« on: 12 September 2019, 00:39:07 »
Yes indeed, a 10mm serrated trowel is what is supposed to be used :y

General Discussion Area / Re: Bloody houses .. and builders!
« on: 11 September 2019, 23:38:49 »
Mm, Iíd have showed him the toe of my boot in his arse ;D old school I know  :y :y

General Discussion Area / Re: Bloody houses .. and builders!
« on: 11 September 2019, 23:10:13 »
5k for that ceiling! Jesus please give me a shout if you need any more done, thatís ludicrous! More than four times too much. I started carrying the hod for my old man to learn the trade in 1972,  been plastering ever since thatís the worse Iíve ever heard  that price is criminal!!

Omega Electrical and Audio Help / Re: CCR2006
« on: 11 September 2019, 10:07:09 »
Thanks for that :y

Omega Electrical and Audio Help / Re: CCR2006
« on: 11 September 2019, 00:37:56 »
To be honest I donít know can I just take the old one out and slot it in?

Omega Electrical and Audio Help / Re: CCR2006
« on: 10 September 2019, 22:18:29 »
That will fit straight in :y

General Discussion Area / Re: Bercow is going.
« on: 10 September 2019, 21:12:56 »
  ;D ;D ;D ;D fair shout :y

Omega Electrical and Audio Help / CCR2006
« on: 10 September 2019, 20:20:41 »
I need one of these again, or something as good or better :y

General Discussion Area / Re: Bercow is going.
« on: 10 September 2019, 20:14:50 »
He took you three times Lizz? Oh dear ;D. (Donít mean to offend of course  :y)

General Discussion Area / Re: Bercow is going.
« on: 10 September 2019, 10:31:22 »
Shame on him the way he acted today, I wish he was gone already bias bas7ard.

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