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Please play nicely.  No one wants to listen/read a keyboard warriors rants....

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General Discussion Area / Re: Word Association.
« on: Yesterday at 16:04:17 »

What about a Corsa?
Same engine family as the Astra... And we all know how that's working out.
Yep 100% agree
but the corsa will probably have suffered even worse bad maintenance than an astra.
@ 120k semi synthetic or even mineral 10w40 would have been my choice.
little vauxhall engines don't like synthetic oil from my experience .

as for the garage flushing it , that is what you have done by putting in 5w30
yes you cleaned the sump ,BUT all the rest of the engine gunge from head,oilways and sides of the castings of the block etc is now dissolved, probably partly blocking the filter and pick up.
as with the last engine, I advise you drain it,new filter,new 10w40 semi or even thicker 15w40   mineral oil.
any car you buy needs oil suitable for the wear on the engine , I tend to buy lower mile cars and do cambelt and service etc .
important that a car has a credible documented service history unless yu know the seller. and it looks like the astras you have purchased have questionable history and high miles .
try the oil change and filter and make sure it is cooling correctly would be my advice . AGAIN  :D

General Discussion Area / Re: Word Association.
« on: 16 January 2019, 21:36:52 »

General Car Chat / Re: Another thanks to Serek and SOS Automotive
« on: 16 January 2019, 21:36:08 »
Yeah definitely. As long as you donít bang on about how ya gonna win the league this year 😂😂😂😂
Hope you have plenty of insurance  ::)
a Scouse scally ,working   with a job
around cars with alloy wheels and tool boxes full of loot

what could possibly go wrong   ;D

General Discussion Area / Re: Economy Energy
« on: 16 January 2019, 21:27:19 »
Like the old saying
"buy cheap, buy twice "
cheap electricity will leave you drinking luke warm tea and eating pale toast  ::)

General Car Chat / Re: Astra oil pressure warning light coming on
« on: 16 January 2019, 18:38:34 »
A short run up the road won't even get the car up to temp  ::)
and it's when warm the oil will be thin ,surprised the garage said it was ok to drive any distance without proper testing  :o
will they replace the engine for free if it goes tits up on the way back to bristol ??
at the very least , i'd want to do an oil and filter change before going any distance or in traffic .
'd also check the coolant is ok and circulating and the fan works when hot  :y


General Car Chat / Re: Million uninsured drivers Swintons
« on: 16 January 2019, 13:07:06 »
So do we believe the Swintons insurance company claim of one million?
There's Bradford in West Yorkshire where, it is reckoned, that around 15 drivers are insured.  probably just passing through  :-\
FTFY  ;)

General Car Chat / Re: Million uninsured drivers Swintons
« on: 16 January 2019, 12:44:11 »
Add to this the number of cars without MOT
drivers without a licence,
drivers with a licence who don't deserve one due to their inability ,
cars with serious faults that the driver is blissfully unaware of 
the shyte state of our road network
drink and drug drivers (or indeed pedestrians)
adverse weather (like a light sprinkle of snow ) ;D

and bus company managers that you have to chase for new wing mirrors  >:( :-X

not a great place to drive anymore  ::)

General Car Chat / Re: Astra oil pressure warning light coming on
« on: 16 January 2019, 12:32:28 »
Blimey Terry  :(
which car ? the 160k+ onen or the 120k ?
assume either way it has P155 5w30
rather tan the TC 10w40 semi I suggested  ;D
I did an oil change on then wife's new astra H 1.6 recently and noted the oil filter for z16 xep is not the standard spin on that fits most vauxhall of the era but a bigger spin ion filter, what did you fit ?
oil pressure switches are common to leak or bring the low pressure light on true enough BUT.....
an oil and correct filter change (to 10w40, not P155) may be a good idea
and there is that possibility that you have blocked the oil pick up with crap, washed out with P155 oil  :-\
also you need to confirm it is oil pressure and not oil level warning light.

as for recovery back , being london , i expect it won't be cheap  :(

also also
being london , i expect the car sits in traffic for hours and gets hot ,which thins the oil anyway , plus if the thermostat is not opening or any problem with the fans not working (you need to check ) will thin the oil to bring light on .
there is no temperature gauge on the dash ,you have to view the temp via the radio/display or bluetooth elm327 (about £5 delivered) or similar .

anyone local to the car that could do an oil and filter change Terry ?

General Car Chat / Re: Expert opinion
« on: 15 January 2019, 16:16:24 »
Crankshaft pulley failing in what way ?
is it the rubber de-laminating between inner and outer metal component ?
as in harmonic damper pulley failure ?
is it a well documented fail on the internet (other cases of the same component repeatedly failing ?)
I had to pay for an independent motor vehicle engineers report for the claim against the clutch cowboys, which i claimed back  .


General Car Chat / Re: Another MOT pass
« on: 15 January 2019, 12:00:14 »

It's amazing what a feminine smile and a nice bit of cleavage can achieve. ;)

A big bill at many garages  ::)

General Car Chat / Re: Another MOT pass
« on: 14 January 2019, 19:42:24 »
well done on the pass  :y
another 12 months of driving in comfort  :)

Omega General Help / Re: Headlight Query
« on: 14 January 2019, 19:37:17 »
Looks like an early pre facelift light has been fitted rather than the correct type. ( hence the gap/ rounded off corner)
Or am I mistaken ?
yes, that's what I thought  :y
I had one with rounded corner like that ,sent as a replacement .
it physically fits and works but looks wrong on a facelift (mine's 53 plate)
so I swapped it for a pointy corner set

General Discussion Area / Re: Word Association.
« on: 14 January 2019, 10:52:23 »
Bacon  :y

General Car Chat / Re: Autoglym Washer Shampoo 5 L - £6 Halfords
« on: 14 January 2019, 10:45:51 »
I see why you all have rust issues
you've been getting your Omegas wet  :o
If you get an omega wet, you need to oven bake it at gas mk 4 for at least 2 hours as per the instruction manual ,(which I've  still not read  :P , but Mrs Builder looked it up while cooking cakes recently)  :y

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