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Omega General Help / Re: Battery removal
« on: Yesterday at 14:38:08 »
Can someone please advise me on how to remove a battery from an O3 2.6 omega CDX?

I need to remove it so as to put the battery on charge as I have let it run down.  When I tried to remove it, I took off the negative terminal strap first as advised by the hand book which should according to the book should have stopped the Power sounder going off but that didn't work which resulted in the alarm screaming like a banshee.
I am not the most technically / mechanically minded person so I would really appreciate advice please.

If your taking the Battery completely out of the Car, your probably need a Plan B for when the single Bolt snaps off that holding the Battery Bracket on, which it probably will if its not been removed or cared for for a while, Drill out and re Tap with a Stainless Bolt is the best method or come up with some sort of Bracket to hold the Battery back in as technically a lose Battery is an MOT Fail.

Omega General Help / Re: Battery removal
« on: Yesterday at 14:31:21 »
Have you got the radio code you will need this if you disconnect the battery.

On a facelift???
Its only the NCDCXXXX that are Self Paired with Screen / Telematics Nick, all other HU Models fitted to Facelifts are Front Panel Coded as per norm.  ;)

General Discussion Area / Re: 48 letters delivered?
« on: 12 December 2018, 18:02:24 »
I just heard a quote on the News today from someone, "Why change the Pilot when the Ships coming into the Port"

I personally think its more of a case of "Lets change the Captain because because we are definitely going to hit that Iceberg"

General Discussion Area / Re: To VPN or not to VPN
« on: 05 December 2018, 22:38:05 »
I used to have a VPN just to connect to OOF, as TB managed to Ban anyone from connecting with a T Mobile connection.

Omega Electrical and Audio Help / Re: new head unit
« on: 03 December 2018, 18:54:24 »
Tapping into the CDC audio lines is easy enough and can be done to suit your needs  :y
But the impedence is wrong, so you ideally need a matching circuit.  Even I notice, despite being half deaf and completely tone deaf.
Depends what Audio Source your pumping into it, if its a proper Pre Amp Audio level then its not too far of the mark, so modern RCA type level should be ok if not a bit high, level wise, which is good in a way as it means you pad the input with a 2k to 10k Pot and try and keep the input resistance above 1k.

If your feeding the input from a iCrap, Phone, headphone output then its going to be all over the place, so more of a case of think of number, divide by 10, multiply by 2, then down the Pub to discuss with your Techie mates, Bobs your Uncle.  ;D

Agreed. But the question is do they have different contention rates for what is in essence the same technology?  In effect first class, second class and so on.
Yes, but its not that simple, as there are many factors involved based upon what the Cellular Network is trying to achieve at any given point as well as Who or What is either connected or trying to connect to the Network and what there privileges are.

What your describing is a simple form of day to day Traffic Management for Busy Data Use Periods, ie, sudden use of Data (Kids come out from School) so in order to protect the Service Quality of the Network it effectively shares and slows down the Data Quota to its Users, theres also other factors involved they may be implemented, like, has someone over stayed there welcome, as in excessive Data Use, ie, Hammering the Network or has Speed Restrictions in place that are dependent to there Tarrif, as well as like you say, Roamers on the Network who may have different access restrictions.

There are, as you say VIP access (Different Tier Levels) but these are generally restricted to High End User Access, ie extreme Government Personal or Security Services and or for Emergency Situations on a Regional or National scale.

Theres not much you can do to beat the System, if that was a hidden question, you could try a Re Registration on the Network by switching the Mobile Device off and back on, or the only other advantage that would improve things, particularly with Data Speed is to improve your Signal Strength, so in terms of a MiFi Device get it as high as possible and near a window, or add an external 3/4G Aerial to the Device.

General Discussion Area / Re: tv firestick
« on: 29 November 2018, 14:18:41 »
I am a dinosaur when it comes to gadgets but I want to get more programmes etc without subscribing to sky.or similar. I am to believe there are stuff I can buy to able me to achieve my aim. any suggestions.??
FireSticks are good for what they do, be it a bit limited for Apps though being an Amazon Product, this week after the Black Friday malarki you can get a Roku Express for under 20 quid from the likes of Sainsburys, Currys, Tesco etc, will do a everthing a Firestick will do plus more, like NowTV, Prime and the Free normal TV Catch Up Stuff.

If you want to do more outside the box like the stuff we cant talk about then thats probably an Android Box these days, but thats a whole new ball game and a constant learning curve in order to keep up, and a potential risk via your ISP.

General Discussion Area / Re: Oil prices drop
« on: 29 November 2018, 14:02:48 »
Still 54.9p a litre here at Sainsburys,  :) downside to LPG though is it rarely goes down in price when the Petrol Price lowers, well it does but it takes ages, I suppose upside is it doesnt track upwards either when the cost of Oil increases.

Still well happy using the stuff though, one of the few pleasures I get this days about having to queue up for something is filling the Car up with Litres of LPG and paying for it.  ::)

My little LPG run around does about 33mpg bombing around on LPG locally, even with Petrol at sub 1.26 around here now that still equates to an equivalent of running at 77mpg compared to Petrol Costs, on a good Motorway Run I can hit the magic 100mpg on a Petrol price comparison.  :y

Car Parts, bits For Sale & Wanted / Re: Wanted Front Windscreen
« on: 24 November 2018, 00:53:12 »
I'm localish to you, I'm in Halstead & have a windscreen & other parts.
I will check in the morning the condition of the screen.
PM me if you are interested?

yThanks, will make contact tomorrow.  :y

Car Parts, bits For Sale & Wanted / Re: Wanted Front Windscreen
« on: 24 November 2018, 00:51:46 »
If the broken screen is on a car which isn't insured, then a new screen will probably cost more than the car is worth.  ;)
Correct, all my cars are insured, but unfortunatly the type of Insurance I have cannot include Windscreen Cover.  :'(

As you say Ables, getting Quotes for a Rain Sense Screen, I could probably buy another two Omegas for that, but thats not really the plan.  ;)

Got one but I'm a fair way away
Thanks, I put it down as a posible, like as you say fair distance involved.  :-\ ;)

General Car Chat / Re: Cursa cutting out all the time?
« on: 22 November 2018, 20:17:21 »
1.2 will be 4 pot, 1.0 will be 3 pot.

Assuming your Sparks knows he's stuff, I assume He would have checked for loose Connections, Shorts around the Battery Feed, ECU etc.

When it cuts out, does it start again, any EML or Fault Codes, live or stored?. Has the Car been stood for a while with a Flat Battery?

Is it it Dual Fuel (Factory Fit LPG) per chance?


As tittle, possible need more than one.

Car Parts, bits For Sale & Wanted / Wanted Front Windscreen
« on: 22 November 2018, 20:05:15 »
Ideally near ('ish) to me, can Travel to collect, can also remove or help to remove.

Ideally needs to be be a Rain Sense auto wipe screen, but thats a Hard Ask, so a standard one will do, I will modify the screen to suit.

Needs to be in reasonably nick, to aid removal, ir no cracks, Anyone got anything?

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