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Omega General Help / Re: Battery replacement
« on: Yesterday at 20:58:05 »
GM / GM tradeclub 85AH battery fits in the tray and the jacket still fits.... just

General Car Chat / Re: Signum 1.9CDTi
« on: Yesterday at 20:47:44 »
Cool, thanks for that  :y

Think we are looking for a facelift around 56/06 upwards, with the 150BHP Engine in Design or Elite trim (I really need to get a brochure to get a grip on the specs.

PM Incoming

General Car Chat / Re: Signum 1.9CDTi
« on: Yesterday at 18:36:53 »
Thankyou all!

It's an option at the moment, Looking for something for Mrs VXL as a daily run-around, with few longer trips thrown in each month and something capable of having the Dog cage in the boot when we go on Holidays / days out.

Basically she sold her Sharan over a year ago as we knew it would need a bit spent on it at the next MOT and as all series II Sharan/Alhambra/Galaxy vehicles are now reaching 'rust the chassis rails / floorpan / sills' age it wasn't really worth investing any more money in, we also had my eldest son and now my stepdaughter reaching 17 within 12 months of each other so we just bought a 'throwaway' Corsa C 1.2 SXi for them to learn in and seemed sensible for Mrs VXL to use it instead of the Sharan....  Roll on 12 or so months and the eldest Son passed his test and has a Fiesta and the Stepdaughter is well on her way to passing her test and has a Corsa D 1.2.... So we only have my younger son who relies on us for transport. The Dog also travels on the back seat of my Omega using a harness when we go out but ideally is better in the cage in an estate / hatchback than the back seat with a strap really.

We've been looking at Astra Estate's - mainly 1.6's (which after Terry's issues i've lost interest in) and 1.7DTi's which all seem to have racked up the miles and you struggle to get anything other than base spec..... Signum seems to offer a bit more kit and comfort (Plenty of Design and Elite spec machines out there) and the 1.9CDTi engine for a lot less money.

Based on god awful Vectra-C, surely better options out there?

'It's not my car'  ;D - I will only drive it occasionally, my role is to change the oil and filter and blow the tyres up!

Crank pulley failure on the 120 bhp lump.
Inlet sooting up causing a rough idle and sticking EGR valve (not necessarily in that order) 150 lump.
DPF clogging if fitted. Also check it still has one if it should... '56 on iirc
Auto box is horrific, especially in snow.
Otherwise, a roomy 4/5 seater with a reasonable boot. Later cars follow Vectra for spec. Elite has full leather, heated front seats and Nav. Middle rear seat is a token effort 40/20/40 split, so not great if you regularly carry three in the back. ;)

120BHP - is that not the 2.2DTi? That was the common problem with all 2.2 DTi's along with the auxbelt tensioner failing - Been there - three times with Omega DTI's  :-[
Inlet sooting up, EGR valve - well it's a canal boat fuel so pretty much the norm - MDTM seems to have the solution to the EGR problem, would probably acquire another EGR and follow his method   :y
Yep, would only be looking at a manual, Mrs VXL likes archaic technology, hence why she married me.  ::)
Stuff 'em - two of them can drive themselves, well one, but t'other one getting close!

On all the 1.9s the water pump is weak link, it weeps, bearings rust and eventually fails. Imperative the water pump has been changed with the timing belt.
M32 manual 6 speed that is the manual option on ALL the 1.9s and is very weak. Upgraded internals available, around 400 and a days work at a specialist.

Well it would be getting a full service by Serek soon after purchase no doubt so hopefully waterpump can be ticked off, as i'm getting / feeling older life is easier to take the thing to Serek and i'll just do the usual Oil and filter changes inbetween  :D

Gearbox.... well, I guess that's luck of the drawer, although most used car dealers will give you a three month engine and gearbox warranty...  :-\

It did have two new injectors and one glow plug.

Never had any issues with the DPF (they are no worse than any other DPF fitted vehicle), the pressure sensor pipe did split (but its easy to fix with a bit of fuel hose)

Glow plug replacement quite common on higher mileage canal boat engines I've found  :y
Injectors doesn't sound so great as I imagine they are rather expensive.  ???
DPF - Ok, well if it's no worse or better than any other then no room to complain I guess.
Pipe splitting - well, 2.2DTi's were forever splitting vac pipes etc so I guess nothing new there..  :y

(Deleted a few lines from various replies as they cover the same issues...)

General Car Chat / Signum 1.9CDTi
« on: 21 January 2019, 20:06:11 »
Anybody have any experience or knowledge of these cars with that engine?

What to look out for etc.

Omega Electrical and Audio Help / Re: xenon bulb upgrade.
« on: 21 January 2019, 19:33:04 »
I should replace the 3.2s bulbs, but current ones good enough. Also if you replace bulbs should also do adjusters as well.
What they like with oncoming traffic in the dark, particularly if wet?

I'd only repair adjusters if necessary.
If they look bright but you can't actually see much they are past their best. Was amazed the difference with the two sets I've replaced.

General Car Chat / Re: So what have you done to your car today?
« on: 20 January 2019, 17:08:50 »
Currently charging the battery on the project.  :-[

General Discussion Area / Re: what is it?
« on: 19 January 2019, 18:42:55 »
Irmscher front bumper foglight

General Car Chat / Another thanks to Serek and SOS Automotive
« on: 16 January 2019, 17:49:30 »
Refurbished Diff (new seals, fresh fluid and coat of paint) fitted, aircon pipe replaced and further repair put in place, tyre repaired and cam cover gasket replaced. :)

Many thanks as always :)

General Car Chat / Re: Astra oil pressure warning light coming on
« on: 16 January 2019, 13:49:36 »
I'd just change the pressure switch, you can get one for a fiver on ebay to prove it. Replaced a few on DTI Omega's and 1.2 Corsa's due to eith bringing the oil pressure light on or pissing oil through them. For a fiver as a first step its a no brainer.... Plus if the engine does really have such a low oil pressure it isn't much longer for this World.

General Car Chat / Re: So what have you done to your car today?
« on: 14 January 2019, 19:44:17 »
Left it a Serek's as its gone incontinent  ::)

General Car Chat / Re: Autoglym Washer Shampoo 5 L - 6 Halfords
« on: 13 January 2019, 20:04:20 »
Planning to buy a couple if the offer is still on after payday  :'(

Omega General Help / Re: V6 oil level sensor location/photo of
« on: 10 January 2019, 15:04:06 »
Usually the exhaust cams which the cam seals fail on first

General Car Chat / Re: 06 Corsa 1.2 value and disposal
« on: 07 January 2019, 19:00:32 »
Stepdaughter has just bought a 56 plate (2007) Corsa  D 1.2 club 3 door with 50K on the clock for 2200 from a trader with warranty if that helps at all.

Design trim level is pretty high spec if I remember correctly?

Omega General Help / Re: Suspension Options
« on: 04 January 2019, 22:29:58 »
It's because of the weight distribution under the bonnet on a LHD plus Driver. Given that the genuine GM springs aren't sided (the standard fronts and MV6 LSC aren't when you could buy replacements from VX) I think buying two of the  LHD Passenger side springs would be the most sensible option... I await others thoughts on this.....

Omega General Help / Re: 2.6 , which cams are better for low end?
« on: 04 January 2019, 19:12:24 »
I think the gearbox ratios are the same between all V6s, but the 2.5/2.6 have a low geared diff.
Yes different ratio diff in a 2.6 auto to a 3.2 auto.... That said, I seem to recall Daz's 2.6 MV6 that he bought from Josh with a seized block that was promptly replaced with a 3.0 block and the 2.6 ignition setup was a fantastic sleeper with original 2.6 manual box and diff (I seem to recall the manual diff ratio was different again)...

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