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Omega General Help / Re: fitting control arms on 1995 omega estate.
« on: 19 September 2019, 13:07:30 »
Thanks for reply. Just wandered. Got a electronic torque and angle attachment for a ratchet. So that is why I wandered if blocking it would be enough height, using a normal size breaker bar.

The torque attachment is similar to this one, they are a great piece of kit. :-

Thanks again

Omega General Help / fitting control arms on 1995 omega estate.
« on: 19 September 2019, 12:38:40 »
The wifes car has wear on the inner edge of both front wheels. I am led to believe it means the bushes on the control arms are shot.  When I come to replace them, hopefully using the original arms, with new bushes either Poly if possible to get for both bushes needed, or normal lemforder ones. When refitting the arms, it says in the HOW2 that they must be tightened with the car level on the ground. The wifes car has not been lowered, so would I be able to get under to tighten bolts, with it on ground or would putting all four wheels on blocks to keep it level be better? Sorry for all the questions, want to prep everything before starting the job. Understand then a full Geometry setup is needed. Do Wheels In Motion, still have franchises over the country? If there was one near Darlington would be great.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Sorry for the delay in replying. Not been to good, recovering from a small stroke. Anyway felt a bit better on Friday so decided to take a look at the wifes car. Took it out and it was really rough no engine light on. So got it home and decided to look under the bonnet. Found the vac pipes to the Seconday air system and EGR were off. Changed the plugs and plug leads. The plugs that came out show the engine is OK. Replaced the airfilter and then took it for a quick drive, it is idling better and drives great. Now got to change centre box and back box as found holes in them exhaust side of the system, not the cat side. Going to change the fuel filter as a extra insurance, just got to find my pliers I bought to undo the clips. Thanks everyone for your help and suggestions, so as suggested there was a big air leak from the vac system.


I have started the car and let it run, not took it for a drive. Got some data don't know if it helps?  The EML doesn't come on normal driving.

Thanks for all the help.

dave the builder car runs fine normally, what is the best make to get for the lambda. Bosch, NGK or any other recommended makes? Don't want to fit a universal one, where the wires have to be spliced, unless there is one that is recommended.

Ronnyd I will be looking the braking system over, it moves easy enough. The caravan weighs 773kg

Sorry yes a braked trailer 1ton laden.

Thanks DG for the quick reply. When the car gets warm, the fan soon brings it down to normal temperature.  How is the easiest way to check the fans, apart from letting engine get upto temperature. Read the maintenance how 2. Do I just use a bridge wire from a earth point to each connection in the fan test port, if the 1995 model has it?

I am not sure if it is one of those red herring codes, but did a code check and got 13 O2Sensor open circuit (Not present), what would the make be for the sensor Bosch or another? Never had it before. Had a camshaft error code last time, car got warm in the hot weather we have not long had, but have not had it since. What is puzzling is we have a trailer that is definately 1ton, and the car tows that no problems up and down hills.


Omega General Help / 1995 2ltr estate EML comes on when towing catavan
« on: 06 September 2019, 13:31:42 »
I wander if anyone can suggest anything. The wife who has a 1995 2ltr 16V Vauxhall Omega Estate, has just gone to pick up a 2 berth caravan, no heavier in weight than 1045 kg, I believe it is actually lighter than that. The drive home was Ok on the flat, but on hills the car struggled. On the last hill the engine management light came on and stayed on until she turned the car off at home. The wife has towed a friends caravan before and had the same problems. The head gasket has been changed, also all hydraulic lifters cleaned out aswell, new timing belt, water pump. It only seems to happen if the car gets slightly warmer than normal.
Thanks in advance for any help.

Thank you. Will pop the cover inside and see if a screwdriver can be used to manually close it a bit more.

Hi can anybody help? The wifes car's sunroof is closed according to the switch. Pushed the button in to reset it. Can hear wind noise on drivers side, and it is leaking slightly. The wife has never used the sunroof, living in Scotland for a few years meant the windows were all closed more than open. Where would be the best place to start please?  Does the old sunroofs have the manual overide the same as later models?

Thanks in advance for any help.

Hi polilara I have a spare good one, but want to remove the one on car, hopefully clean it for a spare. I hope the one on car isn't like yours, but not worried if it is.


Omega General Help / Re: Oil leak
« on: 14 August 2019, 19:02:23 »
My bad, quick reading and missed the diesel part. ;D  Forget everything I said.

Thanks all for the replies. Glad I don't have to remove exhaust. Got some switch cleaner in my shed, just got to find it.  ;D


Omega General Help / Re: Oil leak
« on: 14 August 2019, 17:04:24 »
If near the top, probably cam covers leaking. It is a common problem. Not hard to sort.

Thank you for the link. I have that link.  I was looking how to actually remove the switch off the box, without dismantling half the parts as the Haynes tells you. I thought there used to be the one now and another how2 on the old omega site.

Also do I have to worry where the contact arm is positioned, when finished cleaning and reassembling the switch. Or is the contact arm moved to the correct position, when the lever is set to Park and the link is setup, and the two lines are inline?

I read that to remove switch, use Neutral Position, then When refitting switch set the Park Link first, by undoing adjuster bolt on the link rod. Make sure gear stick is in Park, then push the lever on switch against its stop, and tighten adjuster link rod bolt.

Does this sound correct? If not could you tell me what I have missed.

Thank you in advance for any help.

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