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Its a cambelt off job to do but not difficult,I would fit new belt kit as a matter of course with the new pump :y

How big are your hands? :o

I have honestly never removed a scuttle to replace an HBV. Putting it back on the ground will make everything alot easier to reach...  ::) ....

But it takes 15 mins to remove the scuttle ..... surely that's 15 mins spent well to give you un-hindered access  ;) ;)
No point on the Desmond. On the V6, it takes 30 seconds to unbolt the plenum ::)

If I ever do another hbv I'll remember ....  ::) ::)

I somehow doubt it ::)

General Discussion Area / Re: Prudential v. Building Society
« on: 20 January 2020, 09:47:41 »
I had a similar issue with my Dads affairs after he passed,Barclays were a pain in the ass over it,lots of nit picking >:(

General Discussion Area / Re: Dead Person
« on: 17 January 2020, 16:32:07 »
Greengrass had better beware,Blaketon is on his way for him,RIP,used to enjoy Heartbeat

General Car Chat / Re: So what have you done to your car today?
« on: 15 January 2020, 17:37:06 »
Drove my lovely plastic Welsh hatchback for several trouble free miles - which was nice.

What have you done to it to allow this to happen ??? :D

General Discussion Area / Re: Global warming
« on: 15 January 2020, 14:38:50 »
I mildly replied that wealthy people don't lend multi million pound racing yachts and fly crew all over the place to satisfy the whims of teenage girls if there's nothing in return.  ;)

Financed by Prince Andrew?

Ouch,off to the tower for you ::)

General Car Chat / Re: My astra is killing the planet
« on: 14 January 2020, 09:35:23 »
All of this is, by and large, moot. People (me) will only adopt eco friendly cars* when we are forced to. Why? Well 1) It costs money 2) Most people realise that, even if this country turned zero emissions overnight, it wouldn't make a jot of difference to the world as a whole.

My diesel emits particulates which harm people on busy roads in densely populated areas, I don't live in such a place. A switch to petrol would mean emitting CO2, which kills the whole planet, apparently.

IMO, hybrids are not eco friendly cars.

Except it doesn't......thanks to the DPF.

The bigger issue was NOx but, modern diesels with selective catalytic reaction plus AdBlue, output less NOx than petrols.

There are even a few new diesels (including one of ours), where the NOx levels are not even measurable.

Blame the press and politicians who are jumping on a band wagon they don't understand

This ^^^^

Omega General Help / Re: Starting trouble .... fuel?
« on: 11 January 2020, 12:15:15 »
are the leads on in correct order ???

General Car Chat / Re: Project anyone?
« on: 10 January 2020, 15:38:07 »

General Car Chat / Re: Project anyone?
« on: 10 January 2020, 12:48:59 »
Wayne Carrini had a really tidy one of those a while back :y

Last funeral I attended someone left their mobile phone on and duelling banjos was the ringtone ! Doesn't seem quite so bad now compared to this shambles .

At least it wasn't 'See ya later alligator' or the Bye Bye song (name has escaped me) from the Sound of Music.
One funeral had " wish me luck as you wave me goodbye " as the curtain came around the coffin

Had the same at a very dear friends funeral recently,she chose it too and everyone had a chuckle :y

General Discussion Area / Re: pics
« on: 07 January 2020, 09:16:52 »
Holy thread resurrection Batman,,, just looking, what ever happened to de-bug.

Don't know,last active April last year ???

General Car Chat / Re: Insignia buying advice please.
« on: 06 January 2020, 09:33:32 »
for my "svelt" frame  LOL !     .....

I used to have one of those ....  ;D ;D

You as well ::)

 ;D ;D 
I am watching my weight now ...... just going up & up! Still ..... I'm only less half the weight of Brian Shaw or Hapthor Bjornsson  ;) ;)

Guiness is my downfall :-[

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