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General Car Chat / Re: Senator
« on: Yesterday at 12:54:16 »
Its had welding work as 2011 mot failed on rear suspension mount areas,no corrosion flags since though

General Car Chat / Re: secrets of the lost Fords never made
« on: Yesterday at 09:25:09 »
Back in the mid nineties a woman I know owned a 2.8i with a 5 speed box.

It needed  thrashing to within an inch of it's life to have any meaningful acceleration due to a combination of leggy gearing and a lack of torque at low revs. I know the V6 Essex lump has been described as a 'boat anchor' but at least it had good low speed torque.

Turbo Technics (blast from the past but still trading I believe) did a nice job of resolving that. I was a member of Capri Club International (membership card still comes in handy as an ice scraper) and mentioned the mod to my mate. He had it done by them and it flew.  :y

A mate of mine had a Brooklyns 280 Capri with Turbo Technics conversion from new,that was interesting in the wet when the turbo lit up :y

General Car Chat / Re: If Tilbo gets bored...
« on: 15 November 2018, 19:38:38 »
6 grand for a 16 year old Merc, built in time when they were heavy into penny pinching.  :-\

Lot of car, but suspect a lot of bills and lot of DIY time.  :(

It was £115 grand new, has a V12 engine and over 500bhp. If it went wrong after a while and you had to sell it at a loss, you wold still have the memories for ever.  :D

The old CLK that I'm driving now cost 47k new back in 2002,worth bugger all now but still a lovely car :y

Omega General Help / Re: M.o.T.
« on: 15 November 2018, 19:36:34 »
Any small exhaust leak will mess with the Lambda reading, may be a small enough blow not to fail the test :y

General Car Chat / Re: If Tilbo gets bored...
« on: 15 November 2018, 13:22:43 »
None of the three of you are old enough to feel nostalgic for when engine bays were the size of a small house and contained nothing but an asthmatic A series..  :P ;D
Oh..I miss my triumph herald. Lift the whole front of the car to engine of similar size (and power) to a singer sewing machine.

The 2 litre Vitesse went quite well in the same body. :y

I remember my Father buying one new in 1969,fast car back then  :y

General Discussion Area / Re: Sticky for Jokes
« on: 14 November 2018, 18:13:17 »
 ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

MOT tomorrow. I only have one fog tail light coming on, offside. Is this correct or have I a dead bulb?

You only need the offside foglamp (rear) for the mot Terry so dont worry about that

I finished the front wheel bearing thanks   :)

the disc on that was pretty stuck and required several good smacks with the FBH
(around the face between bolt holes ,then on the lip between face and disc surface,then repeat )

assuming the grub screw is out that holds disc to bearing

Good point,although a mighty blow from Sammy will overcome that :y

General Car Chat / Re: So what have you done to your car today?
« on: 08 November 2018, 17:38:05 »
Where itís going is another question. No value in the car and no money to replace it either. Clutch was done not that long ago. So hoping a top up is all it needs.

May have been bled when clutch was done but not topped up,many people think the brake fluid reservoir is for the clutch as on many other vehicles

Bought this 2004 Astra H 1.6 last Saturday, tried to remove the rear wheels, foubnd them stiuck on. Loosened rear wheel nuts drove up and down, that loosened, great. today I am trying to change rear discs, but they too are stuck on. I have tried hammering it, tried my 2 legged puller, no joy. I have not a 3 legged puller. How should I proceed? Pic follows.

Dribble a bit of brake fluid around hub and bolts area,leave overnight and see if its easier tomorrow(brake fluid will attack the rust)

General Car Chat / Re: So what have you done to your car today?
« on: 08 November 2018, 16:27:08 »
Helped bleed the clutch on a 2002 Rover 75 Diesel.

Who the hell thought above the clutch pedal was a good place for the tank!
They are a ficker, Jimbob. There's one above the pedal and one inside the bell housing. But I thought you could top up from under the bonnet?

No,sadly you have to contort into the drivers footwell to top up the reservoir which is the size of a thimble,bloody ballache for what is quite a nice car

General Discussion Area / Re: Different attitudes?
« on: 08 November 2018, 13:01:37 »
There are plenty of respectable, and respectful young people about, they just don't make it on to the news. Personally, I'm not that surprised that they don't show an interest in a war that happened a hundred years ago, it's ancient history to them.

This ^^^^^,Im really fortunate to have two young lads who have been brought up to respect others,sadly a lot of kids nowadays have no guidance :-\

General Car Chat / Re: Corsa C rear brake problem
« on: 08 November 2018, 12:55:27 »
Well after more heat / abuse and burning out my last grinding disc i've just ordered this one off eBay for 11 quid delivered so that's on its way  :y

I'll strip it, clean it up and rebuild it with new cylinder, shoes, nail kit, drum and bearing and bolt it back to the car.

I've been led to believe that the recommended torque value for this nut is 175nm  :-\
Can anybody confirm this please ?

Yes autodata says 175Nm as well

Interesting to note that while I heard front end clonking on the journey home, drop link bushes failed presumed, it was not picked up in the MOT test. I could never detect drop link failure in a stationary car either, but my local MOT tester can. How does he do it?

You will Struggle to find play with one corner jacked but with whole front end raised its easy to spot the wear

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