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General Discussion Area / Re: Second Referendum
« on: 14 March 2019, 23:11:12 »
Given that ...

May's deal has been rejected twice, (but it appears is going to be voted on again on Tuesday, so possibly thrice)
Second Referendum has been rejected once (but remains Labour Party policy)
No deal has been rejected once (but remains the default option)
The only thing that hasn't been rejected so far is the complete revocation of Art50 (though doubtless that would be rejected if put to the vote too)

Anyone predicting that any of the above is 'not gonna happen' is either brave or foolish. 

General Car Chat / Re: I think my life’s just got busier...
« on: 24 February 2019, 21:32:47 »
My initial reaction was “I love it but wifey won’t let me”. To my utter surprise she simply said “why not do it up on our drive”

My initial reaction is "Its a trap. Run for the hills. What is it she wants?" Sounds to me like you're walking in to the biggest ambush since the Alamo.

Cynic? Me? Yep.

General Discussion Area / Re: Parking Ticket - Win
« on: 08 February 2019, 16:54:23 »
Get a blue badge to deal with the council ones :-X

Difficult these days even if you have a disability.  My condition is covered by the disability act but as I can walk 200m unaided I dont qualify for a blue badge.  Admittedly I dont need it all the time, just when I need to rush to the bathroom without worrying about getting a ticket.
I was being slightly sarcastic... Mum walks with two sticks but can't qualify for one for similar reasons... Yet the disabled spaces at Tescos in the village are always occupied by people in their shiny Motobility cars with their badges proudly displayed and no obvious mobility concerns >:(

That said, when she's with me, I make a point of using the spaces on principle... Woe betide anyone who dares to challenge me for it. :-X

Blue badges have zero relevance in private car parks. If you qualify under the "Disabilities Act" then you can use the disabled spots in a private car park. You may get a ticket, but they're easily defeated - the threat of you taking action under the DSA will see the parking company back down, for fear of huge fines on them for discrimination if you/they do try and take it to court.

General Car Chat / Re: Crankshaft locking for pulley removal.
« on: 02 February 2019, 00:00:33 »
Sometimes it’s just easier to cut the bolt head off .providing you can get access. Then that’s half the battle over with. They can be extremely tight to unscrew otherwise even with a long breaker.

You'd better hope the last person to do the bolt up hasn't lock-tighted it in if you do that. If they have then your battle has only just started.

General Car Chat / Re: Snow Disruption
« on: 01 February 2019, 21:24:09 »
Wide, low profile summer tyres are the problem. 4WD, 2WD or wrong wheel drive makes bu99er all difference. Slush or packed snow needs proper winter tyres. If you've got 5 minutes to waste take a look at this :

In Switzerland, Germany Austria, parts of Italy and (from next year) France, winter tyres are mandatory during winter. And snow chains are mandatory in alpine areas.

The biggest issue with winter tyres in the UK is that if you have to stop quickly, the muppet in the 4WD BMW X5 on low profile summers behind you won't be able to, and will runt you up the ar5e.

No deal will hurt the EU as much as it will hurt us (probably)

......'but the powers that be' believe the unity of the EU is more important than how many BMW's are sold in the UK.

I'm not sure the EU will blink.

I'm sure they won't blink.

I've never understood the BMW argument though. Imposing import tariffs (which we may or may not do) would increase the price of all imported cars by 10%. But if you've decided to buy a BMW, it's unlikely you're going to change your mind on price alone - you aren't going to suddenly decide to buy a Nissan, Honda or Toyota built in Britain just because it's suddenly 10% cheaper than the equivalent BMW or Merc. You'll just put off the purchase for a few weeks/years to save up more, or buy it on credit for 10% more per month. And in 10 years time when Nissan, Toyota and Honda have all bu99ered off to somewhere else in Europe, all cars will be 10% more expensive anyway because none will be being built here (except the low volume Garagistas).

Sure BMW/Merc sales in the UK will drop short/medium term, but so will all car sales. Which is bad for the auto sector in the UK, bad for tax and bad for GDP. Less cash swirling around the system. And how much BMW sales drop is guesswork - I'll say 20% for arguments sake. I'd take that if I were BMW because it also means sales of Nissan, Honda or Toyota in Euroland will drop due to the 10% increase in price there. So BMW stand a chance of picking up more sales in Euroland even if UK sales drop.

I have a little guitar practice amp here which can run off a 9v pp3 battery or a mains adapter.
Info on the back of the amp say 9v dc----200ma. I have an adapter which says 9v dc----300ma.
Will the extra 100ma make it go pop, or is it insignificant ?
Tia.  :)

It means the amp requires 200mA, but the adapter can supply up to 300mA. As long as the adapter can supply more current than the amplifier requires (which it can in this case) it'll be fine. The adapter won't attempt to "force" 300mA into the amp, and the amp probably won't be taking 200mA either unless you turn the volume up to 11.

General Discussion Area / Re: Snow?
« on: 30 January 2019, 09:51:02 »
About an inch in Yeovil - and traffic is gridlocked getting into town. I scampered up the hill in me mega (got snow tyres  :D) past all the 4WD mummy busses doing the school run scrabbling for grip.

General Discussion Area / Re: George Osborne Davos
« on: 25 January 2019, 00:39:58 »
Not if you drive an Omega.  ;D

But it's an Omega Elite

General Discussion Area / Re: George Osborne Davos
« on: 25 January 2019, 00:08:41 »
I've been to Davos. Well through it on the train on the way to a cheap package holiday in St Moritz. Does that make me part of the Global Elite?  8)

Omega General Help / Re: 3.2 rear drop links.
« on: 24 January 2019, 23:47:10 »
If the metal of the drop link is ok just replace the bushes - should be do-able for sub £20 all in. Same parts as on the LC. I was able to get 90343847 from VX late last year, but 90343305 was NLS. Both parts are available on eBay.

I believe it will collapse and disappear in my lifetime - assuming I live the average lifetime.
Its based on nothing but power for the sake of power.

agree and the euro is only an idea its not a gold based currency,just printed paper

There are no gold based currencies anymore. They're all just printed paper.

As I understand it, although Sweden has not joined ERM II they voluntarily keep the Swedish Krona within the parameters against the Euro as though they were members of ERM II, so I can't think there would be any obstacles for an advanced economy like Sweden joining the Eurozone.  :-\  But given that their neighbours Finland had to contribute 6 billion Euros to the Greece bailout, you can understand their reticence.  :)
No doubt Sweden have their reasons, as do Poland, Czech Rep etc who could probably all meet the Euro requirements if they really wanted to. Point is, they all have an effective and simple to use opt-out.

I think that there is little doubt that the EU Commission will apply pressure on all the Non Euro countries to join the Eurozone, which will include us if we do end up staying in.  ::)

The pressure wouldn't bother me. What does bother me is UK politicians who seem unable to say no. After the first no, any repeat of the same question gets a "What part of no didn't you understand?" response till they move onto the next issue..


Dont new member states have to adopt the Euro?

The old folk in Spain remember wistfully how going to the Euro created inflation. E.g. overnight a coffee went from 100 pesetas to 166 pesetas i.e. one euro. There were many other examples . Just mention it as an aside.

Yes. Of the nine EU countries that don't use the Euro only Denmark and the UK are not bound by treaty to join the Euro.  :)

New members of the EU have been obliged to join the Euro once they meet the "convergence criteria" ever since the adoption of the Maastricht treaty in 1994. One of the convergence criteria is to join ERM II. However, joining ERM II is voluntary, and a country can choose not to join - which is exactly what Sweden and 6 other EU countries have chosen to do (or more accurately not to do).

So whilst it looks like new countries MUST join the Euro, in practice they have an opt-out.

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