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General Discussion Area / Re: Fuel going up
« on: Yesterday at 17:54:32 »
Iran is in serous financial difficulties, due to Trump's reimposition of sanctions & as a very aggressive autocratic regime, don't expect them to fade away quietly, especially with the helping hands of their best friends, Russia, DPRK & China.

Saudi Arabia are bitter rivals not only in Yemen, but also for religious reasons & who is the preeminent regional power. Don't expect this one to go or fade away any time soon, which is going to mean more instability & oil price rises.

General Discussion Area / Re: Election interference
« on: Yesterday at 16:49:48 »
Pots & kettles comes to mind where the Donald gave sensitive Israeli Intel to the Russians in January 2017 who passed it on to the Iranians, so Israel now filter what is released to the US & the US pulled their top CIA mole from the Kremlin in 2017 due to the Donald & family indiscretions where POTUS now operates a pay-to-play foreign policy with Russia, Saudi Arabia & other Middle Eastern countries paying the Trump family well for their favours. :o

My guess is that with Corbyn's Intel leaking connections he is seen as an undermining rival in this pay-to-play arena which will be bad for the Trump family grifting. The Mafia always get upperty (or worse) when income streams are threatened, so it's: "Nothing personal as it's only business!" :-[ :-X

General Discussion Area / Re: Prorogation Of Parliament.....
« on: 13 September 2019, 13:41:06 »
IMO the art & life cycles of her stories can best understood by missing out the Carole below & reading it as a list. :-X

Carole Codswollop
Carole Conspiracy
Carole Corrections
Carole Deleted

 :D ;D

General Discussion Area / Re: Watch battery cost.
« on: 11 September 2019, 13:59:27 »
If you can buy five batteries for 1.54 including P&P it makes you wonder what they cost to produce.

About two thirds of SFA is my guess. ;)

At that price they sound like Chinese clones, which probably means a battery change every month. ::) ::) ::)

General Discussion Area / Re: Escalating violent retail crime
« on: 11 September 2019, 13:43:01 »
In the retail trade we frequently suffered from criminal activity, from burglaries, thefts, arson, embezzlement, fraud, often involving our staff!

External crime was also always with us. Burglary was common, so was robbery, let alone assaults on staff from shoplifters and the like. Knives, fists, spit, and general assault all happened, with the increasing need for CCTV, and advanced alarm systems linked to the various security monitoring companies.

What is different now is of course the increased level of violent crime aimed at the staff, and it is happening in areas that were once considered "free from crime", or at least hardly ever happened.

Why?  Simples, because:
1) police staffing has fallen dramatically;
2) society is populated with individuals who have no morals, who do not respect the law, and know that 95% of the time they will "get away with it"
 3) if and when a culprit, sorry, suspect is caught the evidence has to be so watertight for the CPS to even think about charges;
 4) then if eventually convicted a suspended prison sentence or a community order is the worst they can expect!

Until our society teaches and adheres to the rules of "respect" and moral disciplines, which our dear leaders often seem to break, and the rules, regulations, and penalties for indiscipline are vigoursly enforces from the first year at school to being an OAP, then it can only get worse.

It is down to us to DEMAND that our politicians change their ways via the voting system, whilst we all look at ourselves and question how we act, what we do, and the example we are setting the young.

The retail counter was in the past a great place for social interaction; communities often used those places to talk through issues and communicate to others what was upsetting or pleasing the general population around that shop. Now, with local shops decimated, and large retailers getting rid of staff, or inhibiting their freedom to talk to "the regulars" and general customers, with "smart" or at least self check outs becoming the increasing norm, the old advantages to whole communities given by local friendly retailers and their staff is going. That is leading to the general loss of respect for the retail unit as it just becomes a place to go and buy your requirements, or just nick from!

Staff are now faceless and easy targets for the yobs and generally unscrupulous members of the public who come from across the generations. Very sad, and upsetting to see this change in my life time, which is, I fear, almost irreversible. Only an act of God, or a dramatic change in political and social norms will change things! >:( >:(  >:(

17.4m of us did & 3 years later how are the establishment & Westminster politicians getting on with implementing this?

In the past there was always the suspicion that UK democracy was a sham, now the politician's masks have slipped with no pretence for this or any of the rules that accompanied the sham. We now know that we don't live in a democracy & the politicians no longer have to play the pretend game by being moderate & accountable to pretend that we do. This country is now heading into very dark totalitarianism places & probably a Corbyn, McDonnell Labour, LibDem, SNP, Green Marxist dictatorship where all businesses & property will be nationalized & the only mega rich will be the political elite dictators at the top as they plunder all our wealth. >:( >:( >:(

General Discussion Area / Escalating violent retail crime
« on: 10 September 2019, 20:21:07 »
Where this country is descending towards South Africa in terms of violent crime & murder rates, where you are killed & then mugged as it is quicker & easier. In London a new trend is heading in that direction where they now tazer you & rob you so you can't fight back. >:( 25% of house burglaries in London are now carried when one or more resident is in the property where they target the old, disabled & ill. >:( London murder rates are now one every two to three days. >:(

Retailers are increasingly on the frontline with a rapid rise of violent shoplifting, attacks, threats & violent robberies, so for every 1000 shops there are now almost 1500 serious crimes against them each year. All of the political parties are soft on crime & its causes & the Tories are talking about no jail for any sentence of less than 6 months, I'm not sure anything will be done until we are like South Africa. >:(

Where I live in a small town of 20,000, burglaries are rising as is street crime & antisocial behaviour. I know several people that have had expensive cars stolen with wide area keys used, along with several almost new motorbikes. >:(

General Discussion Area / Re: Bercow is going.
« on: 10 September 2019, 17:26:22 »
Presumably Boris cannot be arrested before November 1st, as it wouldn't be until we have left the EU without a deal that the law would be broken... :-\

Which surely makes it a rather moot point...

I don't think he can be arrested anyway as under article 50 under EU law which takes precedence over UK law until we leave, any extension is the exclusive preserve of the PM and any UK law can't interfere with that. ;) Under the 1947 Crown Proceedings act crown v crown is specifically excluded or he could use Blair's 2003 Civil Disorder Act to suspend any act that he considers a danger to public order as his nuclear option.

This basically means we are leaving on the 31st under the current EU withdrawal act, unless parliament finds a way to stop this between the 15th & 31st of October. I suspect Dominic Cummings is well ahead of all of this which is why they are so confident we are leaving, with or without a deal.

General Discussion Area / Re: HS 2 to be "reviewed "
« on: 10 September 2019, 16:51:14 »
The 28 schemes in the report above also include several major road improvements schemes, including a new lower Thames tunnel to ease M25 congestion as well as rail ones, so this must be a first for TB to be against that. :-[ :P

General Discussion Area / Re: Huawei
« on: 09 September 2019, 22:36:00 »
Consumer products unless you have a government or key industry job aren't the problem using Huawei for your 5g comms architecture might be, where you have access to large amounts of a countries data to which you can apply superfast parallel processing to pick out key voice & data words using fast parallel signal processors. All countries force telecoms companies to use these systems, including the UK, to record data & calls of interest for their intelligence services. Obviously no country wants to make it easy for an aggressive adversary to do the same. China probably have the biggest soft power and spy networks in the world at this time, which includes key 'researchers' & 'workers' in key academic & industry positions & also an aggressive takeover policy for key industries. :(

Trump pushing back against Chinese IP abuses is fine, except he has gone about it in the wrong way by putting tariffs on easily substituted goods like food rather than problematic hitech industries. :-[

General Discussion Area / Re: Why Repair in 2019?
« on: 09 September 2019, 22:16:57 »
Haven't worn a watch for fifteen years.  What do you need one for?

I would challenge anyone to guess the time more accurately than me ( without a watch). In any case mobile phones, shops, churches, tvs, cars , train stations etc etc etc all have time , then there is the sun.

Sun streams into the house & cockerel is crowing, it must be breakfast time, sun high in the sky, it's hot, each lunch, it must be siesta time (part 1) until it gets cooler, dark, eat evening meal, it must be siesta time (part 2). Why would anybody in Spain ever need a watch? :P :P :P ;D ;D ;D

General Discussion Area / Re: Gibraltar Tanker Dispute Part 2
« on: 09 September 2019, 21:55:43 »
Correct, including the RN on two occasions firing warning flares. MSM only report opinions these days, so if their is no sensationalist angle for that, it probably won't get reported. Journalism as we used to know it is largely dead. :(

General Discussion Area / Re: Another Scam Warning - BT
« on: 09 September 2019, 21:23:52 »
All frauds are based on pressuring people into taking an immediate action on a false premise to stop a disaster. Most of them are based on immediate short term actions, so you don't have time to rationally think about this & about the obvious flaws in their arguments, but not all. If it is a complex problem as climate fraud proves, which is why for the last 30 years we've had 15 months to save the planet from fatal thermal runaway unless societies spend vast amounts on expensive useless green things like intermittent energy sources that don't work & how we have all got to stop moving around & live on a diet of gruel, unless you are royalty or rich or privileged when you can pay a 5 CO2 penance to the appropriate CO2 offset god & continue as normal with your CO2 intense lifestyle. >:( >:( >:(

If you've got a BT account where it will be processed in India then all your details will be known where you preferred they weren't where this is extra bunce & a 'perk' of the job selling your data. About 15 years a go I had a phone call from 'BT' where they knew the payment date & Post Office where my last bill had been paid & would I like to give them my bank details to setup a DD. I said no thanks as you have called me, so I don't know who is calling. When I pointed out anybody, can call anybody & purport to be representing anyone, lets just say from that point onwards in the call the caller got increasingly assertive, then aggressive, so I ended the call, checked with BT & they confirmed that nobody had called me. Not long after that I read in the trade magazine Computer Weekly about BT data leak problems, which of course they have always officially denied. >:( >:( >:(

If you get a phone call on anything with 'suspicious' activity on an account, tell them to sod off & then call the bank / teleco, if necessary using either a different phone line / mobile to confirm it is a hoax, if the call needs to go that far as once it is an obvious fraud call I'm then normally very loud & very rude until they get the message & terminate the call. :y :y :y

General Discussion Area / Re: HS 2 to be "reviewed "
« on: 09 September 2019, 19:54:26 »
If HS2 was scrapped tomorrow (I wish) about 6bn has already been wasted spent out of the 56bn original cost, leaving about 50bn that could be spent on other much more beneficial, much more cost effective alternatives, but what?

Fortunately, the TPA organised "The Great British Transport Competition" which resulted in 28 projects being selected & are in their report below. Have a read & I would be interested in your comments. Many of the rail projects include reintroducing passenger services back on to freight only lines and the revival of disused or partially disused railway lines which reduce further the justification for HS2 which is now unlikely to be completed until the 2030s at a cost (allowing for delays & further price increases) of 90-100+bn.

General Discussion Area / Re: Coincidence or prophesy?
« on: 05 September 2019, 23:07:45 »
Monkeys & typewriters have much to answer for in the murky world of coincidences, random predictions & conspiracy theories. ???

Despite the current remainder triumphalism I have stayed optimistic that Boris will make the default prevail & this free Telegraph article agrees. :y

The purge of the ultra-remain element from the Tory party has been overdue & massively strengthens the party's voting appeal for the 70% of leavers who are natural Tory party voters.

Farage comment today is that a Tory-TBP alliance will be unstoppable where the Tories will keep their traditional seats & TBP will hoover up many Labour ones in the north. :y

This LimpDem fixed 5 year parliaments act has been a disaster & we are exactly at where it was predicted, in the worst case scenario, we would be. :( If Liebour/LimpDems continue to refuse an election they will lose, then we are in for 2.5 years of non-government where the minority can't pass anything & will thought the majority remain rabble. The best we can hope for is that when we leave on the 31st the rabbles alliance unwinds as it is then pointless. Half-baked parliamentary reforms have a habit of biting MPs back. :-[

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