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General Discussion Area / Re: Terrorist attack?
« on: Yesterday at 23:56:41 »
If he had died Compo Jezza would have laid the wreath. >:(

Space is being progressively weaponized. The US military have a space program, they are launched they land and unknown things happen in between. All countries military space stuff is highly classified.

General Discussion Area / Re: Ancestry
« on: Yesterday at 23:45:42 »
I've got my grandad's wilfred medal.

General Discussion Area / Ancestry
« on: Yesterday at 22:35:14 »
Lord Opti & STEMO can rest easy, not OOF ones, but past relatives. :P

I never met either of my grandads as one died at 59 from a hemorrhaged aneurysm but I've learn't a fair amount about him including finding his WWI military record.

My other grandad was a Petty Officer in the RN, fought in the Battle of Jutland and suffered from PTSD which got progressively worse along with his violence in the 1920s. He volunteered to go in a mental hospital where he spent the rest of his life where like so many in that era it was a case of out of sight and forgotten. Many RN records were destroyed in the Blitz and so I know nothing about his military record, as it was blank result when I searched, until today. I was discussing on Twitter PTSD with some veterans, when somebody associated with a Battle of Jutland Crew Association asked for his name & has come back with a record and detail which certainly looks a likely fit from the details which I will now check and try to verify. If it is then he served on the light cruiser HMS Caroline during the Battle of Jutland and it is the only surviving ship from the battle and now a floating museum in Belfast. If it all adds up then I will have to pay a visit to the ship and walk on the decks and what must have been a familiar work & living place for him. :y :y :y

General Discussion Area / Re: For the geeks...
« on: Yesterday at 22:07:37 »
Oh aye, it's a long time since we've had a good bus thread. A big new shiny bus as well. ;) :y :y

General Discussion Area / Re: State owned and placed malware
« on: Yesterday at 01:20:28 »
This is a US NSA follow up in a Defense One magazine article. Not surprised to stage 1 hacking being persistent & rebooting only deleted stages 2 & 3 which can be added again where the Russians 'own' the device. This is worrying due to a lack of government / industry response to tools to get rid of the stage 1 malware.

If anybody is aware of any tools to test & remove this stage 1 infection then please let me know?

General Discussion Area / Re: Internet Providers
« on: 14 August 2018, 17:42:55 »
If you have a proper name, you don't need a number ::)

Or if you got in there Google have been reading your email for years ago..  :D

FTFY. :y

Google owns me, I think my soul belongs to Sergei Brin Vladimir Putin at this point.

FTFI where all the main US tech companies have major share holdings owned by Russian front companies and they have had major hearts, minds and espionage programs aimed at key personnel. The worst two for this are the social media companies Arsebook and Shitter. The same also applies to Chinese intel penetration. As part of the US pushback, this is going to get 'interesting' for the tech companies and their culture and regulation and change things dramatically over the next few years. :o :o :o

General Discussion Area / Re: Nearly did a big TB
« on: 14 August 2018, 16:55:15 »
Sounds like you were almost greeted by your dog going......


 :o :o :o

Microsh*t user account interfaces are well known for being to most intrusive,unhelpful account systems on this planet, which may well have locked you out for 30 days. This started for me where it wouldn't let me log back in after a Skype update, saying I couldn't login with that email address as it was already in use. I entered an alternative, but included a typo. Fortunately, I was able to create a email mailbox account which included my typo or I would have been locked out for 30 days, unless I went through their human system which MIGHT reinstate access.

It might be worth considering a more user friendly alternative like Googlemail.

General Discussion Area / State owned and placed malware
« on: 12 August 2018, 14:53:13 »
The Russian PM Medvedev yesterday warned the US against further sanctions due to the chemical warfare attack on the UK. The US due to their international obligations are legally bound to punish any state that breaks international law by using chemical weapons. US Congress in now debating a new law with more punitive sanctions against Russia. The Russian PM has said they will consider this an economic attack on Russia and will retaliate using any means they see fit to use including unconventional ones. You can take this to mean from their attacks multiple times on Ukraine which is a Russian cyberwar testing ground, this will involve placed malware, including power distribution control systems, Internet routers including domestic broadband ones. I was in Ukraine in June 2017 during such an attack that took down their countries airline booking systems and their banks financial systems including their ATM systems. The first thing I knew about it was when I couldn't withdraw any money ready for my trip the following day back to Kyiv's Borispol airport or check in and get my flight boarding pass. These are real attacks affecting many people. Several weeks a go the CIA and FBI detected Russian malware being placed on US routers and requested that SMEs and domestic Internet users to power down all their routers and reboot them to remove the malware they had detected.

We know this from Facebook, probable illegal, sharing of data with Cambridge Analytica and at least one Israeli company they have links to the Russian and Chinese (through Hong Kong front companies) intelligence. Both countries have heavily invested in US tech companies through anonymous front companies for espionage and influence reasons. Again we know from Cambridge Analytica that one of their favourite data collection sources for profiling 'subjects' are quizzes and even better online surveys. If you do either you are not only profiled by the US tech company advertising affiliates, but also by Russian and Chinese intelligence for use in targeted active measures propaganda profiled political adverts but also their useful fool front websites whose SEO ranking is boosted through botnets linked to social media and these routes will be used in cyber warfare attacks in the future. Through advertising profiling we know Facebook makes on average $50 a month for each UK user and $80 in the US. Other US tech companies will be earning similar amounts.

Two things: If something is free you are the product and being forewarned is being forearmed in an area that is likely to turn very nasty over the next six months or so.

Warning over 18's content.
Do you really think there is anyone who comes on here that is under 18?  ;D

The Omega is hardly an 'ideal first car'.

No but their sensitive Omegas might be along with possibly children / grandchildren / great grandchildren / great-great grandchildren*

*Delete as appropriate. ::) ::) ::)

General Discussion Area / Re: DPD
« on: 10 August 2018, 14:06:15 »
If it is a thunderstorm, you could add few extra artificial lightening flashes by trying it out on your internal hedge of a few dangling power cables. :o :o :o :o :-[ :P

General Discussion Area / Re: Is it me....
« on: 10 August 2018, 01:26:17 »
STEMO replacement windows 49.99 including fitting. Locally sourced and will look as good as your neighbours.

We are a considerate company. We will coordinate the new window fitting to when your neighbour is out.

All windows guaranteed to look like your neighbours used to, before someone nicked them while they were out. :o ::) :-[ :P

General Discussion Area / Re: Boris in trouble again
« on: 09 August 2018, 19:04:22 »
IMO Religion is about:

1. Money (saving souls is expensive,where you need all those expensive, impressive, buildings, robes and icons and well paid, versed and skilled practitioners of the art of their mumbo, jumbo). :(
2. Power. :(
3. Brainwashing (recruitment them young for lifelong participation and obedience). :(

All the different brands want more of it, hence the constant empire building, recruitment and wars. The ultimate recruitment tool is to kill those that won't support your brand. >:(

You don't have to belong to or support any of the big or small religious brands to believe in God or to know the difference between right and wrong or good and evil and to know which of the right ones of those to practice daily in your life. :y

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