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The Trump crime clan are in debt (in money & favours) to the Saudis, along with UAE, Qatar, Israel, Russia, China & Ukrainian Semion Mogilevich (global boss of bosses) to name but a few. :o :o :o Fred Trump (Donald's dad) family, was a front family for the Genovese mafia gang, so Donnie was born into a momster family and has been grifting all of his life. Once you work or are compromised by the mafia, they own you for life. Expect the Trump clan breaking the US Emolument laws to form a big part of Robert Muller's investigation and prosecution. This is going to be the biggest global elite crime bust that any of us will ever witness as it is massive. :D :D :D

Trump's daughter & son-in-law have borrowed & been well paid for 'deals' to the tune of $500m by the Saudis so don't expect anything but obstruction from Trump including not warning the journalist where the NSA had SIGINT that was forwarded to Trump in one of his daily intelligence briefings that the journalist was going to be kidnapped or despatched (normal protocol for a US citizen is for the President to order that the target is warned of the danger & Trump didn't) and that is what the 15 man team that went to the Saudi embassy job was, which included members of Saudi leader MBS security staff. Those 15 where they have been videoed & implicated will now be despatched as dead men don't talk. One has already died in a car accident. In dictatorships it is normal for anybody that badly crosses or even worse embarrasses the regime to be despatched. In the West we only get to hear about the famous ones, the rest just disappear without trace.

General Discussion Area / Re: White Goods Thread!!
« on: Today at 00:25:00 »
Were any of the connections loose in the plug as that can cause overheating & burning? Some plugs are also better than others which is why if I'm fitting one I always use MK as they will stay cool when working up to their stated maximum current and the plug body is made of flame proof material rather than plastic. :y

General Discussion Area / Re: Paddington 24
« on: Today at 00:18:25 »
I enjoy working from home where my long stressful commute is from my lounge, through my hall into my study/office. The insurance broker I do a lot of work for, about 2 years a go installed a VOIP phone system at home and at the houses of the staff that work for him, and closed his office, which has reduced his costs and boosted his profits. Internet based service companies make distributed working at home viable. With many other businesses you have no choice but to have a common place of work for everybody.

I haven't driven to London for years as I find the train quicker and easier and I try and arrange meetings so I rarely need to travel at peak times.

General Discussion Area / Re: When I die....
« on: Yesterday at 23:48:42 »
Should be stuffed & mounted..😉

Surely all sex should cease after death. ;)

I don't think that ever deterred Jimmy Savile. :o :o :o

General Discussion Area / Re: Mad cow disease....
« on: Yesterday at 23:43:02 »
Hopefully just an isolated incident where there have several isclated cases in England over the last 10 years with no major outbreak.

I had to laugh at the Matt cartoon. Two farmers leaning on a gate looking at there herd of cow with a cow in the middle on its hind legs, front legs splayed with a sign in one "I support Chequers". ;D ;D ;D

General Discussion Area / Re: Space station
« on: 17 October 2018, 01:36:53 »
Sounds like it will save a fortune on launch costs. Just kick it off an Inverness cliff it will topple over the edge of the disc that forms the northern side of earth and be in space. ::) ::) ::)

Two SSDs arrived this morning. Awaiting 2.5" enclosure to be delivered so I can mirror & install the drive in my Development PC and I will then use the enclosure for my other SSD as a backup drive.

Compared with Ebuyer glacial order processing with standard delivery, I'm impressed with The Box speed of despatch & delivery. :y

Viking raids with rape and pillaging form a major part of early English history and have left a permanent imprint on our DNA.

General Discussion Area / Re: pay rise
« on: 14 October 2018, 01:44:53 »
Good thing to, that they are being given a major pay rise. The reason judges are so well paid is to make them mostly incorruptible and that is one of the most important elements of our democracy and why the corrupt countries and people invest their ill gotten gains in the UK.

The opposite of this is Ukraine where there totally justice system is based of the size of your bribe. If you are very rich you are effectively above the law as you can buy off everything: murder, rape, theft (including major businesses), driving offences including killing people etc., etc. What cosy Westerners don't realise is what that really means in what you take for granted, like having money in a bank account. A bank employee will help the mafia take it, either through 'bank charges' or indirect theft for their payoff, which is why Ukrainians don't keep money in banks.

The global MOB boss of bosses is Ukrainian Semion Mogilevich who runs the Russian mafia, Ukrainian Mafia and now the US mafia. For them it is always about the money and they will take every $ they can from everybody they can with impunity where they own/payoff judges, politicians etc. FBI untouchable Robert Mueller III took down the Teflon Don and now he is working on the biggest and most important case of his career, where the Trump clan and compromised GOP congressmen and senators are just the tip of the iceberg of US and global elites corruption. If you think globalization biggest success was cheap mass produced goods for everyone, it wasn't. For the mafia it was their globalization of:

1. Drugs.
2. People trafficking.
3. Money laundering.
4. Counterfeit goods.
5. Hacking, malware, botnets and fraud.
6. Protection rackets.
7. Front 'legit' businesses.
8. Investing in Tech companies, main stream media, PR fronts and lobbying companies to create the narrative to their advantage.
9. Corrupting business owners, financial company employees, law enforcement, judges, lawyers, accountants, journalists and most important of all politicians.

And turning countries like Russia into mafia states and if they win in the US the same will apply to them, which will end Western civilization as we know it. >:( >:( >:(

Absolutely fine weather here. 25°C, sunshine pure. October plays summer.
Do you have any British blood in you, Rolf? Your obsession with the weather is definitely an Anglo Saxon trait.

Anglo Saxons come from Germany, Denmark and Northern Holland. Saxons come from Saxony Germany, which might give a clue on weather interest. :y STEMO is an honorary American with his geographical knowledge. :P

General Car Chat / Re: Jaguar Solihull to close for two weeks.
« on: 12 October 2018, 21:27:57 »
Of course JLR also build in China and Switzerland currently
And Brazil. Though I don't think thats working out too well...

The future will be bright in Brazil, if their about to be elected right wing dictator president make JLR the new Volkswagens. ::)

As somebody recently pointed out to me, the majority of this years university intake have never known anything other than the 21st century. Their disinterest and for some contempt for the sacrifices of WWI (the all deads) and WW2 (the mostly deads) generations are their remoteness and of no interest to almost all of them.

Too many of the Remoaner comments I have seen are based on the fact that Levers were generally older, so they wish, hope and celebrate every one of these deaths and want us all to get on with it, so they are the majority. They are too thick to realise that people generally get wiser and more conservative with age, so for each death an older Remoaner becomes a Leaver, which is why Leavers in surveys are still 52-55% of the voting population. ;D ;D ;D

When we were young one of the joys of going to work was earning more money and owning things like records, hi-fi, motorbikes, cars and then houses, followed by holiday homes, where the current millennial generation are quite happy to lease and rent everything, so they have sky high living expenses and never own anything. :-\

The only thing the younger generations don't seem to like is their stick the nearly deads in homes, so it doesn't affect their self-centred lives, except we don't play by their rules, we are determined to linger and use up all their inheritance money. ;D ;D ;D

General Car Chat / Re: Problems with rhe Ford Ecoboost
« on: 12 October 2018, 20:49:50 »
Sounds like a fatal design fault to me in a mummy bus. :o Rug rat transport with no low level coolant sensor, that needs to be manually checked and topped between annual service intervals shouldn't be allowed. ::) After all they have remote tyre pressure sensors now to let them know when they've worn through the canvas and the tyre is flat. :-X

I suspect electric cars will be forced upon us to move pollution from city centres to downwind of more rural gas powered power stations. Labour London mayor is taking the lead in the UK, but mainland core EU states are making it increasingly difficult to use an older internal combustion car in cities, where you have to display a pollution level badge. Green lobby is very big and strong in Germany which is driving much of this.

Likewise with self-driving cars. Even with the limited automation on Teslas they have found it has reduced accident rates by two thirds when used.

10 years from now you probably won't be able to drive yourself and as a minimum use a hybrid on electric power in all uk large towns and cities. You will also be charged an astronomic insurance premium if it is a non-self driving car.

When it comes to sharing, I agree that has never caught on which is why coaches, buses and passenger trains have all failed. :-X :-X :-X

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