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General Car Chat / Another MOT Pass
« on: 08 January 2020, 13:41:53 »
Had my car MOT'd this morning at my Vx dealer on TC and it passed with flying colours.

The "advisorories" about dirty and corroded front springs and brake pipes of 2019, that I dealt with by getting under the car and washing them all down, then covering them in anti-rust treatment / paint, were not repeated, so I am very pleased about that! 8) 8) :D

General Discussion Area / Rise of the Nazis
« on: 18 September 2019, 09:36:02 »
As one of my main periods of study in history I have read, watched, and heard primary witness accounts of what happened over decades, but this excellent 3 part documentary series, that has just ended, has really got it all spot on in documentary terms of the 'processes' and 'mechanics' of what happened in democractric Germany in the lead up and after 1300 hours on 30th January, 1933, with so many in powerful positions corrupted, manipulated, and out maneuvered for a variety of reasons, that led to the Third Reich gaining it's evil strength.

Many will say "so what, it is just boring history!!"

Just think of what happened back in the 1930's with Germany and it's politics. Then look at what is happening now to our democracy.  Now I am NOT saying it will all degenerate to the level that it did after that infamous, aforementioned, crucial date in what had been the Weimar Republic of Germany to turn it into the Third Reich.  But watch how democracy was so easily manipulated, twisted, and dismantled, then think of our democracy and how we must not let that happen here, although I fear it has started.  We must take back control of our politicians and our current government, thank God not currently run by an evil, very astute, and manipulating dictator, but by a Buffoon who, by way of his very weakness, naivety and stupidity, could set the scene for the worst to happen; another stepping in to take advantage of our democracy's weak state.

A Warning From History indeed for the UK and the whole of Europe, where very real action in it's past has dictated twice before how we are now. With our, and Europe's, political difficulties, keep an eye on the, potential, powder keg Balkans and it's, once again, troubled politics that could impact on us all yet again. :o :o

General Discussion Area / Emergency Grab Bags
« on: 10 September 2019, 20:52:07 »
Now no one has mentioned it yet,  but do you know today there was a big national campaign started to encourage us British people to have an emergency "grab bag" handy near the front door with torches, first aid kit, water, etc!!! :o :o

We didn't even have all that rubbish during the Cold War, so what the hell do the authorities expect to happen?! :o :o :D

FFS, are we panicking or not? ::) ::) ::) :( :(

I even checked to see if today was really the 1st April ;D ;D ;)

General Discussion Area / Another Scam Warning - BT
« on: 09 September 2019, 16:12:56 »
Just to let you all know, so that you can warn your older relatives especially (including my age group!! ::) ::)) that today down here in Kent I have received THREE calls this afternoon from 'people' / bastards purporting to be from BT claiming that, due to "irregular activity" on my internet, my Broadband will be terminated over the next 24 hours unless "1" press to speak to an agent, or "2" to speak to their termination agents!

This is of course would develop to a scam, which I have of course reported to BT and the National Fraud Action lines. I also spoke to an "agent" each time, who all had American accents, and informed them I worked alongside Kent Police, they were scammers, of an evil parentage!!!

The numbers to watch out for are:
                  01224626310            03203498331            03265540870

I have of course blocked these numbers now ;)

Just all be careful, although this scam has been going some time now and they are after your bank details / payments to stop the internet problems / authorisation to remotely control your PC / "special programmes" to give your PC added protection (!!!) /  selling of all kinds of fake services / etc. :)

General Car Chat / Brand New Vauxhall At Cost Price Plus 1
« on: 09 September 2019, 13:24:49 »
I have just received a personalised invitation from my local Vx main dealer, who know me oh so well, to attend a special Trade UP event.

They say they will give me a "4,000 guaranteed scrappage allowance" on a vehicle that I buy at cost Plus 1!

Oh the joy, the promise of being tied in to a finance deal for x-years for a tinny, unexciting, restricted "number of vehicles", non-Omega!! ::) ::) ::) :P

No thanks!! ;D ;D ;D ;)
What is the "Cost" value of a Vx car in percentage terms, on the list price, anyway?  Cost for the manufacturer, or the dealer - if the latter that means they make just 1 per car!  What rot! ::) ::) ;D ;D :)

General Discussion Area / Why Repair in 2019?
« on: 09 September 2019, 12:48:09 »
My best, and most loved, Radley designer quartz watch has gone cup putt, third thing to go wrong over the last week!!  :o :o :'( :'(

Just been to my local (not chain) jewelers who I have dealt with for years to see what they could do. He tried to repair it, but the upshot was, he couldn't.  All he could suggest when I asked was a new 'mechanism' - about 60-80 - and a new glass face - 30-40!!

Just ordered a Radley designer quartz watch, very similar to the one broken - 79.99 down from 109.99! 8) 8) ;)

Just proves so often it is just not worth repairing anything - well apart from an Vauxhall Omega!! ::) ::) ;D ;D ;)

General Discussion Area / Gibraltar Tanker Dispute Part 2
« on: 07 September 2019, 14:33:25 »
I am sure that many will not be surprised the previously held tanker held by the Royal Navy at Gibraltar for being suspected of taking oil illegally to Syria by the Iranians, has now been seen off the coast of...............Syria!

The United States of America was not happy about the release of this tanker, and now this with even the ship having a change of name and turning off it's transponders that were being used to track it and ensure Iran honoured it's "Agreement", can only increase the tensions bubbling on behind the scenes.

 ::) ::) :(

General Discussion Area / Brexit - Not So Bad
« on: 07 September 2019, 11:52:07 »
I have just returned from another visit to a battlefield that determined, and this one very decisively, the course of English history.  The Battle of 1066, the so called Battle of Hastings, actually fought at Battle in East Sussex, 7 miles inland from the town of it's name.

I went there this time with one of my grandson's, 8 years of age, who has hooked into the subject of history and the mathematical numbers involved. Whilst going around the scene of this great battle, thinking of the numbers involved that day, it made me think, even as a women, how grateful I am to live in 2019 and 'suffer' the constant torture of BREXIT now.

The Battle of 1066 was fought on the 14th October. The 'battle' of BREXIT is possibly being 'fought' throughout October, with it maybe coming to a head on the 31st.  The Battle of 1066, the last of three that year, which was again to decide the rulers of England.  BREXIT is a battle for the future of England and who ultimately rules us. 

It was a bloody, gruesome battle, beyond what was considered 'normal' for that era. I will not go into graphic detail as some may well object to that, but thousands died, or were dying in absolute agony, piled up on the field of conflict like no other time.  Everyone, including me, living today, women as well as men, both of which could find themselves fighting a war, should just pause in the current "B" battle and thank God that in another age, like 1066, the political game over England's future being played out would not be a war of words, and a frustrating media circus,  but men having to fight physically hand to hand, with an almost certain end in a way that no-one now would wish on anyone. No rockets, nuclear devices, or just bullets to bring about a quick merciful end at the hands of someone very distant from us.

So this current 'battle' on English soil is not o bad afterall! :D ;)

General Car Chat / Vauxhall Parts Are Increasing In Price
« on: 06 September 2019, 18:02:46 »
I, and I know a number of you, have noted how Vx genuine Omega parts are increasing in value, significantly, and that is if you can get them at all!

Four years ago I decided to replace the door solenoids on both the front passenger and rear nearside doors after they started to fade in performance, which told me after past experiences they needed to be replaced:  One was 60.00 the other 63.10 after TC, but plus VAT.

Two days ago the drivers door solenoid starter to go, and finally gave up the ghost yesterday.  Phoned my friendly local Vx Parts guy, who knows me very well (!!) and got a quote for Part No. 90493702:  102.60 after TC, but inc. VAT!!

After I gulped, he agreed the prices had gone up, and suggested - if I needed it - that I source the part from others. At least, I suppose the part is still available! ::) ::)

I have always tried to replace my Omega parts with brand new genuine Vx / GM ones, but with this I have found a German (where else!!) based company, with UK contact numbers - - who will supply a brand new solenoid for 58.19 all in!

Much better 8) 8) :)

No doubt someone will suggest a cheaper price elsewhere, or buy second hand which I try not to do (although a s/h solenoid cost me 29.99, all in, 5 years ago), but at that price I cannot be bothered to chase around for a part that is just a few quid different! :D

But I can understand as our cars get older and rarer that these prices will go up, but by that much.... :o :o ;D ;D :)

I have noted the comments about the police and my faith in them in the thread by Dave who had his Omega rammed, so now, after saying what I did in that thread, I now state I know what the actual situation is, and why some of you think "the police are useless".

It is not the individual police officer that is useless, but the justice system that is "broken", as described by one blunt Chief Constable. The Police Service has been stretched to beyond breaking point by government cuts that you, me and everyone else has allowed the politicians to do. Cutting 20,000 from their number after 2010 was always going to have this effect, and the recent decision to reverse that is a step in the right direction, but in reality, with society now being more violent and crime ridden, with diminished respect of the police and physical attacks on them causing higher number of absences from work, we, society, require far more officers.  It will be at least two years before those now in training can become fully effective officers upholding the law, protecting the public, and gaining experience with maturity.

The average officer I meet is "doing the job" to the best of their ability, but their morale and confidence has been badly knocked and they are so often frustrated that their lack of physical numbers and time inhibit them from fully achieving what they are not only paid to do, but excelling to the level their professional pride is screaming out for.

The CPS and the rest of the judiciary does not help as the frequently few officers tackle serious crime, and after reams of form filling, interviewing witnesses and suspects, with the taking of multiple statements, leads to a decision of the CPS wishing to take the case no further, or downgrading the possible charges to allow for a more certain positive court outcome, or deciding there is "insufficient evidence for charging".  That is a decision based on the risky nature, from the point of view of the CPS, of taking a matter to court and incurring costs - yes that is in itself a major factor.

One case I was advising the police on involved highlighted this "sensitivity" to risk. I cannot give full details of course, but in essence it was:
An alleged mass attack on a house and 4 people, with two children, by  a group of women, who allegedly (to all): physically assaulted two men, including sexual assault, one with learning difficulties;  caused criminal damage to property; threatened a 6 year old child with physical harm, including a threat to "kill";  general committing of "hate crime" over one persons sexual orientation (which was a false assumption); verbal threats to "fire bomb" the house, and general criminal disorder with breaches of the peace, all following previously alleged on-going acts of harassment and incitements to cause acts of violence, which, allegedly continued after the main incident.  The main attack was witnessed by a large number of people, including independent observers.

The outcome after months of police work, and much personal effort by one PC, and his DI, with me constantly communicating and advising between all parties, was a decision by the CPS to not press charges as at court there could well be a fatal element to legal proceedings as one adult witness, who was one physically assaulted, including a sexual element, and has learning difficulties, was hesitating over his original identification of a suspect, although positive identification had been confirmed by other witnesses. The risk of him faltering in the witness box was considered too great.  Another major flaw was that the police had taken too long to bring the case to the stage of pressing charges!

The system had also destroyed this case from the start, as when this incident was transpiring numerous 999 calls were made, but due to a mistake in the grading of the call and a lack of police resource at that time, a Sunday afternoon, it was not until 2 hours plus that officers arrived on the scene, by which time the alleged committing of offences was over. The police therefore could not identify the suspects, and relied on the victims statements. The officers did carryout door to door enquiries, entering a particularly key property to the affair, but any suspects had disappeared.

For me this case highlighted so clearly how the police are so handicapped from being able to enforce the law and bring about justice, due to the politicians. The PC's involved, and the DI, although very professional in their reactions after this case had been dropped, even though with the latter's support I was able to advise the main victim to lodge an appeal of the decision with the CPS, they were not happy.  In fact one said he was "gutted" and angry.  That is what is letting our police down, and causing them to question why they carry on.  It must change, and change as quickly as humanly possible.

Much higher, fully enforced, sentences for anyone who assaults, let alone worse, any emergency worker, must be a matter of urgency.  As I mentioned before, the benefit of higher numbers of police officers will take at least two years. :(

General Discussion Area / Anthoine Hubert Death
« on: 01 September 2019, 11:24:37 »
Away from the "Dead Person" thread, and repeating what I posted there : 

(Warning this may be very distressing to some)

For those who may not be too distressed:

I just didn't think modern race cars at that level could disintegrate like that, and shouldn't the driver be in a completely protective cage? :o :o :o :o

ADMINS:  Please remove if you consider this unsuitable for discussion so soon after this young mans death :'( :'( :'( :'(

General Discussion Area / The End of Human Control of IT
« on: 30 August 2019, 21:44:47 »
In another thread I have done I dared to mention to TB how soon it will be before computers will be designing, building, and operating themselves, with the human considered superfluous and a drain on resource, and not worth "subsidising" any more.

Well, believe it or not the age of the Terminator is only 9 years away, in 2029, when the computers take over.  There will be no need for trains then..... :o :o

It is true, I've seen the film..... :o :o ;D ;D ;)

Doesn't time fly. :o :o

Well, will it happen? ??? ???

General Discussion Area / Mira Showers - Great Customer Service
« on: 29 August 2019, 17:05:46 »
I have just got off the phone from speaking to a Customer Service agent for Mira Showers.

After the agent, a Dominic, gave me the benefit of much time in identifying what new part(s) I required for my shower unit, that has a broken switch, with much receiving and sending of diagrams and photo's (that I took to confirm the exact parts required), with no worry about the time elapsing, no rush on his part, and great patience with me, we arrived at a solution.

Although, typically, we established a whole front unit for the shower had to be ordered, not just the internal switches and membrane I wanted, after speaking to his manager, he gave me a 30% discount to soften the blow!

Now I have stated before that my professional skill set includes the training of Customer Care with countless staff teams over many years, and implementing such packages across my Division for my field managers to implement, but this guy, Dominic, wins the prize for the best Customer Care I have ever witnessed or received 8) 8) :y

After the moans I have had about people / Customer Care agents / companies not providing the level of friendly, efficient, supportive, and resolving attitude a Customer should expect, what I have found this afternoon is worth shouting from the rooftops about!

A very big well done Mira Showers!! 8) 8) :y

General Car Chat / Vauxhall Royle - Go Compare
« on: 27 August 2019, 21:31:20 »
Has anyone else thought about the car being wrecked, whilst summersaulting over a falling tree, in the latest Go Compare tv advert? ??? ???

To me it looks awfully like an old Vauxhall Royle of late 1980's vintage. The alloy wheels are dead ringers for those fitted to the contemporary Senator, but the car is definitely not one of those.


General Discussion Area / Bury FC and Bolton FC
« on: 27 August 2019, 19:53:57 »
Well, none of you men have commented on this sad saga. :o :o

Great northern football clubs, with superb history and pedigree, going under......perhaps??

Now I have little interest in football, but from a commercial point of view I am very interested.  What has, and is going wrong?  How many other FC's could also go the same way? ??? ???

Is it passion, and stupidity, ignoring the need to make a profit in this business?  Will the only FC's left be the great ones, like Liverpool, Machester United, Arsenal, etc? :o :o

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