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General Discussion Area / Petrol Price Shock
« on: Yesterday at 11:42:00 »
With all that has been going on between the USA and Iran, with tankers bombed (as per the other threads) and World oil prices shooting up.......................

This morning at Sainsbury's, where the price has been up to 131.9 in recent weeks, it was 124.9, down 3p per litre on what it was just a few days ago!

Great, but what is going on now?  ??? ??? :D :D ;)

Of course I filled up the tank to the brim in the gamble that price cannot last ;D ;D

General Discussion Area / Oil Tankers Bombed - Iran vs USA
« on: 13 June 2019, 14:53:17 »
Today's news about the suspected bombing of two oil tankers in the Gulf of Oman is very disturbing.

It has been on the news today about the bombing of two oil tankers and it is already being strongly suggested by Washington that Iranian sponsored terrorists are responsible. If this is true then we are possibly on the verge of war that has been bubbling for some time with the USA strongly suggesting Iran, a known sponsor of terrorism, and posing a new, current, escalating trend to "attack" the USA is now taking that one stage further.  Trump has apparently stated we do not want conflict, but if we have to we will take action.

Trump will, strangely, be the man to face that down. He is unpredictable enough, but strong enough, to do what a US President should do if the United States of America is threatened, as it is in effect being from Iran.  Weak USA Presidents are not required now!

This is a very dangerous situation, and could be a very costly one in major ways, but also the slight matter of oil prices that, it is already being reported, have spiked already!

Fill up yer tanks, and batten down the hatches!  This obviously will be no joke if the situation is allowed to escallate beyond what has transpired already in diplomatic terms between the USA and Iran.  Remember, US battle groups are already assembled in great numbers in the Gulf. :( :(

I am not one to usually overreact over world politics and 'developments' involving the military, but............................. :o :o

Over to Rod2!! :D  :y

General Discussion Area / HERMES
« on: 12 June 2019, 21:04:08 »
I ordered three HDMI cables from Amazon, which I usually use with no problems whatsoever, and that I can say after ordering from them since 2008.

Yesterday I waited in all day as the Amazon Tracking informed me the order was out for delivery by...HERMES.  I kept myself busy, but by 1930 hours there was no sign of the delivery. Checked the order Tracking and it stated HERMES was "sorry" but the order would not be delivered "today; it should be delivered between the 12th (today) and the 21st of June!!!!

I was not happy and got in touch with Amazon's Customer Services Department, via an initial system email asking them to contact me by telephone. To be fair the call back was instant, and I ended up talking to a very helpful, professional and well trained Customer Care operative. Let rip about the awful service from their contracted courier, HERMES, infamous for failing in NOT delivering parcels. She immediately agreed to give me a refund of the delivery charges and 5 discount on any future orders from Amazon, whilst communicating my complaint to another team to deal with HERMES.

This morning I checked with the Amazon site on any latest news about the delivery. Tracking stated that the item had been "Delivered" at 8:13pM on Tueday!!!

I blew my top, recovered, and went into professional mode and another conversation with Amazon.  From stating the fact that the Tracking info had gone from "it won't be delivered until to between the 12th-21st" to "delivered", when it had not and in fact at that claimed time I had been talking to their colleague about the problems, all recorded. I gave some experienced retailers advice on the monsters HERMES are, how they have a very bad online and media reputation doing what they have done to me, and how the Amazon business would lose customers, such as me, by using such a company who lies and fails to give the retailers customers excellent Customer Care. I stated I can go anywhere locally, to all the national major retailers, and purchase what Amazon, by default, have failed to deliver, but HERMES do not worry themselves about that! I requested that the order be cancelled, all monies be refunded, and stated I would not use Amazon again. At this the operative responded in the same professional way as before and did what I asked, but also agreed to arrange a 10 discount on any future orders if I gave Amazon another chance.

After that call the previous Customer Care, highly professional lady operative phoned me and asked what had happened; had the order been delivered as suggested by HERMES. I then gave her full professional advice on what should be fed back to her managers about THAT company and their appalling record. I repeated that courier could destroy any retail business if their contract was not terminated. She admitted I was far from being "not the first to complain about that company, and she would make a special effort to give my feedback to the management. I have also stipulated that I would not place an order if HERMES is the courier, a note of which has been placed on my account.

How that company keep going I shall not know, but, if, just if, my communications with Amazon help to terminate their contract with that company and stop others going through all the hassle, then that will be great!

In the meantime I have purchased my HDMI leads from B&Q, and also have a 15 discount for my next purchase with Amazon.

Sorry for the long winded post, but I needed to let as many know as possible, who do not know already, how they should avoid using that courier ;)

General Discussion Area / What's happened??
« on: 11 June 2019, 19:45:16 »
Time 1742 on 11th May; only TWO people, including me logged in and no GCHQ listeners!!! :o :o

Has something happened, like a bomb has dropped or a really good woman's  World Cup football match??

Very strange! :o :o ;D

General Discussion Area / Bluetooth Wireless Dongle
« on: 09 June 2019, 15:30:25 »
I need help please from those on here advanced in IT matters!

I have tried to link my Windows 8, upgraded to 10, desktop PC via a Bluetooth Wireless USB dongle to a Panasonic sound bar.  My laptop is fully paired with the sound bar, and until the previous Bluetooth dongle stopped working when I upgraded to Windows 10, the PC was.

I first tried an apparent all singing all dancing dongle which just gave me a "Driver Error" on the Control Panel screen. I got another one of those, only to have a repeat of that.  I looked up reviews online and others had had problems connecting to Windows 10 and just sent their dongle back.

Two days ago I tried again, via Amazon, with a USB BLUETOOTH BT WIRELESS CSR 4.0 DONGLE, with drivers, and meant to be "Plug &Play" for Windows 7/8/10.  I have again been having to swear out loud and throw things around my front room as, after repeatedly installing, then uninstalling, only to do that again and again (!!!!) I arrive at the same point.

My PC has recognised my Panasonic Sound bar, being shown as successfully connected; it is fully linked. BUT, on the Control Panel screen the Sound bar is shown with "connect" and disconnect" 'buttons, both in grey mode, so not reacting to my constant clicking onto them!!  When I check the link on the dongles details the sound bar, or more precisely speaker, is shown as connected, but when I click on that it displays a "A2DP (sink) device and that prompts me to "connect" it. BUT, again, frustration, as the system after trying to connect just gives me the message "Device failed to respond"!!!!

I have sent an email to the supplier asking for help, but I have noted many cases online where the A2DP (sink) thingy gives people real hassles, so I am not holding my breadth!

As a side issue my iTunes app works fine when just confined to my PC speakers, but is giving me a message of "iTunes detects incompatible Bluetooth software on your computer" and may not work correctly!!  (Once more I have noted online comments that this is not an unusual problem).

So, have any of you simple answers of what is wrong and how I can fix it??  (I have again gone through pages of online Windows system advice, via Bing until I feel sick with the complexity of what I should do - usually I end up with thinking of suicide as a simpler option!!

OR, should I just return this dongle as well?  If so, what can you good guys, hopefully sympathetic for my mental health, suggest as a "good" and easy dongle to use with Windows 10?

I have spent days on this issues, but i want my iTunes being played from my PC through to the Sound bar system eventually!

Many thanks in advance :-* :-* :-* ;)

General Discussion Area / I've Won!!
« on: 08 June 2019, 16:19:39 »
This morning I received a cheque from the Premium Bond people for.................25!! ;D ;D ;D

I was in respect of a Bond I bought with my mother in 1965 with a 1 note I had got for my birthday. Well worth waiting for!! ;D ;D ;D ;D

Although the family won two separate 50 prizes way back n the 1980's with other Premium Bonds, I had forgotten I still have my oldest ones!

Won 30 on the People's Post Code a couple of months back and another 30 on the National Lottery at about the same time, all small amounts, I laugh out loud when these prizes come through.  All useful money for keeping the Omega going! ;D ;D ;D ;)

General Discussion Area / Ford Bridgend
« on: 06 June 2019, 13:18:49 »
No one has mentioned it yet, but Ford are set to close their Bridgend engine plant in 2020, after 40 years in service.

Sign of the times and things to come, with electric engines now firmly on the scene?

1700 jobs are going :'( :'(

General Discussion Area / Holes
« on: 31 May 2019, 12:23:42 »
Another thread, or two, has been on about holes in a wall.

Well it has reminded me of one of my favourite songs during early childhood by the great Bernard Cribbins:

They do not make them like that anymore ;D ;D ;)


I have just watched the latest episode of Repair Shop (Friday 17/05/19) which is a great show.  However, I am very concerned about one item that was "repaired".

I watched as a mains electric gramophone and wireless from 70 years ago was restored,  But no electrical testing was done before the 'expert' plugged in the devices and managed to fuse the lights of the repair shop. He apparently eventually got the devices going, but it appeared that at no stage was the mains cable or the wires within the wireless replaced,  It appeared that the old brown mains cable was kept judging by what was shown, and at no stage was there any mention of electric testing by a qualified electrician. 

Now I remember that old brown cable well, and the rubber sheathing eventually perished, exposing just the bare wires that made a lovely flash, bang, and used to blow the lights.  The wires within a 70 year old electrical appliance would also be brittle.

Now I wonder if what I saw was the case, or an instance of poor editing an information giving. But, did the 'customer' who left with the gramophone and radio cabinet take back to her home a fire risk? 

The programme did mention briefly the dangers of old electrical appliances at the start of this repair, but at no stage confirmed the necessary testing and replacement of 70 year old cabling  had taken place.  I have been carrying out electrical work for 50 years, so I do know the dangers of getting this type of thing wrong.

Did anyone else see this programme?  Any comments from the qualified electricians on here?

I have written to the BBC about this, so I will be interested in their reply which, hopefully, will eradicate my fears!

General Discussion Area / Jeremy Kyle Gone Too Far
« on: 13 May 2019, 15:39:09 »
The Jeremy Kyle show has been pulled from screening and recording of all episodes after a guest died shortly after filming. The incident is being very seriously investigated, so one wonders what has happened :o

I know what I think of him and this show, but has he now pushed things too far?

Some online comments make for some interesting reading :o

General Discussion Area / Burger King Adverts
« on: 26 April 2019, 16:37:29 »
Has anyone else seen the latest series of tv adverts for Burger King?

I am absolutely gob smacked about the awfulness of them as they show exactly what bad customer service is, and how not to treat those who venture onto your retail premises.

A potential customer in each advert is shown asking for a cheeseburger.  Then it shows everyone in the Burger King, including staff looking utterly shocked and insulted that someone should ask for this (to me an implied reference to the McDonalds offering) and then the "customer" is seen being humiliated by being told "not to come back"!!! :o :o. Then the message is that you must ask for their version of a hamburger.

Now in the world of good customer service you NEVER make the customer feel humiliated and unwelcome.  If a customer asks for something you do not offer then you make an alternative suggestion to win their business in a very competitive market.  To advertise that a potential Burger King customer can be told to effectively "fxck off" and to not come back, by daring to ask for a product they do not do, being made to feel stupid, suggesting the customer is very wrong, is plain ridiculous and very bad retail practice.

Now, yes, I can see they were aiming to make a joke out of this, but this is 'dangerous to your business stuff', as Ratner found out. I do never use Burger King as I do not like their offering, preferring MD's, and this certainly makes me certain I will never use them if they are so unprofessional as this.

Whoever is their advertising agency and in house marketing team should be dismissed quickly. :o  ::) ;)

General Discussion Area / Vladimir Meets Kim
« on: 25 April 2019, 16:18:04 »

This should get Rod talking:

Yes, Putin has upstaged Trump with a meeting between himself and Kim to show that the US is not the only one that can play games with North Korea over their nuclear missiles.  Vladimir is apparently making all loving sounds about how he can make a deal to ease N.K. woes over American sanctions.

Blimey, you have to hand it to that man in Moscow that he can play a good power game and therefore is attractively (he still reminds me of Daniel Craig as Bond!! :-* :-*) very dangerous indeed.  :o :o :o

General Discussion Area / Post Easter Chocolate Eggs
« on: 24 April 2019, 17:47:00 »
I felt really sorry today for the Sainsbury's sales management team at Head Office.

Our local Sainsbury's still has today, the Wednesday after Easter hundreds of chocolate eggs stacked high, all at half price.

No doubt there are various factors contributing to that.  The main one is a very warm Easter, which always dented chocolate egg sales.  But locally we now have not only Lidl, but a brand new Aldi, alongside Asda, Tesco and Waitrose, so the competition has escalated dramatically.  In general though the Sales & Marketing team have obviously got their sales predictions very wrong, and I know how that feels!! :'( :'(

Anyone who loves chocolate eggs should visit their local superstore as I suspect it was not a good year generally for egg sales. Half price is OK, but I recommend you wait for them to go for less, below cost, as they will to get rid. 8) 8) ;)

General Discussion Area / Ukraine
« on: 21 April 2019, 19:03:35 »
So a comedian has won a landslide victory to become the President of Ukraine.

What can go wrong? ??? ???

After all we have had an actor as President of the USA. :D ;)

No doubt Rod2 will have some views on this :D ;)

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