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Omega General Help / spraying rear trim
« on: 03 April 2019, 20:01:19 »
I;m having trouble finding the two rear side trim pieces that sit just above the bumper and wrap round to the tailgate on my estate (mine are both damaged)
Do you think using a spray can i could get a reasonable finish over blue ones ive found on ebay?

While im in get parts mode has anyone got the trim pieces that fit either side at the back of the estate just above the bumper (they just wrap round the back to meet the tailgate)  Its for a Facelift in Z147 paint silver  thanks for any help

Would anyone have a silver Z147 complete nearside wing mirror please for a facelift 2001 CD estate

Would anyone have a load cover and two side locking trim bits for a F/L estate please,mine is black (they might all be) :-\

Omega General Help / xenon lights
« on: 01 April 2019, 19:01:42 »
Do all of the v6 models have xenon lights from facelift onwards? thanks for help

Omega General Help / door lock solinoids
« on: 31 March 2019, 19:59:56 »
Are the front door lock solinoids on a F/L the same part number please 90493702  thanks for help

Omega General Help / wheel centres
« on: 08 March 2019, 18:44:03 »
Big thanks to Doctor Gollum the CDX wheel trims fit perfectly :y

As above im after two decent condition wheel centre bits thank you

Omega General Help / key fob in the wash
« on: 25 February 2019, 20:19:52 »
Managed to leave my key [3 BUTTON TYPE} in my overalls and they got washed at the cleaners. Happy to see it again after massive house search but wont function remotely any more. Its dry inside and tried new battery. I can open doors using keyhole and then start car to stop alarm . So chip still works ,but is there a way of fixing remote part or replacing that part without new programming?
thanks for any help Paul

Omega General Help / rusty cat converter
« on: 23 February 2019, 18:47:59 »
Looking under the Omega 2.6 today i noticed the heat shield outer casing on the cat converter was crusty and some of it is missing,is this a MOT fail . its not blowing and is it an expensive replacement thanks for any help

I managed to obtain a new climate control panel for my F/L saloon, i need to remove old one from console ,will i need to remove radio block or is there a way of removing without doing that?
Help would be appreciated thanks  Paul

General Car Chat / 2.2 estate on ebay
« on: 12 January 2019, 19:23:34 »
Would anyone know any history or background on the green estate on ebay. Its in bedford cant do link! Is price too high ,and does nearside sill look rusty or dirty ,waiting for seller reply
I see the scrapes etc but didnt seem too bad let me know what you think ,its a four pot but not many estates about cheers Paul

Hello the buttons on the climate panel have worn so i need the panel with buttons that surrounds the stereo.

Omega General Help / heater fan push switches on main dash panel
« on: 04 January 2019, 20:24:53 »
Hello i have an issue with the fan  switch area on my 2002 elite 2.6 which became kind of sticky. i attempted to clean off the stickyness with spray dash cleaner but ended up taking the black off the small fan control switches and the other two switches on that panel.
I would need to replace the whole panel which includes boot release and rearblind amongst other things.
my question is how easy is it to replace the panel(the one that surrounds the stereo)and can i get hold of a used one ?
thanks for help

General Discussion Area / Top 10 future classics in decline
« on: 01 September 2018, 21:17:15 »
Reading the latest issue of practical classics the Omega came in at number 5  in the above list:
It stated :number on the road first quarter 2016 = 10,197       
               number on the road first quarter 2018 = 5,213
A 48.9 % decline at this rate Omegas won't even reach classic status ! Is it rust killing them or just running costs?
Its quite a rapid rate :'(  They might not all have been scrapped some could be sorned.

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