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Omega General Help / Bracket
« on: 10 September 2019, 22:47:44 »
Hi Guys

Iíve done a silly, Iíve taken the power steering pump and alternator off my Omega 2.5TD and ended up with this bracket but canít for the life of me see where it should fit.

Can anyone out there send a picture or sketch of where it should go.

Thanks to anyone who can help

[img]Hi Guys

Iíve done a silly, Iíve taken the power steering pump and alternator off my Omega 2.5TD and ended up with this bracket but canít for the life of me see where it should fit.

Can anyone out there send a picture or sketch of where it should go.

Thanks to anyone who can help

Omega General Help / Power Steering Flushing
« on: 30 August 2019, 15:59:50 »
Hi Guys

Has anyone out there got any bright ideas, first off Iím talking about the Omega with the 2.5 L diesel engine not that I think in this instance it will make any difference if it was petrol.

My problem is the power steering has packed up and the fault was traced to the pump which has now been taken off and sent for repair.
The repairers have said the system needs to be flushed out before fitting the repaired pump which all makes good sense to me.

Ok there are two pipes which connect onto the fluid top up reservoir, one goes down and connects to the power steering pump via a banjo union unlike the one shown at B in the image but the same as the one shown at A.

Does anyone know the best way to flush the system out from the banjo at A, or could I simply pour fluid in at point C until it comes out at banjo A, although I think point C is the return fluid pipe so I would be flushing the system in reverse if you get my meaning.

Thanks to anyone who can shed some light


General Discussion Area / Image Upload
« on: 30 August 2019, 13:27:25 »

I want to upload an image onto this forum which I have stored on Google, does anyone know how to do it, click by click please as it does not take much for me to get lost.

My thanks to anyone who can advise.


Omega General Help / Omega Clutch
« on: 22 November 2018, 23:20:28 »
Hi Guys

Iíve posted on here some time ago about an issue Iíve got with the clutch in my Omega 2.5TD with a manual gearbox.

Just to recap, start the engine and the car wonít go into gear, keep a steady pressure on the gear lever turn engine off and it goes straight into gear no problem.

The fluid level isnít going down in the shared brake reservoir.

Tried bleeding the concentric slave cylinder problem still persists.

Thereís no clutch slip when accelerating hard or going up hill.

Once the car is running within a few minutes the gears go in no problem, and by a few minutes I mean in the time it takes to reverse the car off my driveway.

Question 1: Is there another cylinder behind the clutch pedal, if not does anyone know how the system works, ie when pressure is applied to the clutch pedal how does it force fluid down the pipe to the concentric cylinder if thereís no cylinder attached to the clutch pedal.

Question 2: Is there a way of testing the brake master cylinder to find out if the rubbers inside it are simply allowing fluid to pass back and forth over them.

Question 3: If there is another cylinder at the back of the clutch pedal is there any way it can be tested to see if itís working as it should.

I donít want to go rushing straight in and buy a new complete clutch and concentric cylinder plus a new dual mass flywheel, well at least not without checking the other items out first.

Thanks to anyone who can help


Omega Electrical and Audio Help / Onboard Display Gone Dim
« on: 29 July 2018, 22:06:01 »
Hi Guys

The onboard screen display has gone dim but only on the one half, all of the diodes are still working in so far as there are no missing segments.
Does anyone have any idea what wrong with it?

Thanks for your help


Omega General Help / Air Con Screw
« on: 29 June 2018, 22:25:07 »
Hi guys

First off, Iím talking about a Vauxhall Omega 2.5TD, the one with the six cylinder lump in it.

Itís got to be worth a try, I need a replacement screw and spacing washer for the clutch on my air con compressor.
Iíve tried an ordinary M6 screw but it just locks everything up once its tighten so I assume the screw must be a bit special, because it should allow the clutch to slide along the spline shaft once the air con is switched on.

Does anyone out there have the correct screw they want sell or the compressor, I donít care if the compressor is knackered as itís just the screw Iím after, or if someone just happens to have their compressor off and doesnít mind posting a view pics and some measurements of the screw Iíll try and get one made.

Thanks to anyone who can help


Omega General Help / Air Con Clutch Fallen Off
« on: 25 June 2018, 11:48:57 »
Hi Guys

Can anyone shed some light please, Iíve got a Vauxhall Omega Estate 2.5TD, itís the one with the 6 cylinder BMW lump in it.
Iím guessing the fit may be the same as petrol Omegaís as far as the air con is concerned.

Right, the clutch has fallen off the air con compressor, luckily I did not loose it however the fixing screw and I assume spacer washer have gone missing, no doubt dropped off along the road somewhere.
The only thing I canít figure out is how the darn thing screws onto the air con compressor shaft.
I can see an M6 tapped hole in the shaft and tried putting a screw in it but when tightened it locks the whole thing up in other words it clamps the clutch hard against the rotating pulley meaning the compressor is running all the time the engine is running irrespective if the air con is switched on or not.
I also noticed the clutch has an M8 tapped hole in the middle of it, does anyone out there know what the fixing screw looks like and the spacer washer thickness.

Thanks to anyone who can sort me out.


Omega General Help / Viscous Fan Removal
« on: 12 June 2018, 19:35:06 »
Hi Guys

First off I'm talking about an Omega 2.5TD the one with the 6 cylinder BMW lump in it.

If standing outside the car looking straight at the windscreen which way do I need to turn the nut in order to remove the viscous fan?
I believe it's a left hand thread, but I'm still not sure if it needs turning anticlockwise or clockwise in order to get the fan off?

Thanks for your help


Hi Guys

Can anyone out there help me, I'm trying to find somewhere I can purchase a water gauge temperature sensor for the Omega 2.5TD, it's the part which screws into the cylinder head.
Vauxhall's part number for it is 90510660, unfortunately they no longer stock this item.

I'm after a new one rather than a used one, I've tried searching on the internet but haven't found anywhere in the UK which has one in stock, obviously not all places appear  on search results.

I've even thought about purchasing from abroad but the language barrier is a bit of a pain.

Does anyone know where I can buy a new one of these items from in the UK or abroad if they have dealt with companies and had no issues in doing so.



Omega Electrical and Audio Help / Water Temperature Gauge
« on: 19 March 2017, 19:15:06 »
Hi Guys

I'm really hoping someone out there can help me, first off I'm talking about a Vauxhall Omega 2.5TD the one with the 6 cylinder diesel lump in it although for my problem I don't think it matters what engine is in it.

My problem, the water temperature gauge has stopped working by that I mean the needle doesn't move off zero even when the car is up to full running temperature.

What I've done so far, both sensors have been removed from the car, the plug to the sensor nearest the bulkhead has two pins in it, when a voltmeter is connected to them and the ignition is switched on I get a reading of 5 volts.

The plug which fits onto the sensor nearest to the radiator has one pin in it when a voltmeter is connected to the pin and battery earth and the ignition is switched on I get a reading of 11.9 volts.
If I then connect a variable 1k Ω potentiometer between the pin in the plug and battery earth thus bypassing the sensor and switch the ignition on the water temperature gauge does not move, if I turn the spindle on the potentionmeter and check again the water temperature still does not move.

I'm assuming the senor with the single pin plug is the one which controls the water gauge, has anyone got any ideas where to go from this point??

Thanks to anyone who can shed some light


Omega Electrical and Audio Help / Omega Water Temperature Sender Unit
« on: 04 December 2016, 22:57:18 »
Hi Guys

First off, Iím talking about a year 2000 Vauxhall Omega 2.5TD, in other words the one with the 6 cylinder BMW lump in it.

Iím having some trouble with the water temperature gauge, the indicator needle hardly moves and thatís after about 30 miles of driving, the car heater is working fine.
Iím assuming the fact the needle does move but only very slightly the fault must be the sender unit(s).


Is there only one sender unit for the water temperature gauge?

Where does it (they) live, Iím guessing under the darn inlet manifold?

Does anyone know the part number for them or better still where I can buy one, other than the main agents that is?

Thanks for your help


Omega General Help / Flywheel
« on: 11 March 2015, 13:58:34 »
Hi Guys

Can anyone shed some light, I think Iím in line for a replacement clutch, which I will buy myself and then get a garage to fit it.

Obviously I donít want to cock it up and get the wrong clutch as it needs to be compatible with the existing flywheel.
Can anyone out there tell me, does the Omega 2.5TD year 2000 have a dual mass or a solid one fitted as standard?

Iíve got a part number for the flywheel from a main agent 90578064 but they canít tell from their pictures if itís solid or dual mass  :-\.

By the way the price for a new flywheel from the main Vauxhall agents is £618.00 + Vat, so that's a mere £741.60 as of 11/03/2015.

Thanks for any help


Omega General Help / 2.5TD Clutch Bolt On Question
« on: 09 March 2015, 19:26:44 »
Hi Guys

The last time I held a flywheel in my hand dual mass ones hadn't been invented, come to that, not even thought of, heavens how on earth did we manage without them  ;D

Ok I haven't stripped my clutch down yet and car's done 89500 miles, if you read my other thread you will see I'm having a little trouble with getting it to go into gear, having said that I can't feel any roughness or judder from the flywheel when it is going.

Question do the flywheels normally need changing along with the clutch on the Omega's and if so has anyone out there found a good site where you don't have to amputate your arm to pay for it.



Omega General Help / 2.5TD Clutch
« on: 09 March 2015, 17:15:23 »
Hi Guys

First off Iím talking about a 2.5TD year 2000,  if I start the car up from cold I canít get it to go into gear, by that I donít mean the gears crash, they just will not physically shift in, I think the gear stick would bend before it will go into gear.

If I turn the engine off it goes into gear no probs. then press the clutch pedal down and then start the car it doesnít jerk forward as through its in drive, I can just let the clutch pedal up slowly and it moves away as normal.

After Iíve driven the car for about 15 minutes or so, if I then turn the engine off and then restart it again, it goes into gear no problem at all, itís as though the problem occurs after its been stood a long time and itís not warmed up.

Iíve bled the concentric slave cylinder but no joy, the car has done 89500 miles, so Iím guessing itís the original clutch.

I canít say that Iíve noticed any clutch slip, in fact if I put into gear and try to drive off with the handbrake on it will stall the engine rather than slip.

Has anyone else out there had a similar problem, could it be that the clutch is not disengaging properly and as a result itís dragging the gearbox input shaft around very slowly and itís just enough to prevent gear engagement.
If that is the case I canít understand why it will go into gear after itís warmed up, has anyone out there had similar problems, Iíd appreciate your comments.


Omega General Help / Omega 2.5DT Fuel Injector Update
« on: 20 July 2014, 23:18:30 »
Hi Guys

This is just an update on the fuel injector problem I had with my Omega, hope it may be useful to anyone with the same problem.

Just to recap the injector with the needle lift sensor wires was leaking where the two halves of the injector body screw into each other, also Iíd managed to break a couple of the metal leak off tubes on one of the others, Iíd been using a Sealey  injector socket, the type with a cut out window in it, personally I donít think the Sealey one is cored out enough on the inside as a result it comes very close onto the leak of tubes, anyway I bought a different make which seemed a whole lot better.

Right back to the broken leak off tubes, there is a company in Reading who can repair them ie. fit new tubes, the website is

The leaking injector body (the needle lift sensor one) I decided to replace with a new one, the main agent price was £290 inc vat I was told there was one to be had in the UK and four in Germany, well according to Vauxhall stock listing.

I manage to locate someone selling new ones for £229.99 + del on e-bay.
Seller is p38-spares located in Wales, the Omega shares the same engine as the Range Rover P38  mineís a 2000 reg. so I needed the injector with the brown plug on the end of the lead as apposed the white plug which is for the earlier model.

I continued searching and found a website called selling new ones for £184.98, although itís a UK website the company is based in Germany, it said ready to be dispatched within 24 hours.
I order one and paid for it using my credit card through PayPal, a few days went past and I had not received an e-mail notifying of despatch, on a review forum I found out some people had been having issues with this company, so I ask why I had not received the injector only to be told they were out of stock and they had to order from the manufacturer, I got the injector in the end which took 2 weeks although their website continued to say dispatched with 24 hours, so my advice to anyone ordering off this company make sure you pay by credit card and donít do it via PayPal just in case things do go pear shaped.

The injector has stamped on it India 902 KCA 21S 91 150 bar 101 and came in a box with a label saying Bosch 0 432 217 279, I have been told that this number is a Bosch number recognised by injector suppliers with the UK.

I fitted the injector and didnít even bother to vent any air out of the system, a few turns of the key and the car was running, just one thing when starting the car donít just hang onto the key, if it doesnít start, switch off and try again because when I checked how long the supply voltage is supplied to the glow plugs, I found it is only on for 15 seconds before cutting off again.     



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