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Omega General Help / Key fob repair
« on: 17 August 2018, 10:53:51 »
One of the buttons on the fob has stopped working .. so needs repairing ..replacement of tiny switches beyond the ability of these fingers like pigs tits !!

Anyone know if Martin still does this, and if so, any contact details ?? I seem to have lost the link I thought I had saved !!

General Car Chat / Audi A8
« on: 06 August 2018, 15:54:42 »
Was chatting over the weekend over the odd beer or three with similar tin-tent users, discussing what I would replace the omega with when it eventually reached the point of no repair, remembering my requirements of:

Saloon, petrol, at least 230 bhp, min weight 1900 Kgs, self levelling suspension, ability to fit a towbar, preferably the ability to LPG and still have a reasonably usable boot,  rear wheel drive (4 wheel drive considered)

and the suggestion was made that an Audi A8 would fit the specs .... now I know nowt about these  ... any one any knowledge of them regarding reliability, running costs etc etc .. ?? would be looking at something around 4-5 years old, so 2014/2015 reg

General Discussion Area / Network help needed :(
« on: 25 July 2018, 23:05:03 »
Despite numerous searches and various "fixes" the problem still exists and I'm stumped :( Wondering if anyone else has or knows of a solution.

Problem is easy to explain .... windows 10 on all devices, before the last upgrade (1803) my simple WIRELESS network of 1 desktop PC (with printer attached), 1 tablet and 1 laptop all worked well as a "Homegroup" shared the relevant files and printer, and worked as it should.

All 3 devices have now "upgraded" to 1803 and I cannot get the network to function as it should, and did previously, as "homegroup" no longer exists ... :(

What it does is relatively simple ...  the first device switched on, regardless of which it is, will "see" both the other two quite happily once they boot up, and share files with them as it should .... but the other two will only "see" themselves on the network, and nothing else.

This is a pain as if the main PC is on first, as it usually is, then documents cannot be "sent" to the printer from tablet/laptop as the main PC is not visible, but they can be printed from the main PC as they are visible on the tablet/laptop ...

So "network" is no longer a "network" but is "hub and spoke" with the first device as the "hub" ..... :(

Don't know if anyone can shed light on causes ??

General Car Chat / Loctite
« on: 25 June 2018, 20:23:15 »
The bottle of locktite that, as if by magic, left the air force at exactly the same time that I did has finally run out :(

It was the 648 variant, and I just wondered if the knowledgeable folk on the forum would recommend another bottle of 648 or is some other variant considered better ?? It is used 99% of the time as a thread locking agent on bolts, and occasionally as a "backup" on self tappers.

Any thoughts gratefully appreciated   :y :y

General Discussion Area / Driving in France.....
« on: 23 June 2018, 20:27:56 »
Anyone intending to travel to France is reminded that from the 1st July 2018 the speed limit on most A & B roads will be reduced from 90 km/hr (56mph) to 80 km/hr (50 mph)

Also, the "Crit'Air" emissions system has been extended to cover 8 cities, not just the previous 3, and more are expected to follow. Failure to display the "vignette" can lead to large "on-the-spot" fines.


Omega General Help / Hand brake woes ... :(
« on: 21 June 2018, 21:55:58 »
Hand brake has been playing up recently in that it has been reluctant to fully release, such that as you drive away a "rubbing" sound has been obvious ... applying and releasing the hand brake 2-3 times whilst on the move has always resulted in a fully free, no noise, drive. Whilst ok as a short term fix this was not acceptable to me, so today I decided to strip, clean, lubricate and reassemble the rear brakes.

On stripping the internal levers for the handbrake were bone dry and quite stiff, so cleaned up and regreased with copper grease. Only hassle was one of the four handbrake shoe pins just did NOT want to play .. took over an hour just to get it on properly... now that WAS frustrating, why couldn't it be like the other three and pop straight on ??

As I have always done, once the shoes are partially adjusted, I activated the hand brake a couple of times to centralise the shoes, with the intention of leaving it on 3 clicks for the final shoe adjustment ... which is where it all went pear shaped......

On the second pull something went "twang" and the handbrake lever is totally free throughout its range , absolutely no resistance whatsoever..  :(  The cables at the drums are still under good tension, but the cable at the base of the handbrake lever is loose and floppy, although no visible breakage can be seen on the very small visible length... :(

Copious amounts of plusgas has been applied to all the heatshield bolts in the hope they undo tomorrow, if not the drill and self tappers might be getting a workout later !! I'm hoping that I can remove the heatshields without recourse to removing exhaust and propshaft as Haynes stipulates !!

I'm guessing that something has come adrift around the compensator bar... but what ... ???  :(

Any advice on removing heatshields or any guesses as to what I might find or have to do next, gratefully accepted ...

General Car Chat / Young (ish) Omega ??
« on: 06 June 2018, 21:13:53 »
Lifted from the ABS site .. this is up for auction ...

Looks pretty smart ...  :)

General Car Chat / Fuel costs
« on: 31 May 2018, 21:09:25 »
Been doing some interesting (to me at least :) ) cost calculations....  as I've noticed the prices of petrol and diesel in RWB has been creeping up steadily over the past weeks from 121.9 p/l in February to 136.9 p/l (petrol) and 124.9 p/l to 139.9 (diesel) today, but for once, the price of LPG has remained steady at 58.5 p/l. I've also done a good few miles in that time, both solo and with the tin-tent on the back.

February 7 2018 to May 31 2018. Total mileage in the period : 1997

LPG used 556.57 litres, costing 325.59. The average cost of fuel per mile on LPG = 16.30 p/m

The estimated average cost of fuel per mile on petrol  = 28.89 p/m

Average savings per mile = 12.59 p /mile or 43.58% !!

Estimated cash saving 576.93 (est) - 325.59 (actual) = 251.34    :)

LPG used over the period = 556.57 litres = 122.59 gallons.  Average consumption therefore = 16.29 mpg (LPG)

Best consumption (solo) 19.98 mpg (LPG). Worst consumption (towing) 13.75 mpg (LPG)

Given the present cost of diesel in RWB is 139.9 p/ltr, and petrol is 136.9 p/ltr, that works out at 6.35 a gallon for diesel and 6.22 a gallon for petrol.

At 16.30 pence /mile (average) on LPG that is the equivalent of 38.9 mpg on diesel and  38.2 mpg on petrol .. not bad for a 3.2 litre !!!  :)

The average "solo" consumption is 19.02 mpg (LPG), which equates to 13.96 pence / mile, the equivalent figures become 45.5 mpg on diesel and 44.6 on petrol

Over the 10 years and 98,544 miles since the conversion was done the "savings" figures are a little less, as they include the cost of conversion, replacement parts, servicing etc and include periods when LPG was "higher" in relation to "lower" petrol prices, but the estimated overall savings over the whole period is presently 7469.70 or 38.06%

There is a very small "gotcha" to the figures as the car starts on petrol and runs on it for a short time before switching, so an "extra" cost would be the petrol used price, however, I only put petrol in about twice a year, and have never kept a record of that, although I sometimes wish I had, any attempt to inject a figure now would be total guesswork and probably totally erroneous.

Am I happy with LPG .. ???  :)  YOU BET I AM  :)  :)

General Discussion Area / That takes some cojones ...
« on: 29 April 2018, 16:27:15 »
I just know I wouldn't even think of it .....

That takes some cojones !!

General Car Chat / Vauxhall dealerships ...
« on: 16 April 2018, 21:37:17 »

Will we notice the difference ??

General Discussion Area / Ouch .. that's gonna hurt ...
« on: 11 April 2018, 15:27:33 »
I know it's america, and there are two sides to every story ... but this is a tad extreme to say the least !!

General Discussion Area / Mind your head ...
« on: 01 April 2018, 19:27:50 »
Tiangong 1 is due to re-enter the atmosphere sometime tonight, totally out of control ..... luckily nowhere near the UK ...

Info here ...

and track it here .... (scroll down for the map, click "Real Time Tracking"


General Discussion Area / Joshua v Parker
« on: 31 March 2018, 23:46:31 »
Am I glad I didn't pay to watch that ... very slow, badly officiated, not a good advert for boxing

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