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Omega Electrical and Audio Help / catera bose????
« on: 13 August 2006, 18:26:40 »

Hi to all

 does any of our more knowlegeable members know if this beauty would fit/work in my facelift omega :P

if maybe yes how?

if the link does not work look on fleabay usa under cadilac catera bose stereos

Omega General Help / multiram help
« on: 28 August 2006, 11:53:47 »
I have just under the bonnet of my megga for a general poke around and clean up (about two cans of carb cleaner) to try and see why this motor seems to be alot less powerful than my last 2.5.

I have been looking aty the multiram set up checked all the pipes etc and it all seems to be in order no spilt or ripped pipes but i can not see any parts of the multiram working at tick over or at high revs (i belive this i why i have a lack of power.

I have done a search on here on how to check the operation of it but still nothing seems to do anything my eml light is not  lite up but does take awhile to go out some times (about 2secs) and now and again breifly flickers does this mean anything :-?

maybe it needs turning on with a tech2 device which i dont have :(

can any one help???

Omega General Help / under bonnet hissing
« on: 20 August 2006, 12:05:31 »
Hi to all

I have just been checking my omega over after noticing a new hissing sound under the bonnet, This is quite loud and seems to be coming from under the pleum chamber. It is more noticeable on tick over, I can make the hissing stop when i squeeze the hose running to the ICV.

does anyone know whats causing this hissing? Sounds to me like a spilt hose or pipe of some sort i know my last 2.5 omega did not do this.

Should it hiss like it does? :-?

If i have to take the plenum off how do i go about this as i have no haynes manual as of yet. And is there any gaskets/o rings i would need to change on refitting.

Any help on this would gladly recived.

Cheers   NEIL

Newbie Welcome Area / new member
« on: 04 August 2006, 18:23:31 »
hi to all i am a new member member of this forum i have had a good look round looks great and very helpful this is sure to be first place i come for help  :)

Omega Gallery / my new love
« on: 13 August 2006, 18:36:59 »
ftp://C:\Documents and Settings\neil marshall\My Documents\My Pictures\Picture.jpg

my new love

General Discussion Area / gearbox oil change
« on: 21 September 2006, 17:58:32 »
Hi to all

just thought i would let you know how i got on today changing my auto gearbox oil today

Had a day off work today as i am going on holiday tomorrow to weymouth so i thought i would give my megga a good going over cleaning etc,  Anyway got carried away and ended up doing oil and all the fillters engine and diff (sucked out the diff oil with a old bike pump very messy) and i thought sod it i will have a go the same way with the auto box (even more messy and have not got a nasty burn on my elbow from the cats >:() sucked most of the oil i could and replaced with new filled up till it run runs out with engine running on level ground. cleaned my self up and went for a spin.

I can not  now belive the differance in the gearbox now  the changes under normal driving are totally unnoticeable  and not much differant under load the whole drive now feels much smoother i am really pleased with the rsults and strongly recommend everbody doing this very easy to do and the results are amazing :)

cheers neil

General Discussion Area / multi rams sorted
« on: 15 September 2006, 20:52:31 »
At last i have got my multirams all sorted out  :)

just got back from meeting up with mark_dtm and pete very nice people,   with in a matter of minutes mark had found my problem my rear multiram solanoid was not working so it was of with my plenum before i could blink, changed the part and cleaned out the breathers and re fitted in under a hour great.

the differnace on the jorney home in how the car now performed was quite shocking before there was very little mid range power now it picks up much much better really wants to go from 40+ with no bogging down when i boot it as  before.

looking forward to meeting up again at santa pod ;)

General Discussion Area / junior member
« on: 02 September 2006, 16:27:45 »
Well at least its a start  junior member  :) along way to go till i catch up with tunnie,

how many post till my next star?

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