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Car Parts, bits For Sale & Wanted / Hekos for sale
« on: 20 April 2017, 10:53:09 »
15 posted

Many thanks

Hello there

I know it's a long shot but, if anyone has one for sale - that would be great.

Many thanks

Omega Gallery / Picture request
« on: 07 July 2016, 17:11:03 »
Hi all

Does anyone have a pic of a preface (pref an estate) on 18" evo stars please?

Many thanks


I need to replace all 4 speakers as 1 in front and rear have started quacking. Ill be running them off the headunit (cant be bothered with amps wiring etc) which is a sony dsx s100. I know the fronts need the (corsa?) adapters to fit, do the rears need adapters aswell?

What is recommended?

Many thanks




Car Parts, bits For Sale & Wanted / Wanted fuel pipe
« on: 22 November 2015, 22:26:54 »
If anyone is breaking a 3.0 preface estate, Im in need of a fuel pipe that connects from the fuel filter (exit side of filter) to under the drivers seat please. Im in staffordshire so may collect if close enough.

Many thanks


General Car Chat / Vauxhall should have a refreshment service
« on: 22 November 2015, 21:36:19 »
Having been to Ellesmere port i couple of times for factory tours seeing griffins been built from ground up, ive wanted to see them offer a service of were you take your car and it gets put through the production line again refreshing all worn parts from the ground up.

Its maybe a silly thought that would never be financially viable but to have a brand new omega at the end is something id love to see.

General Car Chat / irmscher exhaust?
« on: 22 November 2015, 18:15:10 »
Did the omega come with an option for a stainless exhaust system (irmscher or other).



Omega Electrical and Audio Help / Heater resistor wiring
« on: 22 November 2015, 17:22:37 »

Does anyone have a pic of the wiring to the heater resistor please?

Mine has been bodged together i assume because of the faulty climate panel which i have now replaced. Heating was controlled by 2 mickey mouse switches connected to the heater resistor. Now i need to know what wires connect to what terminals.

From the climate panel i have 2 spare wires - black with blue stripe and brown with white stripe.

Mine is a p plate 3.0 elite estate with climate

Many thanks


Omega General Help / Replacing/upgrading MID
« on: 11 November 2015, 21:18:41 »
Can someone point me in the right direction please?

My MID is unreadable, missing pixels etc. After removing it and opening it (to attempt the repair it using the guide), I found that the ribbon has a split in it where it joins the PCB. At very least it needs replacing with the same or upgrading preferably with the CCRT display or the better MID.

Heres a pic of mine I took when I had it out


Would it be possible to upgrade to the CCRT display? would it be any different to changing to the other single MID type?

From reading other posts id need the plug with as much length of wire as poss, anything else?

Thanks in advance


Omega General Help / Autobox Update
« on: 09 November 2015, 19:35:50 »
I have a 3.0 auto elite (p reg) and have been wondering what gains their is to be had from an update. Is it worth doing and is anyone close to Staffordshire that could offer their services and how much ?



Omega General Help / Fitting 314mm calipers
« on: 04 November 2015, 13:14:53 »
Has anyone fitted a set of 314mm calipers? are they a straight bolt on fit or would I need adapters? if so where could I get some?

Many Thanks


Newbie Welcome Area / Back in a Barge
« on: 02 November 2015, 10:46:48 »
Thought Id pop my head in the door and say hello, its been a while since ive been here lol.

Ive just bought this Preface Elite Estate with 43000 miles, 1 older gentleman owner from new.

Car Parts, bits For Sale & Wanted / Irmscher bumpers and more
« on: 07 February 2012, 21:34:26 »
for sale

1 Set of pre/fl Irmscher bumpers, front and rear with skirts + end caps.
front bumper has been recently meshed.
painted by rattle can in polar sea blue so, may need painting again. 200 collection only

1 Set of genuine Spot lights for Irmscher bumpers. Brand new and never fitted. Includes brackets and wiring plugs. 60 collected 65 posted.

1 Pair of FL wing mirrors painted by rattle can in polar sea blue so, may need painting again. 45 collected 50 posted UK

1 Tid from FL. 15 collected 20 posted

1 Set of chrome rings. Will fit pre/FL and FL. 15 Collected or Posted

Cars for Sale & wanted / For Sale 3.0 MV6 S Plate With Irmscher
« on: 13 October 2011, 23:07:39 »
For Sale is my 3.0 MV6 in Polar Sea Blue.

71000 Miles with history
MOT Till 25th Feb 2012
Currently SORN'ed

Bad Bits:
Rear Arches starting to rust
Couple of small rust spots on a couple of doors


Recent DIS pack replacment (un-needed as problem turned out to be a cracked spark plug)
Irmscher Front and Rear Bumpers and Side Skirts
Original MV6 Alloys x5 (4 with decent tyres 1 will need replacing)
Fitted with Eibach Springs and Bilstein Shocks
Heated Leather seats in very good condition and both fully working
Full custom Stainless Exhaust with Sports Cats

New Car forces sale

800 with Irmscher Bumpers + Springs
700 with Irmscher Bumpers
600 with Springs
500 Standard

Reluctant sale

I can tax the car also at buyers cost

Pics to follow tommorow

Thanks For looking

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