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Omega General Help / Steering box adjustment
« on: 10 April 2019, 13:16:04 »
Couple of different garages have told me that there is excessive play in the steering box and none are willing to adjust it themselves, so I thought of giving a go myself.
I have searched the thread on the topic of steering box adjustment and understand it is a fiddly job. Are there any active OOF members who have actually done it and give me couple of pointers?
I understand the box can only be accessed from underside the car, I had a look from under the bonnet but braking stuff is blocking access?
Can one actually see the adjustment screw when turning it? Should I use a ratchet with a suitable bit? Any info on what size torx fits there (and what spanner size aswell)?

There is an odd sound coming from steering aswell, when turning the wheel side to side I can hear a small knock when changing directions. At first I presumed it to be wishbones, but changing them did not rectify the matter. Previously mentioned 2 garages have not been able to identify any other faulty components. Can this be related to the play in the steering box?

Best regards,

I have this problem, that when I remove the key from the ignition, then a few seconds after the screen (CID) turns off, it will turn on again. It just shows the logo and clock (as when the radio is turned off). This also happens when I just turn off the radio (without key in the ignition), just turns the screen on again.
Can this be a problem with the ignition switch?
Another question related to the screen - the outside temp is about 5...8 degrees off, shows colder than it is. Does the screen take its temp reading from the sensor under the bumper?

2001 2.6v6, design edition, caravan

Omega Electrical and Audio Help / Courtesy light problem
« on: 05 April 2016, 06:31:05 »

I have a weird problem with the courtesy light. It used to light up anytime you unlocked the doors and other usual occasions.
Now it does not work - there is just 1V coming to the wires (the two outer ones, should be the correct ones). All other lights still work, puddle lights, boot light and map lights. Checked all the fuses, did not find any blown. The wire next to the plus wire going to the bulbs seems to have 12V always on (I accidentally shorted them and the lights came on). I do have leds installed in there, but the system has worked for at least a year now.
There question is - is there a relay for the interior lights or how are they controlled, I need to find out where the voltage goes missing?

Best regards,

FL 2.6 V6 Design Edition

Omega General Help / Child seat detection
« on: 03 March 2016, 19:14:24 »

I have the airbag warning light on and a code reader extracted the following error:
95 CSD Sensor Malfunction (Child Seat Detection)
This error seems to be intermittent and comes back after resetting it.
There are some old threads with similar problem but none seem to offer a solution. Has anybody successfully solved it (without changing airbag control unit and/or passenger seat)?
Another question - where exactly is the airbag system (yellow) plug on the passenger seat? I should probably give it a wiggle and a clean.

Best regards,

2001 2.6 V6 Design Edition

Omega General Help / Door sill rubber seal orientation
« on: 27 March 2015, 06:13:50 »

Could somebody tell me, which way does the long rubber seal under the doors (attached to metal lugs under the doorsills) should be attached. Should the front of the seal point upward or downward. I managed to rip them both off during winter and do not remember which way they were.

BTW, I the car is a 2001 2.6 estate (Design Edition)

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