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General Car Chat / advice please
« on: 20 February 2015, 17:29:38 »
Afternoon all ,

Right ill start by saying this isn't an add, I really do want some help ,
I love my omega but with the wife off work with our new born , I need to lower the costs, plus i really want a phase 1 diesel omega.
Prefer the dash an looks , my fault really should have looked around for a few more weeks ,
So i have put the omega on ebay for what i think its worth . been on a week an not one call or even txt ,
never had this before always sell within a few days .
a couple mates say its because iam too honest but have always put everything on the listing,
so any constructive feed back would be more than appreciated ,
as i only have a month left on insurance an wanted to have my new omega by then ,   

Link removed

cheers all

an don't hold back .

Omega General Help / Auto box
« on: 01 February 2015, 14:49:31 »
quick question , on my 2.5 v6 auto w reg , has the gearbox got its own dipstick to check oil , if it has where would it be in the engine bay
cheers kev

Omega General Help / Air bag light
« on: 01 February 2015, 13:26:46 »
my air bag light is on an plugged it in a comes up with squib control , any ideas what this is please .
yet another problem , at this rate may just sell it , getting on my nerves abit .

cheers kev

Omega General Help / Traction control
« on: 20 January 2015, 14:46:12 »
Afternoon all

 lights like normal an the old slug spun its wheels up .
then seen on dash the tc light was on , didn't think anything of it as thought a mate had turned it off early ,
so switched it off an it came back on an wont turn off now . not a big problem but as not the best weather at the mom could be .

any body had this before

cheers kev :-X

Omega General Help / Rocker gasket
« on: 03 January 2015, 17:11:09 »
Hi all

just taken my omega out an noticed oil smoke coming from engine then smell of burnt oil coming through vents .
stopped an oil seeping from rocker an going straight on the exhaust manifold .

have done loads before . but heres the problem  , never done one on a v6 .
will look for guide in a min on here an hoping there is , as alot of parts i have to take off .
but any advice an help more than welcome . ???

Cheers all
Kev :(

Omega Gallery / Budget build elite
« on: 30 December 2014, 17:39:02 »
Afternoon all

been on the site a few times in the last week looking for advice on a few issues .
so time to join so can get help an advice on maintenance an any problems that happen while i build my next project .

heres my 2000 2.5 v6 elite with 134k an 12 months mot for a grand total of 420 , for the spec its a bargin

as per normal it has problems that i will get through an fix
so far had split in oil filler cap , now sorted
fitted after-market head unit m then speakers didn't work , have now sorted this with new wiring to the standard boss amp ,
rear blind doesn't , motor dead , relay works . can you still buy this or is it a scrap yard job an hope i find one that works .
sunroof doesnt open but can hear motor working so hoping stuck around rubber , will have a look on the weekend .

any way hi all an fingers crossed should be a fun project

cheers all kev

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