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Omega General Help / Fuel hose size inside fuel tank
« on: 04 September 2018, 08:19:00 »

I'm upgrading my Omega to be used also with ethanol mixture.
I've already installed the kit ( and approved it at MOT. Government will also give me 200 e support so all together it was 190e + 1 hour own work to get it working.

Kilometer counter just went over 330 000 km, so will in advance replace fuel pump and also want to replace hoses inside tank to stuff that wont become brittle if I have only E85 in the tank.

So, does anybody have information what size of hose should I get inside the fuel tank?


So I need to find the male and female connectors that connects car harness to HID ballast (see pic, empty socket at ballast).
Anybody knows the right type or direct link where to buy those?

I'm about to install relays between my ballast and car battery to get rid of annoying fault that causes my passenger side xenon to randomly switch ON when starting the car.
And when it does switch ON, it is not as bright as drivers side.

I've already replaced ballasts and bulbs (twice) and also changed them from side to side, did not solve the problem.
Also first re-soldered the automatic driving light (don't remember the correct term..) relay and then also replaced it with new one, did not solve the problem.
Checked all the connectors and cleaned them, no joy.
So it must be the harness that causes some resistant, I think it is related to humidity.

Well anyways, I don't want to rip all the harness apart, so it is easier to install relays and operate them with original HID supply voltage.
Don't want to destroy original connectors nor harness either, so that's why I need to find some bulk connector that will fit.

Omega General Help / Manual gearbox makes knocking sounds
« on: 20 September 2017, 17:26:31 »
My manual gearbox (R25 ?) makes this knocking sound when changing gear and/or when I press clutch while driving. Also at low speed at 1st and 2nd gear I can hear whining that I believe comes also from gearbox.

Gears go in easily without any unwanted sounds.

I know knocking is coming from gearbox, because I can reply it by turning the output shaft of gearbox when cardan is disconnected.

Earlier I have replaced dual mass flywheel to solid one (with suspensed clutch disk of course) and brand new differential. DMF was defected and I believe because of that my dif and gearbox got some banging that caused dif and gearbox to damage.

Ok, my question is:
Is it worth/easy to repair my gearbox or should I just change it?
I think it cannot be so bad defect, because gears go in easily without trouble..  ::)

Edit. Gearbox oils been changed twice in a year, no change to problem.

Omega General Help / Wheel alignment values
« on: 20 June 2016, 12:11:18 »

I've been looking for known-good values for wheel alignment, but could only find bits of information with search.

What I've been discovered so far:

- camber -1,1/-1,1
- toe-in 0,05/0,05

- camber (will settle where it will, if no alignments modified to trailing arms)
- toe-in 0,05/0,05

Are these good for standard suspension with new struts and springs?
How important it is to have toe-in at rear, if I want to get rear camber as close to zero as it goes by adjusting toe-in close to zero?

Is there some topic where all these information can be found? I noticed there are a lot of these kind of topics but not much information about values..

My car is 2.2 (Z22XE) 2003 caravan/estate with almost all bushings replaced with polys, new springs and struts (Bilstein B4) and, well, about everything is less than one year old related to suspension or steering. Wheels 235/45R18, rims 18.5x18 ET30.

Thanks for any help!

Omega General Help / Rear subframe rear bushings
« on: 10 June 2016, 18:52:46 »
I found out that my rear subframe rear bushings were teared up and could not find any replacements, so I decided to make them by my-self.

Here's some pictures of new ones, I used Powerflex 99-112 PU-bushigns (95 SHa) and made mountings for them. There was some R&D during manufacturing process so finished items are a bit different than on drawing.

Haven't mount them yet, will do it tomorrow and post some feedback how they work.

Dimensions for mounts

Powerflex 99-112 bushing dimensions

Old ones

Parts, I didn't use that lower plate because mount felt strong enough anyhow


Waiting for paint to dry..

Omega General Help / Will 235/45R19 fit?
« on: 29 May 2016, 12:38:37 »
Im planning to put new wheels under, rims will be 8.5X19 offset 30, but tyre size wonders me.

I found that 235/35 will fit OK, but I'd like to put 235/45 for more comfort ride. I have factory setup suspension, so no worry with arches, my worry is that will 235/45 touch to struts lower plates?

I calculated that diameter with 235/45R19 will be something like 70.3 cm. Is that too much?

Omega General Help / Z22XE - Throttle related fault codes
« on: 02 March 2016, 21:03:33 »

I've been annoued by this same fault for now half of year.

All started suddenly, I was driving to work at morning and after 1 kilometer, car went to limp mode.
Restarted the engine and everything was back to normal. After work, I was trying to start the car, but limp mode came on right away.
Couple of restartrs and everything was back to normal again.

I read fault codes and got these:

P1500 - Electronic Throttle Control Motor Failure
 (08) - Not present

P1550 - Electronic Throttle Control Power Management
 (04) - Not present

Since then, I've replaced sparks, oils, filters, lambda1, etc.
Also cleaned throttle body andreplaced/cleaned engine ventilation hoses

No difference.

Then I figured that fault could be on throttle body, so I replaced it with OEM throttle body.

Everything was fine, until these came up:

P0170 - Lean Exhaust
 (02) - Not present

P1525 - Limp Home Position Error
 (00) - Not present

P1550 - Electronic Throttle Control Engine Stop
 (08) - Not present

P1526 - Throttle Position no Adaption
 (08) - Not present

Lean exhaust must be because sometimes engine won't start right away when fault is on, so I tried to get it started and kept starter motor running maybe too long.
Usually engine does start right away when fault is on, but it goes to limp mode right away.

These are the latest fault codes I've been getting for last 4 months now:

P1525 - Limp Home Position Error
 (00) - Not present

P1550 - Electronic Throttle Control Engine Stop
 (08) - Not present

P1526 - Throttle Position Adaption Error
 (04) - Not present


P1525 - Limp Home Position Error
 (00) - Not present

P1550 - Electronic Throttle Control Power Management
 (04) - Not present

P1526 - Throttle Position no Adaption
 (08) - Not present

I can drive my car normally, maybe sometimes acceleration pedal "feels" funny and I've noticed that my fuel consumption have been risen from 8-9 l/100 km to 9-10 l/100 km since this fault has been on.

Also I have noticed that fault comes up (limp mode or engine won't fire up right away) when weather is moist and near 0-5 degrees of celcius.

Otherwise, only thing that reminds me of this problem (when its not showing itself) is that when I switch power on, dashboard shows yellow fault light, but it goes of if engine starts normally. And fuel consumption has risen.

Long story short, where do you guys/girls think I should look next to solve this problem?

I've attached some live data from my car, where I pump acc pedal on and off, just to see if there's any errors or wrong values.

Any help would be nice, because weather is going to worm up soon and more limp modes are expected..


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