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General Discussion Area / iOS 12
« on: 19 September 2018, 16:09:48 »
More changes for the sake of changes. OK, a few new apps that you can move to the last page, where all the other shite is dumped, but why do stupid, little things like change the position of the number/letter tab with the emoji tab? Why swipe down instead of up for control centre? Knobs.

Jaime will throw his out of the window.  ;D

General Car Chat / Good news for Opti
« on: 18 September 2018, 15:38:23 »

General Discussion Area / Barclaycard have given me a headache
« on: 17 September 2018, 13:22:08 »
Just got an offer through the post. Take a Barclaycard and get 0% on balance transfers for 17 months. 0% balance transfer fee and 20 cash back if more than 2000 is transferred. Apply by November 30th.
All well and good, but we're not carrying a balance on any of our cards.
So.....I might have to turn it into a purchases offer by spending two grand on another card and transferring it to the Barclaycard. Then I could put the two grand I would have spent from the bank into one of our Tesco current accounts which pay 3% on balances up to 3000, thus getting 3% on 2K for 17 months.

Or...I could throw the letter in the bin and take an aspirin. 🤒

General Discussion Area / 24 hours in A&E
« on: 05 September 2018, 21:02:24 »
I thought this was a new government target but, apparently, it's a television programme.  :-\

General Discussion Area / Half term break
« on: 27 August 2018, 21:16:44 »
Just booked a 4 night break for me and wifey in Helmsley in North Yorkshire at half term. 3 bed  house (big house)right in the centre of the village, looks lovely. Now the 25 for the dog......252! I'll save half of that on fuel bills  ;D

It's called Colville house and it's on Yorkshire cottages...have a look. Bargain.

General Car Chat / Car SOS
« on: 26 August 2018, 18:34:45 »
Just been on and they did a BMW 2002 Turbo. Old boys daughter asked them to do it for him, he looked as if he was on his last legs. When I looked how much these little cars are worth, I think she'll probably help him shuffle off now.  ;D

General Discussion Area / Guy Martin v Jensen Button
« on: 26 August 2018, 18:13:40 »
Tomorrow, 9pm, Ch4. Classic F1 car race.  :y

General Discussion Area / BT internet activation day
« on: 20 August 2018, 17:23:11 »
Phone line switched at about ten this morning, but my router is still orange. But no worries, activation can take place any time up until midnight.

Why do I doubt that?  :-\

General Discussion Area / Police interceptors
« on: 16 August 2018, 19:56:20 »
The elite Lincolnshire, on now.
So far...a copper sent out with a dog to search for a metal detector left in a field by an illegal detectorist. A man riding on a road with no rear light on his bicycle. A broken down lorry full of calves.  ;D
More seriously, a van making off without paying for fuel. The BMW caught up with the van, which promptly reversed into it. That was enough for the fearless interceptors to back case someone got hurt.  ;D

How the other half lives  ::)

General Discussion Area / Is it me....
« on: 09 August 2018, 19:33:42 »
.....or has the world gone 'funny'?

Floyd Mayweather, net worth estimated $700million-$1billion, is on my tellybox asking me to buy my windows from Love Windows (Who?) for 299 per frame?

General Car Chat / Tyres guru
« on: 05 August 2018, 18:05:05 »
Has anyone used this outfit? The prices seem very good.

General Discussion Area / Went for a haircut this morning
« on: 05 August 2018, 11:27:02 »
Looked into my usual (Turkish) barbers at 10 o'clock and it was very busy. They obviously don't pay much attention to the 10 o'clock opening time. Walked about 50 yards up the road to a new one that opened last week (Kurdish Iranian) and he was empty, so went in.
I asked him how things were going and he told me tales of barber wars. Even before he opened he had received death threats and, now open, he receives regular visits with offers he can't refuse.
Cosmopolitan Barnsley eh?  ;D

General Discussion Area / Frustrating morning
« on: 04 August 2018, 13:07:49 »
Had a skip delivered today his morning with the intention of moving about five ton of soil, stone, slate and various other crap that was in a plywood box around a tree out the back. Skip arrived at 8 and, by about 9:30, I had about three ton in the skip. There is nowhere to get a wheelbarrow in and out so I was quite happy filling builders buckets and hand balling it out.
The I hit a root...a big root. Then another, and another. I scraped away at the trunk of the tree only to find that the roots were wrapped around it under the soil. Shit  :(
So..called 'a man' out who told me that the roots around the trunk were done deliberately, some kind of weird arboreal technique. Told me I was wasting my time without the proper gear....and manpower (cheeky bastid)  ;D
Upshot: Roots, muck and fickin tree going on Friday. 140 for a skip I only half filled. :( But a kind neighbour has offered to fill it to the top with some shite from his garden, so I don't feel too bad sending it back half empty.  ;D

C'est la vie.

Don't go out in just your cozzie with no sun cream on. You will probably die.
That's all.  ;D

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