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General Discussion Area / Sick of idiot parkers?
« on: 17 November 2018, 12:48:47 »
Try this

General Discussion Area / Brexit negotiations
« on: 13 November 2018, 16:40:11 »
It looks as though something might be on the table. I hope so, I really do. But, no doubt, every Tom, Dick and Harry in the house will want their tuppence worth.

General Discussion Area / Andy B
« on: 05 November 2018, 20:35:53 »
What's goin on with the beans? I buy the four pack, and the last three or four packs have been about one third sauce. Runny, watery sauce at that. Adjust something or hit someone or something.
Thank you.

This bridge is certainly something to marvel at:

General Discussion Area / Top Gear
« on: 22 October 2018, 07:59:01 »
New hosts will be Paddy McGuiness and Freddie Flintoff.  :-\

General Discussion Area / When I die....
« on: 18 October 2018, 14:39:43 »
.....I am going to leave strict instructions that I am not to be transported around the area in a fickin hearse. At least once a week I am held up in a long queue doing around 10mph, a hearse followed by 5-10 cars with black pennants and a huge backlog of buses, trucks and cars.
It's getting worse, obviously, because there are more old people falling off their perch each year, and road traffic is increasing.
It's an outdated, inconsiderate way of doing things.

General Discussion Area / Mad cow disease....
« on: 18 October 2018, 13:24:09 »
......has been discovered on a farm in Aberdeenshire. I really hope it is contained, it would be the last thing that the farming community needs right now. Things are already bad after the extremes of weather we had this year.

General Discussion Area / Hurray!
« on: 10 October 2018, 08:22:49 »
My .?123 is back in it's rightful place  :y

General Discussion Area / Car SOS
« on: 06 October 2018, 13:24:33 »
I'm disappointed and, obviously, naive. I thought they had three/four weeks to get these cars done. The one on now is a Fiat Dino. At the planning stage, Tim had a right haircut, one of these 'nothing at the sides and a big lump on top' ones. 'Weeks' later, when returning the car, full head of hair. Pah  :(

General Discussion Area / No fun in the world
« on: 28 September 2018, 07:30:14 »
Dover district councillor Bob Frost has been suspended from the Conservative party for a couple of tweets he made to one of his Labour opposites while she was at the conference in Liverpool. He said the Marie Stopes abortion clinic in the city was funded by Liverpool council as part of it's crime prevention strategy.  ;D
He also advised her to visit the slave museum where, he was so impressed with service, he bought two of the staff. (A bit dodgy, that one).

British humour at it's best, but sadly misunderstood these days.

General Discussion Area / A quick anecdote
« on: 26 September 2018, 16:32:07 »
I came down this morning to a ficking awful stench. The dog must have had a bad case of the shits and had done two massive, loose piles, one on the mat at the front door and one at the back door. Poor little bugger must have been trying to get out to do it. Not an easy job to clean as it's barrier matting and stuck to the vinyl underneath.
Anyhow, got me thinking about wifey's posh mate with the big house. She has one of these robot hoovers that comes out at night. Her pooch had a crap right in the middle of the living room carpet. Then the vacuum came out.  ;D ;D
I believe the carpet was a write off.

General Discussion Area / I'm bored, and when I get bored.....
« on: 24 September 2018, 19:53:15 »
....I look at auto trader and eBay and......stuff. Somebody stop me..........  :o

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