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Omega General Help / Astra H SRi 2.0 Turbo brakes on Omega?
« on: 10 January 2019, 21:17:06 »
Hi all!

I'm struggling to get much reliable info online. Basically the thing that has always disappointed me in the 'mega is the brakes. I have a 2005 Astra Turbo that has been written off (Cat N) and I'm planning to scrap soon. I've always loved the brakes in that.

I'll keep the wheels and tyres to use on the Omega, but is there any chance of using the brake calipers? Or would there be no benefit?

I believe the Astra has 308mm discs on the front and the Omega has 296mm discs, but I can find scant other concrete information. I don't have the two cars together to compare right now, and I thought someone here might know. If not, the Astra goes to the scrapyard on steel wheels. Shame for a fundamentally OK car, but it's not worth spending the money to sort it out

Thank you

This week or next I was planning to change the standard cams on my X25XE for four X30XE G cams that I've had in the garage for ages.

While I'm* under the bonnet and elbow-deep, would it be worth changing the exhaust manifolds for those from a Y26SE or Y32SE?
I've read here that they flow a little more freely and I can probably get some for this weekend/next. I'll be changing the cambelt, water pump and tensioner anyway

Opinions are gratefully received  :)

(and if anyone has any other pro tips for getting a little more power from an X25XE which is currently standard, I'm all ears :) )

*This may be someone with more mechanic skills than I have. We will see how it goes

Omega General Help / Reluctant central locking
« on: 03 August 2018, 15:26:10 »
Hi all!

My locks seem reluctant to open, but are working. However I'd like to catch them before they stop completely. The battery seems good but I won't rule it out

I'm planning to take the door cards off tomorrow and grease the mechanism, however does anybody in the know have any particular tips from experience? Maybe there is something else the matter that isn't obvious to me

I've found a handy guide on here to help me take the door cards off, so that'll be my first chore for the morning.

The car is an S-reg CDX estate, if that makes a difference. I think it's the mini facelift (it has the extra fuse box on top of the battery)

2.5 V6 with a manual gearbox

Omega General Help / Slack throttle cable on 2.5 V6
« on: 20 May 2018, 18:35:48 »
Hi all,

This is the only Omega I've ever driven so just let me know if it's normal and supposed to be like this. There is a lot of travel at the top of the pedal before there is any tension on the cable and you can pull the cable with your finger for around an inch before there is any tension or the throttle moves at all.

Is there a simple way to adjust it or will I have to fit a new cable? Just thought I'd ask for advice before I take anything apart

Omega Gallery / 2.5 V6 pre-facelift manual estate
« on: 08 April 2018, 16:41:04 »
OK, I haven't actually picked this up yet (collection day is next Sunday), but I've agreed to buy this and paid a deposit. I'm very excited!

Pics to come shortly

Newbie Welcome Area / Serial Vauxhall but never Omega owner
« on: 22 April 2017, 13:44:00 »
Hi all!

I've had Vauxhall after Vauxhall but still never a rear drive one. I'm hoping to change that in the next couple of months!

I absolutely love the look of the 2.5 TD in the sales forum but I'm really after a petrol unfortunately :(

Anyway, just thought I'd say hi. I think I'd better hang around here a bit and get to know a little more about what to look for and generally what I need to know about them. I have an Astra SRi Turbo 200 and some other non-Vauxhall stuff at the moment and I think I'd be getting an Omega in addition. If anyone does want to get rid of a 3.0 or 3.2 manual I'm all ears!

All the best,

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