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General Car Chat / Wheel arch liners
« on: 18 November 2018, 23:12:06 »
Iíve just brought the CD out of retirement for a bit only to find the left front wheel arch liner has broken free.
Is this easy to replace this and are the rear ones any harder to soet out?

General Car Chat / Irmscha Omega
« on: 23 August 2018, 18:44:46 »
Iím not sure if the fella in the silver Irmscher Omega in Birmingham about 430pm today is a member but if so Hi, it was nice to see another one on the road 

General Car Chat / MOT prices
« on: 15 August 2018, 08:45:05 »
I booked my CD in for its annual MOT expting it to cost £50 as itís a VX main dealer, turns out itís £28, thank you Therlow Nunn

General Car Chat / Cleaning the omega
« on: 12 August 2018, 21:55:44 »
In between todays showers I decided to clean the CD, all was going well until I noticed small white dots of what looks like paint covering her!
Looks like Iíll be busy returning her to the normal standard for a while

General Car Chat / 2.5 V6 plastic cam cover
« on: 21 July 2018, 18:14:53 »
Has anyone on here had past experience of cam covers warping on the 2.5 V6?

General Car Chat / Heritage centre
« on: 10 June 2018, 20:20:02 »
I have just come back from the Vauxhall heretage centre, really nice day and plenty of intresting cars and memorabilia for show and sale.

There were three Omega owners there so Hi if your on the forum   

General Car Chat / Customer care
« on: 11 May 2018, 18:10:57 »
I have just bought a new Vauxhall as a daily drive so the Omega can enjoy a partial retirement and enjoy the odd show here and there.

After a couple of months VX have sent me a questionnaire regarding my opinion of my new car, itís performance, comfort, style and build quality.

Iíve had many Vauxhallís over the years and donít recall this level of interest in the past?
I also understand the Onstar service is  just over £8.00 a month once the free trial is up, not bad considering how much they can do, but Iím sure anyone here who remembers the 2015 satnav unit had an SOS option that was free?

General Car Chat / GSi
« on: 07 May 2018, 22:19:51 »
As we seem to be on memory lane, talking about Carlton and senators, Vauxhall has revived the GSi badge on the new insignia and Iíve already seen my first and like the Carlton they look really smart in grey !

General Car Chat / Omega is getting rare
« on: 22 April 2018, 10:04:42 »
I was surfing the inter web looking at Senators and Carlton and the prices they are starting to command and got to thinking how many Omegas were left out there.
After a short while I came up with the figures below as a rough guide from 2016.

13160 taxes
3123   sorn

3631    Scrapped every year on average.
Estimated total Omegas taxed in 2018


General Car Chat / Onstar
« on: 18 March 2018, 21:29:31 »
I recently tried onstar and itís been really good for navigating and remote diagnostics etc, so today I asked for a traffic update thinking that the navigation system can warn you of traffic holdups etc so it shouldnít be a problem.
I was surprised onstar canít  do that as they donít want to mislead customers, have they heard a  local radio travel report and what happened to traffic master?

General Car Chat / Oil leaks
« on: 16 February 2018, 19:05:13 »
For some time I have had what I thought was a mild oil leak, sadly once the car was in the air it was clear there were several leaks from the sump to the top of the engine so itís having a full gasket replacement and full but and bolt overhaul before sheís put in storage.
With the engine out and the opportunity there I decided to clean the engine bay and degrease the subframe, Iím hoping to show her later this year and hope sheís one of the best ones out there

General Car Chat / Car mats
« on: 28 January 2018, 20:55:32 »
Does anyone know where I could get genuine VX omega car mats?
My local dealer couldnít help and the drivers mat is very warn.

General Car Chat / 2.5 quad cam question
« on: 16 January 2018, 18:02:08 »
Are there any week points to the cooling system on the left hand side of the V6 and if so what are they?
Itís leaking from somewhere up between the back of the exhaust manifold and fire wall and we couldnít see exactly where

General Car Chat / Battery conditioners
« on: 15 January 2018, 13:54:30 »
Any thoughts on the best battery conditioners?
The best rated Iíve seen is from Halfords but basically my CD will be enjoying a rest for a few months and be enjoying the odd trip rather than daily use

General Car Chat / Car covers
« on: 04 January 2018, 21:40:05 »
With the new car on the way Iím looking to put the omega in my garage, can anyone recommend a car cover to protect her while sheís resting?

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