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General Car Chat / Now without a Vauxhall
« on: 23 April 2017, 18:36:49 »
I've owned Vauxhalls for more than 35 years, I've just sold my Omega 3.2 Elite estate and bought a Mercedes E class estate to replace it, sad to see it go, I've owned it for 10 years and its been very reliable. There had been many threads about a suitable replacement and the Mercedes seemed to be one of the favourites... 

But I'll still keep a check on here to see whats going on...

Just trying to list the ones I've had from memory..
Victor FD
Victor FE
FE VX 4 90
2 Cavaliers Mk2 ?
Carlton Diplomat 2.0l
3.0l Omega Saloon PFL
3.2 Omega Estate

General Car Chat / It had to be done. Mercedes content
« on: 01 April 2017, 20:10:07 »

I've owned my current Omega Elite Estate for around 11years, thought it was time for a change, the posts on this forum have helped somewhat in making my choice so today I purchased a Mercedes E class estate.. It's a 3ltr oil burner and its pretty nippy  :D

I'll shortly have my Omega up for sale in a few weeks if anyone is interested..
I've enjoyed my time on this forum and don't intend to stop contributing where I can..

General Car Chat / Goodbye Edd
« on: 22 March 2017, 20:08:41 »
Edd China is leaving Wheeler dealers

Omega General Help / Changing top strut mounts
« on: 11 March 2015, 16:48:41 »
I'm 99% sure my drivers side top suspension strut bearing in knackered, I changed the wishbones last year, I changed the drop links last week and I'm still getting a bad knocking from the front strut, you can see and feel it when pushing down the front wing, also i'm now getting creaking when steering.

The question is how do you change them. Does the top nut inside the bonnet just hold the leg in place or also the spring ? Can i just drop the leg out and change the top mounts or do i have to compress the spring.

Can I preserve the camber setting by disconnecting from the outer ball joint (I had WIM setup only last month) and not by the strut mounting bolts..



I'm having a new problem with my NCDC to go along with a previous problem (as yet unresolved) which I reported here

When I turn the ignition on the radio doesn't turn on automatically and if turned on doesn't turn off when the ignition is turned off..
Sometimes it goes into 'external audio' on the CID screen, I did have a Nokia hands free kit installed which has never worked properly due to the mute function not working, and i have now removed the Nokia hands free kit as I don't use it..

Any ideas or is it time to search out a replacement NCDC in light of the other problems I have...

Omega General Help / Veering off to the right under braking...
« on: 17 June 2014, 21:21:17 »
I had been noticing the car veering off to the right under braking getting slowly worse over the last few months. Nothing coming through the steering, just the car changing direction slightly. You make a slight steering input to bring the car back in line and then when the brakes are released you take the steering input back off. Thought it might be front brake or suspension problems but all checked out ok..

Checked the rear brakes and found 3 out of the 4 pads had seized in the caliper  :(

All now freed off, steers straight under braking and braking improved somewhat  :)

Omega General Help / Drivers door unlocked but wouldn't open
« on: 24 December 2013, 15:41:19 »
Just spent and entertaining couple of hours hacking a hole in the drivers door card to get at the lock mechanism, the central locking worked fine but you couldn't open the door with either handles.

A search through the forum turned up this thread

Mine was in one piece and not as worn..

After breaking off the plastic cover over the lock I found a lever that operated on the four pointed cog just wasn't engaging properly, by the use of a screwdriver got the lever to engage and the lock came open...

Its a bit of a struggle getting in the passenger side and clambering over to the other side...

Anyone have the above. Had to cut a hole in mine to get at the lock mechanism..

Car Parts, bits For Sale & Wanted / Wanted F/L front door solenoid
« on: 08 October 2013, 14:59:26 »
Hi Guys

Got a lazy front door solenoid, anyone got a good replacement for sale ?

Parts number should be I think 90 493 702


Omega Electrical and Audio Help / NCDC 2013 gone into 'Radio safe'
« on: 02 October 2013, 16:04:51 »
Hi Guys

My 2013 has recently started displaying 'Radio Safe' (with a beep) when in Sat Nav mode and Tuner mode. I have a CID.
The Satnav still works, its a pain to program as the radio safe comes up every 6 seconds.

When in the main screen its all ok. The steering wheels controls dont work either..

I searched the forum and found this thread
Which appears to be exactly the same as I'm having..

Was the reason ever resolved, and can it be fixed, does it require a 'chat' with a Tech 2 ?

General Car Chat / New toy
« on: 10 June 2013, 22:04:15 »
Always fancied a Porsche, this 928 was to good to miss.... 5ltr V8, sounds lovely...

Omega General Help / Rear wheel bearing changed
« on: 02 November 2012, 18:42:00 »
I had a noise coming from the back near side for a few months now, wasn't quite sure if it was the wheel bearing or not.

So I bit the bullet and ordered a bearing from All German Parts and a bearing puller set from Ebay.

Looked through a few threads on this site for others that had done the deed, some have had a nightmare others have done it without any problems.

I did it over 2 days probably took me about 4.5 hrs in total, (working between night shifts) not too bad a job, the hardest part was getting the hub nut undone, theres not a lot of room under the car to swing a breaker bar with a tube slide over the end to get the nut undone, the nut is quite thin and the socket kept sliding off.  I held hub by putting the handbrake on, this held enough to get the nut undone.

Jacking the hub off using 12mm studding through the handbrake adjustment hole and a wheel stud on the opposite side with different amounts of packing or a socket behind the bolt as the hub came out. Having taken the handbrake shoes off first.

The bearing came out easily with the puller, the new bearing was put in the freezer for a few hours and pressed back in.

Getting the hub back in I used spacers cut from tube slide over the hub and wound it in with the hub nut. Along with some gentle persuasion of a rubber hammer.

Holding the hub still with the handbrake and doing the hub nut up as tight as possible. Then connecting the drive shaft back up.

So not too bad a job but could have been a bit warmer, cold concrete and working outside not the best environment.

And to top it all the noise has gone.

So if anyone in the South East want to borrow a bearing puller I have one sitting here, I may even lend a hand if required..

Wanted set of rear springs for my Elite Estate..

MOT failure on a broken rear spring on my Elite Estate, suspension is non air and had been changed before my ownership to Bilsteins B6's front and rear.

So if anyone has a set for sale I'd be very appreciative, but if not Bilstein then a 'normal' set would be fine.   

I've recently replaced the rear suspension donuts to my car I bought mine from and thought they would be the OEM versions as they use the part number 90447156N, but I now found out the 'N' at the end indicates they are not OEM versions.

Whilst the handling of the car is much improved from before it still at times gets caught out with a bit of rear steering from tramlines and ruts, would it help if i got the 'proper' bushes from Vauxhalls. Are they much different ?

Is there anything else thats likely to wear out, I would have a look but the weather has not been kind these last few days.

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