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General Car Chat / Car Tax Rip Off?
« on: 08 July 2018, 08:02:48 »

Ive had a few Omega's over the years, I've had 2.5 V6, 2,6 V6, and an early 2.5 (BMW) Omega Diesel... I've now got a 2.2 CDX Auto, Petrol as a "Normal" car to sit alongside my 1993 Firebird V6 and 1993 Camaro V6

But, Its 315 a year to tax.. How can this be? all of the above mentioned vehicles have never been more than the lower Tax bracket??

I've looked at the V5 that states my Omega will create almost Half a Pound (weight) of Carbon Dioxide if it drives for 1000 Metres.  Now, as no "Physical-matter" can be created from nothing, if i were to Weigh my car, Drive it 1000 Metres, and weigh it again, it should have shed approximately 3 Pounds MINIMUM to give creation to half a pound of carbon dioxide... furthermore if this CO2 is in Gas form it would occupy a physical area greater than the area of the entire car?!!!

At the risk of annoying tree huggers (whether or not they're having a day off pushing depressed dolphins back into the sea).. this is BS of a gobsmacking quantity!!

Anybody out there with a 2.2 cyl petrol ... how much is your tax??

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