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Bought this car today, MOT failure, engine light on, and cannot find the OBD2 socket.

General Car Chat / Astra glovebox will not open
« on: 31 October 2018, 14:41:04 »
With apologies, the glovebox on the Astra I bought yesterday will not open. How do I rectify this doing least damage?

MOT tester spotted the rear brackets attaching the cill to the triangular plate beneath the semi trailing arms were corroded through. Pics follow, with pics of an older estate parts.
Y342 right hand

Y342 left hand

V828 right hand

V828 left hand

Looks terminal to me. MOT tester said I should weld a plate on the cill inside face and weld a bracket to it. I invite your comments.

I have the door card off and can feel the plug, but not see it. I know I have to press the 2 clips together and pull the plug downwards. In the past I have found it difficult, often resulting in badly scratched hand. Is there a better way of doing it?

Omega General Help / What car should I buy?
« on: 15 October 2018, 20:01:49 »
I scrapped Ben's 2.2 last summer, due to MOT failure caused by rust. Jonny rang today, complaining his 2.2 is 'slipping'. Sounds like clutch failure to me, he's bring it home tomorrow. Now I am a car short. Rust free cheap Omegas are no longer an option. I reckon I should buy something smaller and cheaper to run; I have no idea what. Please advise.

My ideas are Honda Jazz, VW Golf, that sort of thing. I expect to do my own servicing and simple repairs. I am quite pleased with Emma's Streetwise, though I gather they are prone to head gasket failure.

2.5 petrol manual estate
Son Ben casually mentioned to me that his handbake lever suddenly came up a long way, and the handbrake now does not hold the car on a slope; nevertheless he manages hill starts by skilful use of the clutch. Cut that out, or you will soon wreck the clutch, said I. On dismantling, I see the o/s cable outer has pulled right through the coil on the semi trailing arm. I note that there a build of rust on the shoulder of the outer cable end which may have helped it slowly work its way through the coil.
My question is - is it sufficient to clean up the shoulder and hammer the coil to a decent fit, or should I make a washer to fit over the cable end to ensure it does not happen again.

Omega General Help / Trade Club engine oil
« on: 27 September 2018, 15:57:50 »
I recall some while ago Nick W observed that trade club engine oil is nothing special. It's certainly cheap enough and has never caused me any problems. However I have to collect it from Bristol; Trowbridge only stock the 5 litre bottles, much dearer. I see on e-bay I can get some for 33.99 delivered.
Is this worth risking?

Omega General Help / Remote control door opener died
« on: 19 September 2018, 16:27:47 »
2000 2.6 manual petrol saloon
Daughter's car is home for welding and MOT, and the remote flipper has died. The key still locks and unlocks the doors and starts the engine, but the remote function has failed. No lights flash when I press the buttons. I have had it apart, the battery still gives 3 volts. I prised the electronic bit out of the case, one of the switches was left behind which I endeavoured to solder back in place, but it still don't work.

I have the car pass. I know I can get a new one from Vauxhall for about 100. Is there a cheaper supplier?

Is it trival to remove the honker alarm, allowing me to use it as a simple key?

Omega General Help / Rusty wheel arch
« on: 09 September 2018, 17:04:44 »
Y342 has a rusty wheel arch, which last year I made a mess of repairing. Is there any way short of welding in a new section that I could make a more permanent repair? I wonder because this Omega, unlike others in my fleet, is running well and not terminally rusty.

Omega General Help / How does air get into the fuel tank?
« on: 04 September 2018, 08:43:49 »
To allow the engine to run continuously air must get into the tank to replace fuel consumed. As the filler cap seals, the only route remaining is the hose to the purge chamber, which in turn is linked via the purge valve to the inlet breather. So is the valve open all the while the engine is running?

Omega General Help / Creaking steering column bearing
« on: 03 September 2018, 15:41:09 »
3.2 manual saloon ex-police
My son Ben complains of a strange noise when he turns hard right. I have just tried it. It does it when the car is stationary. It is a creaking sort of noise, I reckon it is the steering column bearing. Is this a known old Omega affliction?

Omega General Help / Damaged rear height sensor
« on: 01 September 2018, 21:41:50 »
Omega 2.5 petrol manual estate
I have just finished changing the diff on this car, replaced the driveshafts, and carelessly damaged the headlight beam height sensor with the jack. I have removed it, but the bracket holding the sensor body was bent out of shape. I have hammered it flat. Should it be creased? I am having difficulty refitting it.

Omega General Help / Departure of his family car
« on: 30 August 2018, 17:45:37 »
Wistful grandson watches his car going to the scrapyard to be crushed


Access to the diff front hanger bolt is poor owing to the floor curving down just beyond it. There is no room for a socket, so I had to use a ring spanner. Bolt was very tight and hard to remove. I have no idea how to torque it back up to 100Nm, then tighten it 75/15. Please advise.

I bet they don't. I wonder if they are still available for 18 year old cars. I know we on the forum take liberties. When changing wishbones I used to, but don't any more. Changing a diff I am alarmed at how many of the bolts involved are stretch bolts which Haynes says must be replaced.

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