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General Car Chat / Will Omega wheels fit on a Vectra?
« on: 22 May 2019, 22:34:57 »
I haven't yet even sat in a Vectra, but I am considering buying one and have many old Omega wheels fitted with good tyres. Would they fit a Vectra?

General Car Chat / Rover Streetwise auxiliary belt
« on: 21 May 2019, 20:44:32 »
MOT tester pointed out to me that the auxiliary belt looked frayed and about to fail, he advised me to change it. I agreed with him. However, when I came to order a new belt online, I find the belt depends whether or not the car has air conditioning - this car has. How do I obtain the correct belt?

General Car Chat / Rover Streetwise passed MOT!
« on: 21 May 2019, 15:30:22 »
As said in earlier thread, I changed the central exhaust, a couple of bulbs, and adjusted the handbrake, and submitted this car for MOT. It passed! 2 'repair as soon as possible' notes, both drive shaft gaiters worn and joints worn, tester recommended replacing drive shafts with good used; 2 worn tyres, aux belt worn, and washer alignment poor. But it passed; I'll settle for that.

General Car Chat / What is wrong with this Vectra?
« on: 21 May 2019, 08:19:57 »
I suppose the Vectra 2.2 uses the same engine as the Omega 2.2. I must resist bargains like this, but sounds to me like plugs or coil pack.

 2006 Astra 1.6H petrol manual hatchback
Instrument illumination on this 13 year old car is dim. I wish to replace the bulbs. I have done similar jobs on many Omegas, easy and satisfying jobs. It seems similar on the Astra, but I have failed to remove the lower column shroud screw. The Upper section screws are crossheads, same as the Omega. The lower one is not. I have spent half an hour on my back trying to see what the head is, but without success. It looks like a female torx, or could be an internal hexagon. Please advise.

The driver's seat in my 2006 Astra 1.6 H Design is torn. The similar seat in my donor 2004 Astra 1.6 H Design is fine. I appreciate the seats contain air bags and maybe seat belt sensors As long as I remove the battery earth lead and wait 5 minutes before doing so, can I swop them?

Recent Astra purchase came with only one key. I have the Car Pass. Is there another way of getting a spare key?

General Car Chat / What on earth is this?
« on: 19 April 2019, 17:55:26 »
Tidying up under the bonnet of the Astra, saw this, realised it's not part of the car, won'der what it is. Diagnostic tool perhaps?

Astra 1.6 H hatchback petrol manual
Reading Haynes, which is all references from section to section, l discover that changing the cam belt involves removing the lower belt cover, which in turn requires removal of the camshaft pulley. This is retained by an angle tightenend bolt, which should be replaced with new on reassembly. Is this really necessary?

General Car Chat / Code PO172-52 Fuel Trim System Lean
« on: 14 April 2019, 18:05:58 »
2006 Astra H 1.6 petrol
EML came on today, code PO172-52 popped up on reader. Is this just a glitch, or a serious problem?

General Car Chat / Bought another high mileage Astra
« on: 13 April 2019, 19:08:24 »
I'm running out of Omegas, with my silver 2.5 estate failing MOT through rust. I test drove a Honda Jazz, but yesterday bought a 2006 Astra Design 1.6 petrol manual, 150,000 miles, for 600, MOT to August 14th. It seems to be OK, having removed all the wheels, looked underneath, etc. No service history since 2012 at 78221 miles, but MOT history is encouraging, no rust problems, just tyres, lights, steering play etc. I changed the oil and filter today and the dip stick came out clean, no black sludge; tyres are good. Handbrake is drum, oil filter is spin-on, exhaust looks new, body unmarked, colour is pomegranate red which grandson Tom (4.1/2) likes.

No mention of a cam belt change, so that's the next job. Please advise best choice of kit, and how best to go about it, problems, etc.

Omega General Help / Changing backbox on estate
« on: 12 April 2019, 19:12:45 »
V828 2.5 petrol manual estate
This car has got noisier in the last week (it passed MOT 2 weeks ago) and now I see why.

I have this stainless steel silencer, retrieved from my dead estate. I imagine it should fit.

It does not look quite the same. Please advise how I should go about fitting it. My idea is to remove the cat section back from the car complete, then place the LONGLIFE  beside it and decide where to cut off the existing pipes; then replace the central exhaust, pop on the backbox, clamp the pipes and hang the backbox on the car.

Sounds like heavy work. Please advise.

Omega General Help / X168JAT and Longleat monkeys
« on: 07 April 2019, 09:03:40 »
Yesterday my son took this dying car through the Longleat monkey enclosure with grandson Tom on board. Monkeys clambered all over it, but all they removed were the reversing sensors. This morning I shall load it with 4 spare doors, prior to scrapping it after the 14th. I have had little response to the advert for sale so far. Price is very negotiable, but car must go.

This car has failed its MOT, current MOT expires 14 April 2019. I shall scrap it then unless someone else would like to buy it. The car is running perfectly, and is fitted with a Panasonic radio/tape player/CD player with a 12 CD autochanger. I can be contacted by forum message or at
Price: 200 ono, buyer collects. I have the sills, they were removed to assess the damage.

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