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My 2001 2.2 DTI had been sitting for a day or two.  I started it and moved it 50 yards - no problem.  An hour later I started it - no problem.  I moved off and I stalled it.  It then refused to start.

I cranked till I eventually flattened the battery.  I recharged the battery and tried the next day and it was exactly the same.

It has 1/3 tank of fuel. The glow light comes on as normal when I turn on the ignition.

I suspect fuel starvation not least because some years ago the fuel return pipe developed an air leak which emptied the fuel pipe.

Does the diesel fuel pump have a fuse?  I ask because the manual says Fuse 18 is for the fuel pump but there is no Fuse 18 inserted - the position is empty.  I wonder if Fuse 18 is for a petrol pump and so unused on a diesel?

Does it have a fuel cut-off switch?  If so stalling it might have given it a high g shock which tripped it.  The manual does not tell me it has one nor how to reset it.

All the fuses in the fuse box close to the battery are good.

Any thoughts will be appreciated.

There I was on the Bank Holiday Monday evening, nursing a well earned drink with t'missus and minding my own business, when the doorbell rang.  A bloke with a Vectra says he has blown his front tyre and the spare is flat - can I help him.

So I dig out my pump but the tyre isn't seated properly on the rim and the useless pump shoves out so little air at each stroke that it won't pump up.  I fetch a can of what-ever-it-is-that-inflates-a-punctured-tyre and the label says it won't work because the tyre is off the rim.

"Any chance I could borrow the spare from your Omega?  It should fit and I swear on my mother's grave I'll bring it back tomorrow - promise".  He looked me straight in the eye and shook my hand.

It was late on a Bank Holiday and I felt for him.  He looked honest, we talked about how it was nice to do favours to people in need and he waved a jovial goodbye as he drove off.

Yep.  You guessed it.  That's the last I saw of it.

Thieving b*stard!

So, if anyone in the Bristol area has a spare they don't want I will gladly take it off their hands and even offer a small renumeration as long as it's a 205 65 R17 tyre.  Otherwise it's about 30-40 on fleabay by the time I've coughed up the postage.

I'm still bemused about how people can do things like that.  And whether I am just a fool ...

Now that May has announced she will not lead the party into the next election she has apparently been training as a goalkeeper with her local team, Maidenhead United FC.

As you can see, she is obviously going to be a far better goalkeeper than she ever was a prime minister or a negotiator.

My radio is normally fine - I listen to FM.

When I switch on the heated rear window I can no longer hear the radio because of all the interference.  I searched the forum for ideas and I have checked the connections to the heated rear window and they seem fine.  There are no breaks that I can see when I heat a misty window - all the horizontal elements heat up.  Were it a petrol car I would suspect suppression as being the problem but it is a diesel.  The interference doesn't seem to be related to engine revs.

Any ideas where I should look?  It's a 51 reg.

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